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The Prodigal Tumblelog

I’ve never been one for consistency, and this particular quirk of mine seems to have manifested through my inability to maintain any of my online accounts for long periods of time.  If anyone has read my short bio on upper right side of this blog, I mentioned that it is the 6th time or such that I’ve tried to start a weblog, and I consider it an awesome feat in itself that I have been able to keep it up this far.

But because of the curse blessing that is the variety of sites that exist today, I have no less than 10 present varied accounts all across the internet, ranging from the social (Facebook), to the chismosa (Twitter) to the academic (Scribd), to the downright jologs (I still haven’t deleted my Friendster account). This has made keeping up with the Joneses and hardcore internet junkies  a real challenge, if not an impossible feat.

A site that I have alternately been leaving in the dust and picking up is Tumblr, which is what I consider to be a snappier, artsier version of a weblog.  It makes posting online content such as photos, music and videos a virtual breeze. I was pretty hooked on it during the first few months of my 4th year, and tried to resume posting during the recent summer. But alas, these endeavors were short-lived.

This time however, I want to test the age-old saying of three’s the charm.

Aside from a brand-spankin’ new layout, I have resolved that I would spend some of my computer time to post, but limit it to not more than five posts a day. However, that resolution doesn’t seem to be working so far, because I’ve already made a 6th post. Gah. But as they say, tomorrow’s another day.

I also decided to give Twitter another try. A special shoutout to sashalimuy/scott stuart for the speedy reply! It made me feel welcome. XD

I wonder how long it will be until I say “to hell with this!” and give up on everything all over again.


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