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Thesis was practically suffocating me the entire day yesterday, so I decided to get a bit of fresh air and attend Siklab, a benefit concert at Katips Bar held by my org, ASAPhil-UP for SOS Children’s Village.


154780_10150302046120411_504775410_15749068_7933812_n 154832_465192771379_574386379_5338947_6963837_n

Awesome possum posters by Josef Ponce



Notice how my very sabaw mind got me to wear this amazing clash of prints. Exhaustion makes you do weird but great things.


And just to clarify, that doodle of myself that makes me look like I’m in the middle of a bad herkey is in no way associated with my reaction to my current thesis progess. Truth be told, it is quite the opposite. :((((



I need new rings, really. These have made more appearances in my blog than I would like them to. Not that I don’t love them to death, because I do, I just… WANT NEW ONES! Please Secret Santa, I hope you give me new rings. Though anything else I put on my wish list would also be welcome.


154800_471926645741_669785741_5394814_8350145_n 154120_471943825741_669785741_5395301_4856082_n 155169_471932815741_669785741_5395035_669027_n

I’ve come to realize how much I miss watching gigs. I used to watch quite a lot the last two years, but somehow I seem to have stopped along the way. It was awesome to hear fresh music from local bands. (From top: Archi Gurlz (wuhoo!), Oneiros, and SheepSarahSleep)



What really made my night was getting to watch Leonecast. I’ve been hearing about them for quite some time over the interwebs, and it made me even more curious about their music upon seeing them on the list of nominees for NU 107’s College Band of the Year. Hearing them live is amazing, and definitely a whole lot better than listening to alive on their Facebook page. I am officially a fan and will buy their EP or album in a heartbeat when it comes out. They said they have been signed to Rico Blanco’s new label, which has me oodles excited.



Overall, it was great to just have a few hours to chill. And drink back a few zombies. XD



But now, back to thesis work! /wrist


Thanks to Peter Paredes for the venue photos!


Going Pro Once More

I am deep in the throes of thesis work but I couldn’t resist this super quick update.





It’s Showtime




I know I said that  the blog is going to be a little quiet for the next three weeks, but I couldn’t resist. Yesterday marks my nearest brush with TV fame yet.

I got tagged along by A2 and Friends to watch Showtime, a popular talent show on ABS-CBN, and become “madlang people” for a day. This might sound totally jologs for some people, but I actually like the show! Vice Ganda is just too funny.

To make it there on time, we had to meet up the ungodly hour of 7am. Blech.

Showtime airs at 10am, but we also got to go on a studio tour of the station. Our tour guide was this nice, but kinda sleazy dude named Chase.



Here we are, waiting for the tour to start.



Taping of Umagang Kay Ganda with Rica Peralejo and Donita Rose






On the set of Pilipinas Win a Win



On the ASAP stage oyeah!




Then it was time to line up for the show, it was lucky that we scored relatively good seats!




Before the show started, the floor directors taught us these dance steps that the audience need to do when the show starts, and may I tell you, they are no easy squeezy stuff to pull off! They were beyond the usual hand gestures and cheering, which made me realize that being a Showtime audience member was more difficult than I thought. You had to act all upbeat and cheery all the time!

Finally, the show starts.




It was a bit of a disappointment that neither Vice Ganda nor Anne Curtis were there, as they were my favorites. But Nikki Gil was pretty awesome all on her own, except for the fact that her legs were so tiny she looked like a red, floral flamingo.


149684_1574442614406_1635791028_1319051_7361828_nThe hurado s for that day were the long staying Ryan Bang and Karylle, while new judges were Agot Isidro and Danilo Barrios. Guest hurados were Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee.

I am going on the record to say that Danilo Barrios is one of the most boring judges ever. He needs to be burado. NAO.


Every show, there are three contestants.





Before asking the judges their comments and scores, everyone in the audience waves around the scores they give to the contestants, while the hosts scurry around to look for those to give their SAMPLE, in the chances of winning money.



