City of Angels

The title is an attempt to make my one day trip to Angeles with Lando last Sunday sound dreamier than it actually was. Not that it wasn’t. And yes, that is a disgustingly huge, pink, flowery bow on my head.

 IMGP0036 IMGP0034


I’ve forgotten by now how Lando convinced me to spend the money I saved for the week to go with him. But I’m guessing it’s because of the yummy food he said we were going to get to eat.



We arrived late morning for some brotherly hospital visiting and some ravenous Yellow Cab pizza eating. Afterwards, we walked around to do some sightseeing.


IMGP0003 IMGP0004

It still amazes me how lavish Catholic churches can be. I wonder how much of the Church’s budget goes to prettifying. And lo and behold, what’s that I see?!



Yes, that is an LCD screen you see on the church column. I die of incredulity now.



Hey look at what’s next to the church! It’s Lando’s school!



He was practically giddy in reliving high school memories. (Note the sarcasm.)



Back in third year, we had a group plate to design a call center, and our site was situated somewhere in Pampanga. Two years later, here I am, a street away from the site.



I just had to take a photo of this cute restaurant. The name says it all: dainty.



Lando took me to this food place called Susie’s, which he said was known for their yummy palabok, cassava, and other delicacies. It seems to be a pretty popular place, because the place was packed the entire time we were there.



Lando bought this dish called bringhe, which to me was like palabok but used sticky rice instead of noodles. Up to now, I’m still debating on whether I liked it or not; I’m not used to eating something with sticky rice that isn’t sweet.



We dropped by Lando’s house afterwards. Customary to every home visit, we looked at his baby photos! But the coolest thing wasn’t seeing Lando with silver teeth (yep, he had caps made in nursery to keep his teeth from rotting), but it was seeing his photo album itself! We have the same one, only I have the girl version. I shall repost it again soon once I get a photo of it. Can you say meant to be? :”>



Before we knew it, it was time for dinner, and Lando decided to take me to this restaurant called Tollhouse.



I took Lando’s recommendation and ordered their lasagna. I have to say, this must be the creamiest, tastiest I have had EVER. NOMNOMNOM.



Lando had this dish called Tropical Chicken, which was basically Chicken Pastel. It was quite yummy too.



Fruity drinks yaaay



We also bought two bars of this amazing thing called Marshmallow Nut Fudge.



The entire dinner would have been perfect if not for one thing: the restaurant closed at 8 and we arrived a little past 7. The waiters were pretty rude and kept reminding us to rush because they were closing at 8. Why did they let us enter the restaurant in the first place if they couldn’t accomodate our eating time?  They were practically closing the lights on us. Turds.



On the bright side, we did get to take this cool double exposure photo of Lando. It’s so amazingly hipster-y, I can’t even.


After that, we went back to the hospital, then back to Lando’s to copy a few movies, before going en route back to Manila.

Overall, it was a really nice way to spend a Sunday. A big thank you to Lando! :)



P.S. Yes, he IS aware that he looks like a total psycho in the first photo.


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