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An Apple A Day

…keeps the doctor away. But today, I’ve found out that some things can’t.






I had my trip to the gynecologist and dentist today. While I will spare you the gory details (and trust me, they are very, very gory), I will share with you some invaluable lessons that I picked up today.

1. An ob-gyne clinic is a very awkward place to be.

Especially if you’re a 21-year old who looks like a 12-year old. Plus points if you’re wearing a polka-dotted playsuit and boots, an outfit that is practically a clown costume here.


2. People will automatically assume that you’re there because you are pregnant.

When the assistant took my blood pressure, she asked me, “Buntis?”, to which I shockingly replied, “NO!”. JUDGER. BOO.


3. Close-Up Toothpaste is the devil.

Well no, not really, but it is responsible for the allergies on my face that I haven’t been able to get rid of since forever. I will be a loyal Hapee user from now on. Not only is it better, I’ll be supporting Philippine products too!




4. Doctors and dentists think that boyfriends (or in my case, a pseudoboyfriend/non-boyfriend) are bad for your health.

Can you believe that on both counts, the first thing both my gynecologist and my dentist asked me was, “DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND ALREADY?”

When I answer yes (I’ve gotten used to saying this to avoid complicated discussions about my relationship status), it’s like a lightbulb suddenly goes *ting!* in their heads. Suddenly, the boyfriend becomes one of the probable causes for my being in their clinic. The thought was a bit mortifying.

I don’t want to risk an overshare, so I shall leave things at that. But all I can say is I need to take better care of myself. Lando or no Lando in my life.



But thank goodness, aside from a few medications and stuff I need to take care off, I am fine. :)



A few  friendly reminder kids.

I strongly suggest girls (especially those my age) to visit their gynecologist. It is actually extremely enlightening.

And also, take time to brush your teeth well and floss regularly. Or else, you’ll regret it when your teeth are all falling off.


I wonder how many readers I’ll lose with this entry? XD


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