There is a white shirt.

There is the world.

Go make something.

– DIY or DIE: White Shirt Revolution by Reese Lansangan


Come this year 2011, most college seniors are concerned with mainly one thing and one thing only: THESIS.

Though I myself am one of these unlucky fellows, I couldn’t resist volunteering for Reese’s senior project. According to her, “DIY or DIE is a project that examines creativity and the creative process, using the white shirt as medium. It capitalizes on the idea that EVERYBODY is creative by the mere fact that they are capable of “create-ing” something. It aims to showcase how different people create and the external factors that contribute to their expression of creativity, such as time constraints, workplace, materials, medium, and the environment.”

So basically, all volunteers are given a shirt which they are to customize in any way we please. This is basically how I went about with mine.


IMGP0006IMGP0008IMGP0009IMGP0008 (2)

IMGP0003IMGP0009 (2)IMGP0010 (2)IMGP0017

My output isn’t really as creative as I would have liked. It’s basically a cop out of an old drawing of mine, only I replaced the words with what I have dubbed as “a few of my favorite things.” Try deciphering as many as you can from the photo. And I know, it’a a little vain of me to draw myself on the shirt, but I didn’t really know how else to go about it.

One other thing, the bow is supposed to be a 3d one and not some drawing on a different cloth, but I was sort of pressed for time. But I shall try replacing it with a real one if I still have time before I meet up with Reese and give this to her!



Interested in finding out more about DIY or DIE? Check out Reese’s thesis Tumblr or her personal blog.

Let’s all wish her the bestest of luck!



2 Responses to “DIY or DIE”

  1. 1 Phoebe R January 7, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Your shirt is so cute! :D Especially the green bow :P

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