Gimme More


I know it’s not even Christmas day yet, but I just couldn’t wait to share with you some of the awesome gifts that I got from my friends.



Here’s the Secret Santa gift I was telling you about from my Christmas dinner post! I am so stoked to have more nail polish colors! Thank you so much Mike!




I love Etude House. The whole store is just so overly girly (their entire stall in SM North is in pink!) and I can spend hours just perusing their stacks cosmetics. I had previously bought two other bottles from them not too long ago, so I’m really glad to have more of them.



They couldn’t have come at a more opportune time really. I’m trying to kick my ghastly nail biting problem for good, and I need all the nail polish I can get to help me stop chomping down on the tiny nubs. But the excitement certainly does not end there.



My other Secret Santa, Becca, got me this sparkly bow headband and a couple of rings, yay! Growing collection? YES PLEASE!



Nene gave me legwarmers, huzzah! I’ve been wanting a pair in a more toned down color so that I can wear them more often without them being remembered too easily. THANK YOU!



Camille and Nene had already gotten me awesome presents. But aside from that, they also gave me and Lando COUPLE GIFTS! It’s weird really, getting joint presents. But then again, who am I to turn down material items?



They said they actually got us these because the chibi boy and girl look like us. I can’t help agreeing. SO CUUUUUTE. I have to thank Camille also for the cute undies she gave me. I couldn’t really take photos of them because they’re in the laundry bin at present.



They also gave us this ninja pillow, in commemoration of Lando’s graduation photo. It was just so sweet of them. Lando and I are cooking up something extra special to give to them in return, stay tuned for that!



Lando and I exchanged Christmas gifts on the day of the Lantern Parade as well, and what I got were just the best ever. I actually feel kind of lame that I only got him two bonnets. Oooh, what’s that shiny sweet thang?



Hurray, I have a new Domo once again! It’s another one from the same series as my Birthday gift, and it’s gold! OOOOOH.









But Lando’s gift didn’t really end there.



He also had the cutest Thingy on earth made for me. Yes, that’s Thingys with a capital T. Thingys is an accessory line by Cessa, one of our friends in Arki. She and the rest of her team make the cutest possible necklaces, rings and earrings. Aside from welcoming custom made items, they have a wide range of stuff from Star Wars themed pendants (aptly named Style Wars), Bookworm pendants, and Aliens. Please head on over to Thingy’s site to check them out NOW! Everything’s just so adorable.

The pendant is supposed to be me, wearing a colorful schoolgirl uniform. It is so unbelievably me I CAN’T EVEN.



I sort of ruined it though. Remember me sharing that I had a drink too many at the Arki Party? Well, I was wearing this around my neck and it fell when we got a bit wild during picture taking. Upon closer inspection, we saw that pieces of my skirt fell off, making the pendant look very mahalay, therefore unfit for everyday wear.



This is the only photo I have of it in its mint condition. I’m still devastated over it of course. I’m hoping I can get it fixed after the Christmas break. :(



In the end, there was a new important lesson learned that night. If one must drink, make sure to take off all accessories that might be in danger of getting smushed, broken, or disentangled and keep them in a safe place. I know I definitely will next time. I do not want to go through the guilt of seeing Lando’s crestfallen face when he saw that my Thingy got broken (okay that sounds really weird.)


LOTS OF THANK YOUS AGAIN FOR MY GIFTS, DEAR FRIENDS! Wait for your presents on January! <3


2 Responses to “Gimme More”

  1. 1 lisamendy December 23, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    I love the couple gifts!! The chibis really do look like you guys hahahahaha. Aw Thingys gifts are the best, Aldo had a special one made for my birthday also :D Cuties :D

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