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Tiptoeing Through Thesis and Tulips


I am working at slower than a snail’s pace here. There are only three weeks left until the next submission, and I still haven’t quite achieved addressing the main problem of my thesis, let alone developed the final plans and aesthetics of my buildings. Worst of all, I haven’t even begun trying to figure out the structural part.

This leads me to believe that the next few weeks will probably be spent slaving away on the computer, and not to post blog posts here and pretty photos on tumblr, but actual WORK.  whether I’ll be able to blog about anything remains to be seen.

Lord, please tell me I’ll be able to get through this.


On  a completely unrelated note, graduation photos are just around the corner, and i finally have most of the stuff i need for my creative photo. I’m not to keen on revealing the entire outfit here, but the photo above should be enough to make you guys think.

Can you believe I got those shoes at SM kids for only 250php?


Ain’t It Grand


A fight is a funny thing.

One minute, you’re over the moon with happiness, sharing this ridiculously unhealthy dinner, thinking about blogging about how the best things in life don’t have to be expensive as long as you’re with the best person in the world. Then the next thing you know, you’re slamming the gate door at that same person’s face.

I Can’t Forget

The look on your face when you told me.

The tears in your eyes when I said “I’m so sorry.”

The tightness of your arms around me when I hugged you, as if clinging for dear life.

The guilt in your voice when you told me you wouldn’t be able to help anymore.

The resignation as you sighed and said you didn’t want to keep me from leaving.

The regret I felt for walking away without looking at you one last time before we separated.


I am wishing so hard that there is something I can do to make it all go away. To ease the pain. But I’m not a doctor. I’m not a nurse. I’m not anything. This is not my battle to fight. This is yours and your family’s.

The most I can do is to stay here, pray, and wait. To wait for you to come back. If you come back bearing good news, I will be right beside you while we rejoice and thank the Lord. If otherwise, I will still be beside you, to hold you, to cry with you.

But for now I have work to do. You can’t be here right now, but that’s okay. This is the best and only thing I can do for you at this moment, and I will do everything I can to make you proud.

Arch 163 paper, I am going to own you if it’s the last thing I ever do. This is for them. This is for him.

That Stubborn Zodiac

The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart.    ~Nikolai Lenin

I have been struggling with my feelings all night, so much so that I’ve written so many drafts only to hit Ctrl + A then Del. I’ve never been good in comforting, because I never really figured out what the right things to say are. But I stumbled upon this short poem that more than sums up what I want to tell you.

Illness is so limited that:

It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit

I have no idea what you guys must be going through right now, and the most that I can do is try to share with you words of encouragement that I have found over the internet. In the urgency of all that is happening, none of you may read this. But I hope that if someone just happens to come across this humble blog of mine, that you walk away from the computer with more hope than you had when you first sat in front of it.

I’m praying for all of you.


P.S. Thanks to Jena for the wonderful quote. :)

When online social networking rears its ugly head

I was in the middle of writing a supposedly happy blog entry about the fun events that transpired during my weekend, but I think that will have to wait. I’m finding trouble blogging about such happy times when I feel anything but.

I am no stranger to squabbles that have arisen through Friendster (yes, like it or not almost everyone of us had one once upon a time) and Facebook. I remember a time when a friend got mad at me because of something I posted, saying that it was hurtful and I was bringing up an issue that shouldn’t be discussed online. Of course, at the time, I steadfastly stood my ground, insisting that I was right and they were wrong. I was practicing my freedom of speech, what was wrong with that? But looking back, I wasn’t as cool and witty as I thought I was.

Social networking sites are supposed to be about connections and friendships – making new ones and rekindling severed or lost ones. I’m happy to say that I have successfully retained most of my friendships with people I don’t get to see very often because I at least get to see them on Facebook.

But like in most cases, mankind has a way of abusing most things that have initially been created for good purposes.

Now, I know what it feels like to open your page and what welcomes you is a barrage of parinig and innuendos. Sometimes, you’ll stop for a second and think if it’s about you, sometimes you’ll think about who it might be for. Sometimes, you just ignore it and move on with your browsing.

But sometimes, enough is enough.

Social networking sites were not created for backstabbing and malicious gossiping, nor was it created to secretly gang up on people you don’t like. This is the only time I  can possibly say that I sort of miss the times when people were just whispering behind another’s back. At least they have the decency not to share what they’re saying to the rest of the world. What happened to open forums, face-to-face confrontations, or even fistfights? Are we just going to keep typing and typing, waiting to see which side will crack first?

I’m not taking sides. I don’t care who’s right or wrong, because it doesn’t matter. I’m just sick of it. All this just made me realize how I myself have taken part in this malicious deed. No matter how right I may have actually been, I still ended up being wrong. The end does not justify the means, no cases excluded. Kahit pa gano sila kamali, at gaano kayo katama, it does not make you any more noble than you are dahil sobrang negative vibes lang ang dinadala niyo sa internet world.

Like I said somewhere (I forgot already), the internet is one of the few places I go to for relaxation, pero ngayon pati dito nalang nasstress pa ako. Lahat na nag-aaway, artista man o hindi. JUSKO LANG TALAGA HA.

After hearing all this hoo-ha regarding DepEd’s idea to get rid of homework during weekends, I have an idea for a subject that should be taught to everyone (adults included): PROPER NETIQUETTE 101.

Siguro maraming estudyante ang madedelay dahil dito.

Tony Stark for President!

I wonder if superheroes would make good world leaders as well? 

If you read my addendum, I vowed to watch Iron Man 2 again because of the failure that is SM Baguio Cinema. After a groundbreakingly epic sleepover last night with my high school friends, I went home drowsy but determined to watch it with Zoe. We managed to catch the 1:40PM screening at SM.  

Although the first movie still comes out on top over this sequel, it certainly did not disappoint me either. I’ve always liked Robert Downey Jr. (way back during his Ally McBeal days), and Iron Man has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters as well. Mickey Rourke was just a really great Whiplash, and now consider myself a fan of him as well.My only complaint of the movie — and this I already pointed out during my first time watching it) is that I found the final fight scene between Iron Man, War Machine (Rhodes) and Whiplash — a bit bitin. It needed just a bit more length and oomph, especially since Rourke was being built up as being super intelligent and super strong throughout the movie. But well, that’s just me.  




BTW, do you want more Mickey Rourke as well as other high profile action stars? Watch THIS trailer of the movie, The Expendables!  

And who else got excited by that Thor bit at the end? XD I WANT AVENGERS!  


On a more serious note, today is the National Elections here in the Philippines. I am a first time voter, and I never knew until now how much you can really get into this thing. I’ve never been very politically involved or aware of all national issues, but this is certainly one of those times when one must really tune into everything that’s happening in the country. What every voter will put down on that ballot a few hours from now will evidently determine what life here in our country will be like for the next six years.  

I’m not really much for enforcing/convincing people who to vote for, especially people who I know are more than capable to think for themselves. That’s mainly the reason why I haven’t been blogging anything about elections or candidates or whatever. All I know is, whoever YOU vote for tomorrow, make sure you really believe in him/her. Make sure that you’re voting for him/her because you know he/she is best for our country. And not for anything else.  

May those who will be elected inspire hope in the Filipinos at this time of great need just like Iron Man and other superheroes inspire hope in mankind during times of turmoil. 

I wish our country the best of luck tomorrow. And with that being said, I’m off to sleep. We vote on the first hour tomorrow at our precint, and I want to make sure I’m awake enough to shade those darn bilogs (na hugis itlog) right.  

Just to give you an idea of who I'm voting for.


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