But arguably the biggest excitement I had for the day happened somewhere in the middle of the show. Who knew that Lando and I would go from this:






Every episode, the hosts pick out people from the audience to become “madlang hosts for the day” and introduce one of the contestants. And lo and behold, we got picked! Up to now, I haven’t really figured out how that happened exactly, but all I can remember is Kuya Kim asking the two of us to stand up, and telling us that we look like anime characters HAHAHA.

We did get to be confused as a getting married couple at one point and time, but hey, that’s showbiz right?


Aside from the main contestants, there is also a mini-contest for the Sampleista of the Day.



This fat guy won, by the way.




Anna A also got her dose of tv fame when she got picked to comment on Sampleista No. 3 (not pictured.)



In the end, it was Contestant Number 2, the Amazing Gymnasts, who won the day’s vote.


It was a fun day, and will definitely be on my list of memorable moments. Thanks to everyone who made the day great! :)



And now, I leave you with a few more screencaps from the show, as well as the Youtube video for our hosting stint. XD




Also, special thanks to Jam, Kit, Anna and Debbie for the photos! :)

Tiptoeing Through Thesis and Tulips


I am working at slower than a snail’s pace here. There are only three weeks left until the next submission, and I still haven’t quite achieved addressing the main problem of my thesis, let alone developed the final plans and aesthetics of my buildings. Worst of all, I haven’t even begun trying to figure out the structural part.

This leads me to believe that the next few weeks will probably be spent slaving away on the computer, and not to post blog posts here and pretty photos on tumblr, but actual WORK.  whether I’ll be able to blog about anything remains to be seen.

Lord, please tell me I’ll be able to get through this.


On  a completely unrelated note, graduation photos are just around the corner, and i finally have most of the stuff i need for my creative photo. I’m not to keen on revealing the entire outfit here, but the photo above should be enough to make you guys think.

Can you believe I got those shoes at SM kids for only 250php?

Spot the Dots




Okay, first of all, totally lame-o album title.



Check it out! I bought this polka dotted sheer tunic online about a month ago  from Your Secret Closet for the low, low price of 90 pesos. But gasp, when the package arrived, it was a wee bit larger than I had anticipated. The sleeves were long and went way past my wrists.



The cuffs of the blouse are actually garterized, so I figured I’d just push them up my elbows like some construction worker and wear it as a cover up instead. And voila!

Lando and I had our biweekly jogging date today, so we were all set to change into our running clothes. But not before we took a few photos! It amazes me how much patience he has to constantly follow me around and take photos of outfits or other mundane everyday stuff no one else would really be interested in.


IMGP0006 IMGP0008

Afternoon lighting is always pretty, but it was a bit too much for my sensitive eyes. I have countless other shots of me squinting to get even a decent look at the camera, but to no avail.


Aside from our usual jogging date, Lando and I had planned to go to KFC to try their new Double Down! If you don’t know what that is, just imagine a bacon burger with chicken fillet as bread buns. Yup, you read that right. And yes, I can spell “high cholesterol level”.

But when we got back from jogging, someone tipped us that Double Down was sold out everywhere! We were devastated, and we decided to eat at Crave Burger instead.

IMGP0014 IMGP0019 IMGP0021


I know I probably look pretty unhappy with the burger I’m eating, but it’s actually quite good. And their onion rings are TO DIE FOR. SERIOUSLY.



Tragic news reached me when I got home though. KFC WAS NOT OUT OF STOCK! Either that kid at Arki was lying, or KFC WAS! We could have easily went to KFC Katip to line up for some. :((((((

With that, Lando and I plan to get to eat Double Downs if it’s the last thing we do tomorrow. Wait for tomorrow’s entry to see if we’re successful!

City of Angels

The title is an attempt to make my one day trip to Angeles with Lando last Sunday sound dreamier than it actually was. Not that it wasn’t. And yes, that is a disgustingly huge, pink, flowery bow on my head.

