Hot Patootie

Before the latest Glee episode was even shown, I had already heard of Rocky Horror more than a few times. I think the very first time was when I read about it in Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries II: Princess in the Spotlight.

It was only last Wednesday, however, that I found out that it was, in fact, a MUSICAL. Being an avid lover of any movie with song and dance numbers (save for a few Filipino slapstick movies), me and my sister immediately downloaded the movie version of it yesterday to watch.

The movie was weird, to say the least. It was a lot more twisted and freaky than how the Glee kids sang the songs. And if people think that Emma’s song was racy enough, wait until you see the movie. I would post a sample photo here but I have a strict PG rating on my blog. (Just look for one in Google Images if you’re interested.)

Nevertheless, the movie was pretty cool despite the fact that it was made way back in the 1970’s. Watch it to see a very thin Susan Sarandon and another weirdly dressed Tim Curry.

One thing I didn’t like was Eddie. I know Meatloaf is a celebrated singer and everything, but you have to admit, John Stamos just made the number so charming. I still feel giddy whenever I remember his song on last Wednesday’s episode (Tuesday in the US I think?) And I think this article agrees with me.




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