The B-Sides

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Last Friday, I wore my beloved batwing hoodie along with one of the jeans I got from my mom. I was trying to go for the relaxed, slouchy, comfortable look, but I ended up looking like a weirdo. To save the outfit, I attempted to tie one of my hair scarves around my head to look like this, but I sort of failed in the knot-tying department.


IMGP0010 (2) lando

Lando and I decided to have our haircuts that day, so here we are taking our gratitious, before-haircut shots. Notice how dramatic Lando’s photo is, while my face looks utterly constipated. Anyway, we went to Technohub’s Bench Fix.


IMGP0016 (2) IMGP0017 (2)

And here we are, post-haircut photos!

As you can see, mine… didn’t really change much, since I’m trying to grow my hair out. But I have been cutting my bangs since forever, and  I thought it was about time I got them professionally trimmed.  Lando’s hair looks amazing though. And I think he knows it, because he kept saying how gwapo he looked. I couldn’t dream of disagreeing, not after he fixed my head band to make the pseudo ears stick up!

We were tired of lugging around our huge schoolbags all day so I decided that we could drop them off at the condo, because we were headed to what I personally think is a must-go-to food destination of Metro Manila.


IMGP0002 IMGP0004

We met up with Diana and Lloyd at Ortigas to go to the famous food extravaganza, Banchetto. For those who don’t know, it is a weekly event that occurs from 12 midnight onwards every Friday, with an amazing array of food stalls and vendors. (See their site for more details.) There is jus so much yummy food that I get dizzy each and every time I get to go there. I just have a hard time deciding what to buy!

Last Friday was a particularly crowded night, with the density of people rivaling the crowds on the MRT during rush hours. I guess it’s becoming pretty popular.



Huge servings of delectable food



I just had to LOL at this particular stall’s name.



Being the matakaw pigs that we are, here’s a photo of food haul. We had a hard time finding a place to sit because of the large amount of people around the stalls area, so we ended up walking to a nearby Seven Eleven to eat our food there.



Lando and me eating a Juicy Lucy burger



See how huge that burger Lloyd is holding! Diana is eating some Takoyaki balls.


Much to my chagrin, most of my food photos were just so blurred, because I couldn’t use my flash. It has been bothering me for a while, because no matter how much adjustments I make, all my shots come out as nothing but dazzling white. What is up with that? :((((

Nevertheless, I did manage to take a photo of one of the yummiest desserts I have ever had, a slice of a cake called Chocolate Surprise.



In the end, we were all too stuffed to finish all of our food, so we took the leftovers home instead.



I’m scared to find out how many pounds I gained from that night, but oh well.


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