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All work and no play… just isn’t in  my vocabulary.

Last night, I took a break from thesis work to attend Vertigo, a benefit party organized by  the Medical Alliance Rendering Service to Fellowmen of the PLM College of Medicine. It was at Palacio de Maynila, and it became sort of a joint celebration of Faye’s and Jaja’s 21st birthdays. Darn these kids for being younger than me. I’ve only just realized that I’m turning 22 this year! Fark.



Sadly, none of us managed to bring a camera to capture the night’s moments. Blame it on laziness and on wishful thinking that someone else would bring one along. The best we could do was have our photos taken at the photo booth.



I tried channeling a twenties girl vibe by wearing a lacy black thigh length dress and pearls, but wore fishnets in an attempt to look more trendy and edgy. To fulfill my incessant need to stick out like a sore thumb in every possible occasion, I wore this huge flower on my head for effect (bought at the Forever 21 sale at a buy 1 take 1 promo!).



I have the bestest friends in the entire world.  <3


Get Ready

new year

~ Happy ) New Year! `

I promise to keep this short.

2010 was an absolute blast. Thank you to everyone who made the year such a memorable one!

Here’s to hoping for a Year 2011 filled with new adventures, fresh fashion finds, inspiring designs, unforgettable memories and overflowing love and happiness.

Let’s see how successful I’ll be in keeping my resolutions this time around. But for now, let us wine, dine and toast the 365 days that await us. Cheers!


* photo, editing, and circle design inspired by this photo I saw on Lookbook (that I couldn’t find again so cannot properly credit, sorry huhu).

Odds & Ends

Sorry for the lack of updates. After almost four days in Subic and another two days in Manila, I finally get to spend New Year’s in Naga, hurrah!

Now, I am supposed to be heading off to attend our high school batch reunion, but the magical text that I have deemed as my go signal hasn’t arrived yet, so I figured I might as well churn out a blog entry. Although I warn you, it’s a very random one.



I went on a sorta huge shopping spree yesterday along with the rest of my family at Megamall. I got tons of new stuff! You’ll be seeing them bit by bit when I post during the next weeks/months. We also ate at Dulcinea for lunch. I love cream puffs!



Check out my newly bejeweled phone! Thank you to my sister Zoe for giving me the stickers! I would like to think that it looks way better with them.



Zoe also got a deck of Studio Ghibli themed playing cards as a gift from Tita Ruthsie!



I dare anyone to find a card design cuter than this. I am very doubtful that there is.



We also received a bunch of Lip Smacker flavors! I got the Dr. Pepper one. Thank you!



Zoe has been quite busy this afternoon turning these erasers she got at Powerbooks into necklace pendants. I had bought quite a few erasers myself the past month and had turned a couple into rings.



I got a bit envious while she was making them but she was nice enough to give me this popsicle shaped one to keep for myself. I AM SUCH A BEGGAR.



Zoe and Claire (surely you guys know who is who).



So I’m just about done with today’s entry and I have still yet to receive a text. GUYS, WHERE ARE YOU?

I’m Still Here




During our third and last day in Subic, we had our family photos taken! It’s been a while since titos and titas on my mother’s side have all been together, so this is really something that needed to be documented.



My lola with all her apos. All day, people were joking how I seemed to be having an age identity crisis, because not only is Zoe taller than me, I seemed to be dressed more childishly than the rest of them.



I also have countless frowning photos. Bah humbug.


DSC_0148 DSC_0156DSC_0150 

I cheered up quite considerable during the jump shots part though. Hence , ME covering anyone else in the rear portion of the photo. Sorry for that. XD


It’s also my Tita Lele’s birthday today, so we bought her a cake with special Christmas candles for her to take a crack at wishing on. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


*photos are from Tita Lele as well! Post processed by me :)

Last of Everything







IMGP0019 164003_467844341497_587846497_6290041_6987757_n 

This is the last of the blogging backlog, hurrah!

I marched with the rest of the Arki people during the Lantern Parade last Friday. I couldn’t resist not wearing anything weird, so I bought this pair of humongous heart shaped glasses from the tiangge. They weren’t very sturdy, but they did the job. More than a few snap happy people took my photo with Lando (who was wearing his sulit-na-sulit Willy Wonka goggles).



I managed to catch a few of the other lanterns like CS and FA, but was unable to take any good photos, boo.


Then the huge embarrassment that was me getting a bit drunk during the Arki Party ensued. The following photos have been sanitized so that I can still have some of my dignity left even if you finish reading this post.







I’m certainly not drinking again anytime soon.


