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I Dream of Lace


I just started this really simple DIY project. Before you all go thinking how I can possibly still be thinking of clothes at a time like this, I need to say that I plan to wear this for my thesis deliberations (provided the outcome is good enough) so no one can really say this isn’t thesis related, tee hee. XP

I am aching for thesis to be over. There are so many other things that I am itching to do, things that don’t involve me having to stay up at ungodly hours and still not be able to meet the deadlines that I set for the day. Things that don’t make me feel as helpless or as inadequate.

One of those things: TOTALLY REDO MY WORDPRESS THEME. I am getting sick of this layout, especially the header that I’m just finding really atrocious as of late.


On the Brink


This is by no means a legitimate blog entry, but I figured I would upload it anyway for the hell of it. I’ve  done nothing much else but stare at AutoCAD and Sketchup workspace, that even the simple joys of MS Paint was a welcome stress reliever . Add two mouse controllers hooked up to a single computer and Lando and I were able to steal away a few precious moments to play mouse pointer tug of war.

And if anyone else is confused, that bloody thing on me is supposedly an alien coming out of my belly.



*Credits go to Lloyd Fontilla for the photo!

Irregular Choice

I am more burnt out than I thought was ever possible, and there’s nothing like lusting over footwear to put me in a better mood.

I stumbled across this store online called Irregular Choice a few days back, and they have some of the most amazing shoes ever. Their designs are exploding in prints and color, in combinations I never thought I would see on a shoe! The store also sells clothing, accessories, and has a men’s section too!

Recapture your freedom which eloped with your youth’’, says Dan Sullivan, the creator and designer of Irregular Choice shoes.

Here are some of my favorites from their online store.

I’m normally not a fan of heels but I would wear them every single day if I had a few pairs of these! Too bad the brand is only available in the UK and US, so they’re horribly expensive, even more so when you add delivery charges. *sobs in a corner*

But mark my words, I vow to have my own pair someday. But for now, I go back to thesis work! Ciao! Smile


*all photos are from the Irregular Choice website

The Final Stretch


It’s less than a month before our final thesis submission, and I still have shitloads of work to do. At first I thought I’ve already finished plenty, but after some checklist making and schedule planning, now I don’t think I’ve done nearly enough.

It saddens me that my lack of blogging is reducing the status of my blog to an even more dire one than it originally was, but it can’t be helped. I NEED TO GRADUATE.

Feb 11 – Final Submission ( DAY OF DEATH)

Feb 23 – Final Defense ( DAY OF FUNERAL)

Mark your calendars, everybody. Make sure not to wear black.

Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?

I used up the remainder of my Christmas money today.  And you know what that means.

It means today’s post is another photo dump that does nothing but further fuel my growing addiction to material objects!

HAUL: Beige + Floral Oxfords from Tonic @ The Ramp | White Shorts from Jellybean | French Tip Nail Polish in White from Etude House | Off-White Lace from Carolina’s Lace Shop | Black Peeptoe Stilettos from The Trunk Show | Patterned Fishnet Stockings from The Trunk Show



The Ramp is such a haven for good and fashionable buys, both for shoes and clothes. I’ve bought a few pairs from the store over the years, and their collections just keep getting better. And best of all, they aren’t that expensive either! This particular pair is from Tonic.



I didn’t really have plans to purchase clothing for today, but a pair of white shorts has been on my shopping list for the longest time since my last pair got lost, so I figured what the hell. Jellybean had most of their items on sale, and I’m so lucky that this was in my size! I love their clothes, and they have great shoes as well.



Is it obvious how much I love Etude House? Ever since I passed by their shockingly cute pink store, I can’t get enough of their nail products. Although I think I would like to try some of their other cosmetics one of these days.



I bought this for a DIY project I’m thinking of doing soon. Watch out for it!



I’ve been trying to put off buying fishnets for a while now, but an event I’m going to attend at the end of the month made me decide to buy a pair now. I’m dreading that this is the last shopping trip I get to go on a while because I’m pretty sure thesis will take a huge chunk out of my fashion social life.



So are you wondering what’s behind the magic circle?



