For the Lulz

I have realized that I haven’t blogged randomness for a while, so here’s an old post from my Multiply account.  I figure since people might use content from that humble site of mine to blackmail the hell out of me one day, I might as well beat them to the punch right now.

A few disclaimers. This was more than a year ago, back during a time when:

  1. I thought I knew what fashionable meant.
  2. I weight 7o pounds or something like that.
  3. I was at the height of my Sandwich obssession.
  4. I had not yet fully discovered the joys of drinking alcohol.
  5. Nor have I discovered the numerous advantages of full bangs.
  6. Lando was still just an arki batchmate and occasional eyecandy classmate to me.

Okay the last one has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted to put it out there. XD

This is posted completely because nothing aside from thesis work has been happening the past few days. And I just wanted blog activity. :(





Mar 19, ’09 9:12 PM
for everyone

I have been working on this tiresome but very heartwarming photo survey for months now, and it has been sitting in my drafts folder for all of eternity. Finally I get to post it!

1. a picture of you in your room

Me in my Kalai room

room sa Ilang


2. a picture with someone you really don’t like

Hahaha. Sorry Diana. Yael, take full offense.


3. a picture of you very drunk

I have never been drunk ever, but this was the closest I got to it. And no, this picture is not as scandalous as it looks. That guy beside me ( a very good friend of mine) is barfing, or sick, or something.


4. a picture of you on your birthday

Best birthday outing in Eastood ever! Worst haircut EVER.


5. the youngest picture you can find of yourself in digital form


6. a picture of you in one of your favorite outfits

My elf outfit during Xmas 2007


My lovely jacket that goes with everything. WEEEE.


7. a picture of you making a goofy face at the camera


random day at Ilang with Mumuy

Ans’ debut with Di


8. a picture you miiiiiight have edited to make yourself more attractive

Desaturate lang pramis. And not that it actually did any good. XD


9. a picture of a night you regret

Ilang Formal Dinner: Most boring night EVER. Waste of a pretty dress. :(


10. a picture of you being truly yourself

Wala lung.


11. the most recent picture of you

Taken by Jaja. 5/12/09.


12. a picture of you being absolutely ridiculous

Hahaha. One of my failed attempts to spell my name during slow shutter speed experiments. :D


13. a picture of you showing off a new haircut/color

new cut!

new color!


14. a picture of a time in your life that’s over, but you wish it wasn’t

Sadly, my 15 minutes of fame with them is long over. :(


I think dorm life is officially over for me as well.


15. a picture of a time in your life that’s over, and you couldn’t be more thankful that it is


he time I got dengue and had to stay at the inhumane UP Infirmary for a WEEK. *shudders at memory*


16. a picture of you when you were anything but happy

Summer ’07. Don’t ask.

December 2008. You shouldn’t ask either.


17. a picture of you that you had no idea was being taken

Tingnan niyo naman hitsura ko. :))


18. a picture of you when you were a different person than you are now

Ang layo na. Sobra. Both physically and.. internally? What? :))

19. a picture of you with someone you love



20. a picture of how you’d like the world to see you.

colorful and..

a competent guitarist (pero hindi eh, haha)


21. a picture that describes how you’d like to spend every day

taking pictures (not only of myself though, gah XD)

Eating pizza! Yumm!

     Having a band and frequent gigs!

reading books

Live in a tropical paradise.


22. a picture of a time when everything was changing

Hehe. Basta.


23. a picture that makes your head hurt

GC mode to the max with my one and only GC partner! Haggard ito.


24. a picture that makes your heart smile

Raims + Maps = <3


25. photo with old friends

Miss you high school friends! :D

26. Photos with newest friends


Arki friends (Maethel, Camille, Nene)


I’m not sure how to end this entry, so let me leave it at that. HAHA AWKWARD.


2 Responses to “For the Lulz”

  1. 1 sashalimuy December 1, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Ive been wanting to do this but I’m too lazy to dig up old photos hahaha

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