Writing this post has made me feel a tad bit sentimental though. I just realized that this was the last Lantern Parade and Arki Party I’ll be having as a student.

Okay BRB, will be crying in a corner now. :((


* Thanks to Lloyd Fontilla, Jam Macabeo and Fae Caguingin for some of the photos!

A Lot Like Christmas

69760_472706556217_595636217_6328592_2802663_n copy

   63467_467822971497_587846497_6289439_1635558_n copy copy68200_467819166497_587846497_6289343_3403331_n 165618_467819221497_587846497_6289345_691480_n163174_1609498970793_1635791028_1386328_2597662_n68275_1609551732112_1635791028_1386549_3876811_n copy165663_1609506890991_1635791028_1386377_5656120_n


Just a few photos from the A2 and Friends Christmas dinner last week at Cyma in Eastwood City mall. Sorry for the crappy photo quality, I just grabbed these off Facebook.

  • I got to wear this overwhelmingly cute christmasy dress that I thrifted a few weeks back. Ihe print is amazing, and I just love how festive I got to make it look when I paired it with red nylon thigh highs and a string of pearls. Cachi said I looked like a who from the Grinch movie.
  • Cyma food is delicious! We ordered this lamb and rice pasta plate that was just to die for. Just thinking about it is making me feel hungry again.
  • I got new nail polish colors from Mike, my Secret Santa. Thank you! I shall post photos of it soon along the rest of my Christmas haul so far.
  • Happy birthday to the December babies: Grace, Lando, Diana, Rome, Arianne and Debbie!

Thank you again to A2 and Friends for inviting me along! Iruth be told, I more than often find myself a bit embarrassed and shy being included in these things, as I haven’t really hung out with you guys for too long. Packaged deal ba kami ni lando kaya ganun? Hahaha. But seriously, thank you for making me feel welcome. :)

Gosh, it’s just 5 days before Christmas! how fast the time flies!

* Photos from Lloyd Fontilla, Jam Macabeo, and Fae Caguingin

* Post processing by me

Bowl Me Over


So we decided to go to Mall of Asia today.



I know I said I would be blogging about what’s been going on for the past few days, but I’m getting lazy recounting events whose excitements have passed me.



I’ll just let things run their course and see if I can try to fit in writing about them again one of these days. When I have nothing better to do.




But for now, let me share with you how I spent my Sunday with Lando.



A few weeks ago, I sort of told Lando that I really wanted us to go out and do something new after thesis submission is over and done with. Finally, before our wallets truly bit the dust, we got to go bowling!



Behold, the grossness of rented bowling shoes couples with one of my absolute favorite pairs of socks.



I feel the need to say that Lando has taken both Basic and Advanced Tenpin Bowling for PEs, the latter of which he took just last year. BTW, that cardigan he’s wearing is the gift I was talking about!



So it’s really no wonder why his form is so professional looking and perfect.



I, on the other hand, took my Basic Tenpin Bowling PE ways back in first year, and got a really, really bad grade at it.



In my defense, that makes it more than three years ago since I last bowled. So  I hope everyone can forgive me for looking like a righteous weirdo whose butt either sticks out too much or whose foot looks like it’s about to twist horrifically bad from her ankle.



Lando and I swapped places, so that’s him with the higher score right there. I purposefully neglected to take a photo of our first game’s scoreboard because my score was just plain shameful.



Oooh, but HELLO! Look at that! What’s that I see? Yes, it’s a strike! I actually got one, which totally made my day.



After our games, we saw these bowling balls that were just so adorbz that we just HAD to take photos with them. WADDUPPP HELLO KITTY BOWLING BALL.



Aww look, Plankton and Spongebob!



After officially draining our wallets of their remaining life supports, we decided to walk around and go all architecture student. We looked at the SMDC Residences booths and shamelessly pointed out which ones we hated and why.





ha IMGP0056 We also saw this Lego exhibit that had this Nativity scene in the middle. CUTE!


 IMGP0054 And here’s Lando with his peers *smirk*



I hate how burnt and brown we both look in this photo.



My camera’s battery died shortly after taking this photo of Lando wearing my rings. I swear this boy has the prettiest fingers to put nail polish on, so much better than the gross, stubby things I have. I am very tempted to ask Lando to model my rings and let me put nail art on his nails.



The day was almost perfect, except for one thing. I had no idea that there was no Artwork branch in MOA (I thought all SM malls had them), so I failed to do the shopping my mom asked for! But no worries, I still have time tomorrow. Wish me luck in weaving through the throngs of cramming Christmas shoppers!

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