Spot the Dots




Okay, first of all, totally lame-o album title.



Check it out! I bought this polka dotted sheer tunic online about a month ago  from Your Secret Closet for the low, low price of 90 pesos. But gasp, when the package arrived, it was a wee bit larger than I had anticipated. The sleeves were long and went way past my wrists.



The cuffs of the blouse are actually garterized, so I figured I’d just push them up my elbows like some construction worker and wear it as a cover up instead. And voila!

Lando and I had our biweekly jogging date today, so we were all set to change into our running clothes. But not before we took a few photos! It amazes me how much patience he has to constantly follow me around and take photos of outfits or other mundane everyday stuff no one else would really be interested in.


IMGP0006 IMGP0008

Afternoon lighting is always pretty, but it was a bit too much for my sensitive eyes. I have countless other shots of me squinting to get even a decent look at the camera, but to no avail.


Aside from our usual jogging date, Lando and I had planned to go to KFC to try their new Double Down! If you don’t know what that is, just imagine a bacon burger with chicken fillet as bread buns. Yup, you read that right. And yes, I can spell “high cholesterol level”.

But when we got back from jogging, someone tipped us that Double Down was sold out everywhere! We were devastated, and we decided to eat at Crave Burger instead.

IMGP0014 IMGP0019 IMGP0021


I know I probably look pretty unhappy with the burger I’m eating, but it’s actually quite good. And their onion rings are TO DIE FOR. SERIOUSLY.



Tragic news reached me when I got home though. KFC WAS NOT OUT OF STOCK! Either that kid at Arki was lying, or KFC WAS! We could have easily went to KFC Katip to line up for some. :((((((

With that, Lando and I plan to get to eat Double Downs if it’s the last thing we do tomorrow. Wait for tomorrow’s entry to see if we’re successful!


2 Responses to “Spot the Dots”

  1. 1 KANI November 18, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    hi! thanks for visiting my blog <3 of course you can link me :) and i love your spotty shirt!

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