Well, then you’re in for some sad news. I’ve decided not to post the real photo of the shoes at this time. My mom gave me money to buy this beautiful pair  (MY FIRST REAL PAIR OF HEELS OMG!) to wear on my final thesis defense next month, and I’m scared that showing the entire interwebs what they look like might lessen my chances of passing. Yes, I am a superstitious freak.



However, I can say that Trunk Show offers some really amazing shoes at fantastic prices that won’t break your wallet in half rendering it practically useless. I was eyeing a few other pairs at their stall in Trinoma but I had to restrain myself.

I’ll make up for this next month when I pass through delibrations next month. IF I pass through. GAH. ME AND MY OPTIMISM HARHAR.

Have a good weekend everyone!


* Today’s blog title is a reference to the opening theme of Pretty Little Liars. I am starting to like the show.


I’ve been AWOL again for the past few days. I don’t think I even have to tell you guys why. *cough* THESIS *cough*

But enough about that. Let me just get to the pimpage of some of my new stuff right away!


Mustaches have been making waves in the world of fashion as of late, and they’re not of the hairy kind.



VanillaZoo Handmade Designs has taken on the trend and is currently selling necklaces, rings, pins, shirts and other mustache themed items, all for very affordable prices! I will admit, I got a bit giddy about ordering after reading up on the online store’s feature on Stache Magazine. I bought a bunch of stuff for myself, and also a few belated Christmas gifts for my friends.



It doesn’t stop there. Val (the brains behind the store) also accepts customized orders! This Pacman connector ring was requested by a customer and is now also available on the store’s Facebook page.

The latest collection also branches out to lego and keyboard accessories. It’s almost sad that I got beat to some of the stuff that I really liked.



Needless to say, Vanilla Zoo succeeds in satisfying my thirst for quirky accessories.


To quote the site: “Please keep in mind that Vanilla Zoo is a ‘work of art’. Each item is uniquely personalized made with love and each piece is individually hand drawn, cut and hand stitched.”


Visit the  VanillaZoo Facebook page to get your taste of quirk and fun!



Yes, we just couldn’t resist.


P.S. I am trying out this new hipster thing where I pretend that I have a vintage camera and put ridiculously many layers on my photos to make them seem cool.


*some photos taken from VanillaZoo’s Facebook page.


There is a white shirt.

There is the world.

Go make something.

– DIY or DIE: White Shirt Revolution by Reese Lansangan


Come this year 2011, most college seniors are concerned with mainly one thing and one thing only: THESIS.

Though I myself am one of these unlucky fellows, I couldn’t resist volunteering for Reese’s senior project. According to her, “DIY or DIE is a project that examines creativity and the creative process, using the white shirt as medium. It capitalizes on the idea that EVERYBODY is creative by the mere fact that they are capable of “create-ing” something. It aims to showcase how different people create and the external factors that contribute to their expression of creativity, such as time constraints, workplace, materials, medium, and the environment.”

So basically, all volunteers are given a shirt which they are to customize in any way we please. This is basically how I went about with mine.


IMGP0006IMGP0008IMGP0009IMGP0008 (2)

IMGP0003IMGP0009 (2)IMGP0010 (2)IMGP0017

My output isn’t really as creative as I would have liked. It’s basically a cop out of an old drawing of mine, only I replaced the words with what I have dubbed as “a few of my favorite things.” Try deciphering as many as you can from the photo. And I know, it’a a little vain of me to draw myself on the shirt, but I didn’t really know how else to go about it.

One other thing, the bow is supposed to be a 3d one and not some drawing on a different cloth, but I was sort of pressed for time. But I shall try replacing it with a real one if I still have time before I meet up with Reese and give this to her!



Interested in finding out more about DIY or DIE? Check out Reese’s thesis Tumblr or her personal blog.

Let’s all wish her the bestest of luck!


Allie has seen many a dust bunny in her lifetime, most of them in her dorm room. She is often mistaken as a 13-year old, further intensified by her weird fashion choices that mostly involve cutesy patootsie rings, colorful knee high socks, and ribbons and bows in her hair. She dreams of waking up one day and finding herself as a character in Star Wars. Preferably a jedi. With a purple lightsaber.

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