All Backed Up

I know, I know. I have been neglecting posting anything. Truth be told, I missed doing something else aside from being online all day, so I tried enjoying the outdoors for the past week or so. But I’ve been itching to blog again, so I’m just going to recap everything significant that happened the past week in one go.



This was an unfortunate day for us. We didn’t get in AT ALL. The shindig started at 1pm, and when we got there by 3, they weren’t letting anyone go in anymore.


We met up with  Lauren and Chris, and we togehter waited in vain.



Lando and Lauren in matching Deviruchi hats.



We saw a few Arki batchmates in line as well!



In the end, we just ended up watching Due Date with Faye and Jaja instead. We had an impromptu sleepover at our condo as well. Not quite the day I expected, but I guess we made the best of it.




I already posted this last night, but  I think it deserves a non-ranty description.

Lando and I decided to go buy dinner at the kanto of our street where there are loads of stalls selling all kinds of street food. I had been craving for some Scramble ever since I saw it the other day, and I finally got to eat some! Yum yum!

We also ate siomai and Yakisoba, Lando’s current addiction.

Not very healthy I know, but we just needed to shake things up a bit.



I have a very loose schedule this semester, with only 9 units, so it’s no surprise that I’ll get a lot of free time, which I know I’ll need for thesis. But today, both my classes were cancelled. I had to go to our scheduled yearbook meeting though, and went jogging with Lando.



We ate at Cibola where we used the power of the almighty PowerCard to get ourselves free iced tea.



Aah, it’s so nice to have a kit lens to use for camwhoring again. (Thanks Daddy!)



I don’t know if it’s because I crammed everything into this short, breezy entry, but somehow the past days don’t seem as exciting as I thought they were.

This should teach me a lesson: BLOG EARLIER!





Tomorrow, I shall try my best to post some of the outfits I wore for the past week or so, including this micro mini impromptu photo shoot I had with Lando this afternoon! :) 

EDIT: I might put them in three separate posts! :)


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