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It’s Showtime




I know I said that  the blog is going to be a little quiet for the next three weeks, but I couldn’t resist. Yesterday marks my nearest brush with TV fame yet.

I got tagged along by A2 and Friends to watch Showtime, a popular talent show on ABS-CBN, and become “madlang people” for a day. This might sound totally jologs for some people, but I actually like the show! Vice Ganda is just too funny.

To make it there on time, we had to meet up the ungodly hour of 7am. Blech.

Showtime airs at 10am, but we also got to go on a studio tour of the station. Our tour guide was this nice, but kinda sleazy dude named Chase.



Here we are, waiting for the tour to start.



Taping of Umagang Kay Ganda with Rica Peralejo and Donita Rose






On the set of Pilipinas Win a Win



On the ASAP stage oyeah!




Then it was time to line up for the show, it was lucky that we scored relatively good seats!




Before the show started, the floor directors taught us these dance steps that the audience need to do when the show starts, and may I tell you, they are no easy squeezy stuff to pull off! They were beyond the usual hand gestures and cheering, which made me realize that being a Showtime audience member was more difficult than I thought. You had to act all upbeat and cheery all the time!

Finally, the show starts.




It was a bit of a disappointment that neither Vice Ganda nor Anne Curtis were there, as they were my favorites. But Nikki Gil was pretty awesome all on her own, except for the fact that her legs were so tiny she looked like a red, floral flamingo.


149684_1574442614406_1635791028_1319051_7361828_nThe hurado s for that day were the long staying Ryan Bang and Karylle, while new judges were Agot Isidro and Danilo Barrios. Guest hurados were Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee.

I am going on the record to say that Danilo Barrios is one of the most boring judges ever. He needs to be burado. NAO.


Every show, there are three contestants.





Before asking the judges their comments and scores, everyone in the audience waves around the scores they give to the contestants, while the hosts scurry around to look for those to give their SAMPLE, in the chances of winning money.



But arguably the biggest excitement I had for the day happened somewhere in the middle of the show. Who knew that Lando and I would go from this:






Every episode, the hosts pick out people from the audience to become “madlang hosts for the day” and introduce one of the contestants. And lo and behold, we got picked! Up to now, I haven’t really figured out how that happened exactly, but all I can remember is Kuya Kim asking the two of us to stand up, and telling us that we look like anime characters HAHAHA.

We did get to be confused as a getting married couple at one point and time, but hey, that’s showbiz right?


Aside from the main contestants, there is also a mini-contest for the Sampleista of the Day.



This fat guy won, by the way.




Anna A also got her dose of tv fame when she got picked to comment on Sampleista No. 3 (not pictured.)



In the end, it was Contestant Number 2, the Amazing Gymnasts, who won the day’s vote.


It was a fun day, and will definitely be on my list of memorable moments. Thanks to everyone who made the day great! :)



And now, I leave you with a few more screencaps from the show, as well as the Youtube video for our hosting stint. XD




Also, special thanks to Jam, Kit, Anna and Debbie for the photos! :)


Hot Patootie

Before the latest Glee episode was even shown, I had already heard of Rocky Horror more than a few times. I think the very first time was when I read about it in Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries II: Princess in the Spotlight.

It was only last Wednesday, however, that I found out that it was, in fact, a MUSICAL. Being an avid lover of any movie with song and dance numbers (save for a few Filipino slapstick movies), me and my sister immediately downloaded the movie version of it yesterday to watch.

The movie was weird, to say the least. It was a lot more twisted and freaky than how the Glee kids sang the songs. And if people think that Emma’s song was racy enough, wait until you see the movie. I would post a sample photo here but I have a strict PG rating on my blog. (Just look for one in Google Images if you’re interested.)

Nevertheless, the movie was pretty cool despite the fact that it was made way back in the 1970’s. Watch it to see a very thin Susan Sarandon and another weirdly dressed Tim Curry.

One thing I didn’t like was Eddie. I know Meatloaf is a celebrated singer and everything, but you have to admit, John Stamos just made the number so charming. I still feel giddy whenever I remember his song on last Wednesday’s episode (Tuesday in the US I think?) And I think this article agrees with me.




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Creature of the Night


I wish I could be out trick or treating, but instead I just stayed inside the house all day and finished Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl in one sitting.



5 Cartoon Network Shows That I Forgot Even Existed

Being a kid with a strict no-watching-tv-during-weekdays rule, I always savored my weekends. They were times that I could get to go on temporary adik mode on the PC, or to spend luxuriously long hours in front of the TV. I would watch everything I could manage (whether I understood them or not). If I couldn’t find anything good on TV, I would channel surf until thirty minutes has passed and channels would transition to their next shows.

Of course, being a kid also meant I had a special place in my heart for cartoons. The day that we subscribed to Sky Cable Naga is a day to remember. Why?

Two words: CARTOON NETWORK. The day we got this channel will forever be ingrained in my memory.

However, these shows apparently, were not.

1. Mike, Lu and Og


When Lando mentioned this cartoon last week, I instantly remembered was the opening song! “Mike, Lu, and Og… from the island!”

But that was all I could remember of it. I had to look it up on Wikipedia just so I could remember what they looked like. But I used to watch this pretty frequently as a kid. This is one of the many shows to whick Nancy Cartwright, voices of the likes of Bart Simspon, Chuckie Finster and Rufus of Kim Possible, lent her voice to.


2. Top Cat


I wasn’t a huge fan of the series, but I would occasionally watch it during lunchtimes while I was waiting for sundo (yes, I got that privilege at the very least). I found Top Cat to be too arrogant, although I did have a soft spot for Benny the Ball. How could I not when his voice was just so cute? :>


3. Two Stupid Dogs


I considered Two Stupid Dogs to be One Stupid Show. But it was one of the cartoons that they frequently showed during weekend afternoons so I really had no choice but to watch it. I think I blocked this show from my memory for some reason, but now Little Dog’s annoyingly squeaky voice is haunting me again.


4. Swat Kats


When I said I loved cartoons, I meant it. And yes, I even watched boy cartoons.

I actually think Swat Kats was ahead of its time, with hot feline heroes and the futuristic MegaKat City as the setting. Everything else about this show escapes me now, but I always have fond memories of this show, along with Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and similar stuff like that.


5. Ed, Edd, and Eddy


How could I even forget the existence of these lovable guys? They came around the same time as Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab, all from the severely underrated gem of a show that is Cartoon Cartoon  (or was it The What a Cartoon Show?). Edd was my favorite because he was nerdy and cute. I also liked the Kanker Sisters -let’s face it, even at that young an age kahit anong may kalandian gusto ko. One more thing, this is one of the first shows where I found out of the existence of a jawbreaker.


Sad to say, I don’t like much of what’s showing on Cartoon Network these days, or on any other kid’s channel for that matter.

I hope the reason is that 90’s shows for kids were better. Not because I’m getting older. God forbid.

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