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As of the moment, a copy of my files are sitting in a To Print Folder in Freeform. Am I excited to see the fruit of what I have been cramming slaving on for the entire year printed on huge ass boards whose combined cost is more expensive than my tuition for an entire semester? You bet I am.

Now it’s model-making time! I am in need of Allie’s little lepers helpers to measure, cut, and glue pieces of cardboard and other nifty materials and make a tangible replica of my design. Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

If anyone’s interested, please let me know! Drop me a line here, on Facebook, on Formspring, or in whatever other way you can contact me.I promise to have food as much as I can provide (although depende pa sa budget) and a steady supply of movies hahaha! I am severely desperate and need all the pairs of hands I can get!

P.S. Yes, I know my logo/title block is totally being screwed up by my theme. Which is why I need to pass thesis so I can work on changing my layout! XD
P.P.S. I would have liked to upload some of my rendered work but have I mentioned this thing I have with jinxes? Yeah.

Massive Attack


I am officially panicking. Not only am I still not done, but I haven’t even decided if I ‘m going to wear yellow or gray socks/tights on my deliberations day.

Yup, my priorities in life are definitely all screwed up.

{Edit}: A new layout and blog title is in the works! I should have waited but I couldn’t stand the site of the previous layout any longer, so this will have to do until I’m thesis-free.

Female Dog

 thesis bitch 2

A gayer version of my Tumblr post.

I’m extremely sorry for the profanity (I vowed to never utter any on my blog) but I don’t think I could have put it more eloquently. Let’s put it this way, my arm is about to fall off from being being glued to my computer mouse all day, and I am still nowhere near done.

On the other hand, this is the first time I’ve attempted to use cutouts for graphic designing, and I’m quite happy with the results of my 10-minute experiment. I got the PSD cutout of the dog from Viva La Manika, thank you! :)

I should probably rest this arm of mine now.

I Dream of Lace


I just started this really simple DIY project. Before you all go thinking how I can possibly still be thinking of clothes at a time like this, I need to say that I plan to wear this for my thesis deliberations (provided the outcome is good enough) so no one can really say this isn’t thesis related, tee hee. XP

I am aching for thesis to be over. There are so many other things that I am itching to do, things that don’t involve me having to stay up at ungodly hours and still not be able to meet the deadlines that I set for the day. Things that don’t make me feel as helpless or as inadequate.

One of those things: TOTALLY REDO MY WORDPRESS THEME. I am getting sick of this layout, especially the header that I’m just finding really atrocious as of late.

On the Brink


This is by no means a legitimate blog entry, but I figured I would upload it anyway for the hell of it. I’ve  done nothing much else but stare at AutoCAD and Sketchup workspace, that even the simple joys of MS Paint was a welcome stress reliever . Add two mouse controllers hooked up to a single computer and Lando and I were able to steal away a few precious moments to play mouse pointer tug of war.

And if anyone else is confused, that bloody thing on me is supposedly an alien coming out of my belly.



*Credits go to Lloyd Fontilla for the photo!

The Final Stretch


It’s less than a month before our final thesis submission, and I still have shitloads of work to do. At first I thought I’ve already finished plenty, but after some checklist making and schedule planning, now I don’t think I’ve done nearly enough.

It saddens me that my lack of blogging is reducing the status of my blog to an even more dire one than it originally was, but it can’t be helped. I NEED TO GRADUATE.

Feb 11 – Final Submission ( DAY OF DEATH)

Feb 23 – Final Defense ( DAY OF FUNERAL)

Mark your calendars, everybody. Make sure not to wear black.

Tiptoeing Through Thesis and Tulips


I am working at slower than a snail’s pace here. There are only three weeks left until the next submission, and I still haven’t quite achieved addressing the main problem of my thesis, let alone developed the final plans and aesthetics of my buildings. Worst of all, I haven’t even begun trying to figure out the structural part.

This leads me to believe that the next few weeks will probably be spent slaving away on the computer, and not to post blog posts here and pretty photos on tumblr, but actual WORK.  whether I’ll be able to blog about anything remains to be seen.

Lord, please tell me I’ll be able to get through this.


On  a completely unrelated note, graduation photos are just around the corner, and i finally have most of the stuff i need for my creative photo. I’m not to keen on revealing the entire outfit here, but the photo above should be enough to make you guys think.

Can you believe I got those shoes at SM kids for only 250php?

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