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Hot Patootie

Before the latest Glee episode was even shown, I had already heard of Rocky Horror more than a few times. I think the very first time was when I read about it in Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries II: Princess in the Spotlight.

It was only last Wednesday, however, that I found out that it was, in fact, a MUSICAL. Being an avid lover of any movie with song and dance numbers (save for a few Filipino slapstick movies), me and my sister immediately downloaded the movie version of it yesterday to watch.

The movie was weird, to say the least. It was a lot more twisted and freaky than how the Glee kids sang the songs. And if people think that Emma’s song was racy enough, wait until you see the movie. I would post a sample photo here but I have a strict PG rating on my blog. (Just look for one in Google Images if you’re interested.)

Nevertheless, the movie was pretty cool despite the fact that it was made way back in the 1970’s. Watch it to see a very thin Susan Sarandon and another weirdly dressed Tim Curry.

One thing I didn’t like was Eddie. I know Meatloaf is a celebrated singer and everything, but you have to admit, John Stamos just made the number so charming. I still feel giddy whenever I remember his song on last Wednesday’s episode (Tuesday in the US I think?) And I think this article agrees with me.




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The Doppleganger Effect

I’ve never thought of myself having a face that was particularly unique, but even I was shocked when a couple of months ago, my cousin posted this photo on my Facebook wall (garnering a fair amount of bemused comments from my contacts).


The photo was a still from the 2006 Japanese film, Heavenly Forest, with Aoi Miyazaki playing the female lead. Now if having a lookalike in a movie wasn’t interesting enough, I read the synopsis of the movie and found myself even more intrigued. I finally downloaded it a week or two ago and found time to watch it over the weekend. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who has loved movies the like of Windstruck and My Sassy Girl. I couldn’t stop myself from crying at some parts. :|

Watching it was practically surreal. It was one thing to see her in a still but another thing entirely to watch her on video!

Okay, so I don’t really walk like that, but I have to admit she does eerily resemble me a lot. Here are some other stills I took from the movie that remind me of… well… me. (Blurry ones were taken with one of the most awesome tools ever, the Snipping Tool.) If you notice, most of them are frowning, because that’s usually how I look by default.

doppleganger5 doppleganger1

Heavenly Forest1 doppleganger4

My hair is a bit longer than this now so I guess it takes away some of the resemblance, and I’m not as light skinned either. But it does make me consider having my hair cut shorter right before Japan. But then again, maybe not, because I really don’t have the resources for it.

In the story, Shizuru (Aoi Miyazaki) claims that although she’s 21 years old already, she hasn’t really grown up. Her baby molars haven’t even been replaced with permanent teeth yet. She says that one day, Makoto will see her and she’ll be different; she’ll be taller, she won’t be wearing glasses anymore, and have boobs. And guess what, she was right! (WARNING: SPOILER PHOTO AHEAD!)

11945297_gal 536053599_1c1b1e7045

Lo and behold! Two years after said statement, there she is with a self-portrait of hers (she did photography) looking every bit like a woman.

I wish I could make the same claim. I’m turning 21 this year myself, yet even if you were a reader who isn’t dyslexic, you would think that I was 12 instead. I would give anything to have the same things she said she would have eventually. If I let my hair grow long again, will things be any different? Sadly, I got my permanent molars way back in high school, and I am doubtful that any change is still yet to come in my case.

It gets really hard to be like this sometimes though. You often get questioned about your age at PG movies, rarely taken seriously by people who don’t believe that you are as old as you say you are, and always looked at as someone who should be all innocent and childlike, which I am just not.

I’m getting tired of being called cute and seldom being called pretty. But then again, who am I to complain, right?

People have told me countless times that I’ll be thankful someday, because when everyone looks like they’re in their forties, I’ll look like I’m in my thirties. But that is but an assumption. Who knows how hideous I’ll become in a few years time?

To answer this, I headed over to to check out what I may possibly look like by the time I’m 40.

31092_1120205660684_1693321990_236524_423956_n aged_wb20100516093227804124

Ang masasabi ko lang… I think I look like a guy. :| On the bright side, my nose gets a little less pango!

Well, that’s something to look forward to, right? :))


P.S. I posted this using Windows Live Writer! So much easier than using WordPress’ dashboard.

