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Feeling Productive

totoro allie colored


Oo alam kong kita yung pencil lines. I was trying to go for the semi-grunge look but I failed. :(


EDIT: I’ve found out that HTML and CSS editing pre-set layout templates here in WordPress are quite limited, and since I’m too lazy to make an entirely new one out of scratch, this is the most layout revision it is going to get.

Almost makes me want to transfer to Blogger. Buti nalang I’m even more tamad to do that. XD


You know you’re a typography/font freak when…

  • Your first reaction to your professor’s thesis draft proposal format is, “Bakit Times New Roman? Ang panget.”


  • You have had at least one discussion with a friend how Optima looks good with practically everything, and how Arial… just doesn’t.


  • Your idea for a quick fix in powerpoint presentations is changing the font.



  • One of the first things you do after reformatting your PC is download fonts.


  • You try looking for fonts that would match your every report (i.e. looking for fonts that look like pipes when you’re reporting about plumbing)


  • One of the first things you notice about Boy Abunda’s show The Bottomline is that the logo sort of looks like Choco Mucho.


  • You still can’t help but find it funny that your professor uses Comic Sans for his powerpoint presentations.


  • One of your favorite things about Juno is that they use a really cool font. (still not sure which one it is, but this one is pretty close)


  • When bored, you doodle your name again and again, using different handwriting, different fonts, different configurations.


Okay, so maybe that last bullet’s more of love of self than love of typography, HAHAHA.

Making Melodies In My Heart

The semester is almost over and done with, and all that’s left to do for me is one last paper requirement. However, I haven’t even gotten a whiff of the sweet province air and I’m already being haunted by the ghost of next semester.

I only realized this afternoon that the yearbook committee has accomplished absolutely zilch and that we really need to start getting things going if we even hope to get a yearbook come graduation time. I, for one, will not allow such a travesty of failing to have a yearbook.  We didn’t get to have one back in high school, and I certainly won’t allow that to happen again!

As I was voted layout editor (much to my surprise and contempt), I am tasked with one of the most labor intensive and creatively exhausting jobs ever.  For what seems like ages, I’m finally free from most academic duties, so I found time to look for photo inspirations for the yearbook’s design.

tm-05(by mbshrbwj)

I’ve always been a huge fan of typography, and one of my ideas is to have a relatively simple yet nakakasindak front cover.

tm-06(by xprencingimag)

This sort of reminds me of the Arkination logo. I think this will look very striking as a cover.

(tm-04 (1)(by gentlepurespace)

We could also take advantage of the fact that there are a number of talented photographers in the college/batch and maybe we can use their talents to get a really great photo for the cover! Of course, I would prefer it to be non-cliche. No more photos of the UPCA facade please. Something a bit more unconventional like this would be nice.

tm-16 (1)(by Christopher Paul)

Another look we can possibly go for is the vintage, pop art look, which is decidedly popular nowadays. This will please all the artsy fartsy kids, which I guess in our case, is all of us. That’s just my opinion though.

tm-13(by hugowerner) 

On the other hand, we can go the completely opposite direction and go font and text crazy with the front cover. I’m not too sure if this would bode well with most of my batchmates, not everyone can appreciate a beautiful mess.

tm-16( by luce08)

Para maiba lang, each person’s page can look something like this! It looks cool, right? Then the person’s other shots (like the sablay, formal, and creative shots) can be placed elsewhere on the page as thumbnails and such.

tm-04(by luce08)

This is probably too artsy, sabog, and difficult to use for a yearbook. But I posted it anyway because it looks really nice.


I’m really hoping the committee gets to meet soon. I am equal parts excited and anxious about this!

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