The Final Stretch


It’s less than a month before our final thesis submission, and I still have shitloads of work to do. At first I thought I’ve already finished plenty, but after some checklist making and schedule planning, now I don’t think I’ve done nearly enough.

It saddens me that my lack of blogging is reducing the status of my blog to an even more dire one than it originally was, but it can’t be helped. I NEED TO GRADUATE.

Feb 11 – Final Submission ( DAY OF DEATH)

Feb 23 – Final Defense ( DAY OF FUNERAL)

Mark your calendars, everybody. Make sure not to wear black.


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Allie has seen many a dust bunny in her lifetime, most of them in her dorm room. She is often mistaken as a 13-year old, further intensified by her weird fashion choices that mostly involve cutesy patootsie rings, colorful knee high socks, and ribbons and bows in her hair. She dreams of waking up one day and finding herself as a character in Star Wars. Preferably a jedi. With a purple lightsaber.

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