Two Days of Geekiness


-someone’s shirt I saw a while back

This all started yesterday, after yet another mind numbing PI100 class (5/10 quiz WTH). Having quite a bit of time to kill on that Friday afternoon, I decided to have an internet hunt of one of my favorite stuff to search about ever, Star Wars. In particular, Star Wars shirts. Then I stumbled upon this particular gem:

ANG GAGANDA NG SHIRTS GRABE! I want one so badly! The only Star Wars shirt I have is this green one I got from AM BLVD a while back, and all it has is “I <3 Star Wars” on it. And even that shirt is missing right now, I have yet to get it back from where I left it. But I want cool, I want witty, I want funny!

Here are some of them:



Mike Walkers

Feeling ko ipapagawa namin ito.

It was also the opening of Kick Ass last night, so we decided to catch the last full show at Eastwood. (Haha if my mom is reading this, I will stress that I am not overbudget with my baon so you have nothing to worry about). Having not heard of the Marvel comic book or the movie itself until we saw posters of it in theaters last week, we came into the movie with low/no expectations whatsoever, and were pleasantly surprised because of it. It is actually one of the better movies I have watched recently, and dare I say, I enjoyed it better than Clash of the Titans, which I now conclude as a so-so movie. It was funny but not slapstick, dramatic but not overly so, and action-packed enough to keep me entertained for the two and a half hour duration of the film. But what can I say, I always enjoy a good superhero movie. SULIT NA SULIT. (You can decide for yourself if you think this is worth your time and money by reading its synopsis here.)

Movie poster

Red Mist aka yung kabuhok ni Lando

Clearly not satisfied yet, we also headed over to Komikon Summer Fiesta 2010, held today  at The Bahay ng Alumni. This is my third time to attend a comic convention, and the 2nd time to attend Komikon. It bugged me a little that I didn’t get to buy the stuff I really wanted because I couldn’t afford, like the latest Kikomachine from Manix, the long-wanted Martial Law Babies by Arre, or this really cool compilation from different komik artists entitled Renaissance. I must remember to save up for events like these because they only happen a couple of times a year. Gladly, I was still able to drop by Michael David’s booth and grab myself a copy of the 2nd issue of the compilation! Head on over to the site to check them out, although I warn you, they aren’t exactly G-rated Oo, ako na ang natatawa sa bastos.

Lando, on the other hand, bought Gatekeepers 1 and 2 DVDs which I am really excited for since I haven’t been able to watch that series since high school and they don’t have any manga either. And he scored Apol Sta. Maria’s Ang Alamat ng Panget, which had us in stitches seconds into reading the first page.

It sucked that I had no camera this time to document the day, we didn’t get to take photos of the many, many cool stuff we saw. I must charge my batteries soon.

My haul: Kubori Kikiam Vol. 1 and 2, Apoy and Apoy 2 by Oko Francisco

Lando's haul: Gatekeepers 1 & 2 DVDs and Alamat ng Panget and Many Other by Apol Sta. Maria. (Note: These aren't the actual stuff, hindi ko nakunan ng photos yung kanya haha)

And to top it all off, the pièce de résistance to affirming my geek lifestyle, here I am at home on a Saturday night, with only my sleeping brother, my laptop, and wireless internet to keep me company. Oh well. I can’t have everything can I.

Three’s the charm.

I’ve been back in Manila since Thursday, and things have been hectic ever since.

NOT. I barely left the house the entire weekend, save for buying meals and getting water from the nearby water dispenser in our boarding house’s common kitchen area. However, three very important events did happen in the span of 5 days:

1. I had an actual movie marathon.

This is the very first time in my entire life (or at least, as far as I can recall) that I’ve actually watched two movies consecutively in a movie theater. Good food (WENDY’S BACON MUSHROOM MELT OMG!), good movies, (How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans) and good company (Leonard Jeriano P. Cusi <3)

2. We cleaned our room.

Yes, this is a momentous occasion for me and my brother, because we haven’t “cleaned” cleaned our room since.. forever. And I daresay, this is the cleanest our room has ever been since the start of 2010. No kidding.

3. I had a date with a celebrity.

Well. Almost. He’s a celebrity to me. <3

And that has been your daily dose of Allie cheesiness. She has to go barf now.

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