 IMGP0036 IMGP0034


I’ve forgotten by now how Lando convinced me to spend the money I saved for the week to go with him. But I’m guessing it’s because of the yummy food he said we were going to get to eat.



We arrived late morning for some brotherly hospital visiting and some ravenous Yellow Cab pizza eating. Afterwards, we walked around to do some sightseeing.


IMGP0003 IMGP0004

It still amazes me how lavish Catholic churches can be. I wonder how much of the Church’s budget goes to prettifying. And lo and behold, what’s that I see?!



Yes, that is an LCD screen you see on the church column. I die of incredulity now.



Hey look at what’s next to the church! It’s Lando’s school!



He was practically giddy in reliving high school memories. (Note the sarcasm.)



Back in third year, we had a group plate to design a call center, and our site was situated somewhere in Pampanga. Two years later, here I am, a street away from the site.



I just had to take a photo of this cute restaurant. The name says it all: dainty.



Lando took me to this food place called Susie’s, which he said was known for their yummy palabok, cassava, and other delicacies. It seems to be a pretty popular place, because the place was packed the entire time we were there.



Lando bought this dish called bringhe, which to me was like palabok but used sticky rice instead of noodles. Up to now, I’m still debating on whether I liked it or not; I’m not used to eating something with sticky rice that isn’t sweet.



We dropped by Lando’s house afterwards. Customary to every home visit, we looked at his baby photos! But the coolest thing wasn’t seeing Lando with silver teeth (yep, he had caps made in nursery to keep his teeth from rotting), but it was seeing his photo album itself! We have the same one, only I have the girl version. I shall repost it again soon once I get a photo of it. Can you say meant to be? :”>



Before we knew it, it was time for dinner, and Lando decided to take me to this restaurant called Tollhouse.



I took Lando’s recommendation and ordered their lasagna. I have to say, this must be the creamiest, tastiest I have had EVER. NOMNOMNOM.



Lando had this dish called Tropical Chicken, which was basically Chicken Pastel. It was quite yummy too.



Fruity drinks yaaay



We also bought two bars of this amazing thing called Marshmallow Nut Fudge.



The entire dinner would have been perfect if not for one thing: the restaurant closed at 8 and we arrived a little past 7. The waiters were pretty rude and kept reminding us to rush because they were closing at 8. Why did they let us enter the restaurant in the first place if they couldn’t accomodate our eating time?  They were practically closing the lights on us. Turds.



On the bright side, we did get to take this cool double exposure photo of Lando. It’s so amazingly hipster-y, I can’t even.


After that, we went back to the hospital, then back to Lando’s to copy a few movies, before going en route back to Manila.

Overall, it was a really nice way to spend a Sunday. A big thank you to Lando! :)



P.S. Yes, he IS aware that he looks like a total psycho in the first photo.

The B-Sides

IMGP0006 (2) IMGP0005 (2)

Last Friday, I wore my beloved batwing hoodie along with one of the jeans I got from my mom. I was trying to go for the relaxed, slouchy, comfortable look, but I ended up looking like a weirdo. To save the outfit, I attempted to tie one of my hair scarves around my head to look like this, but I sort of failed in the knot-tying department.


IMGP0010 (2) lando

Lando and I decided to have our haircuts that day, so here we are taking our gratitious, before-haircut shots. Notice how dramatic Lando’s photo is, while my face looks utterly constipated. Anyway, we went to Technohub’s Bench Fix.


IMGP0016 (2) IMGP0017 (2)

And here we are, post-haircut photos!

As you can see, mine… didn’t really change much, since I’m trying to grow my hair out. But I have been cutting my bangs since forever, and  I thought it was about time I got them professionally trimmed.  Lando’s hair looks amazing though. And I think he knows it, because he kept saying how gwapo he looked. I couldn’t dream of disagreeing, not after he fixed my head band to make the pseudo ears stick up!

We were tired of lugging around our huge schoolbags all day so I decided that we could drop them off at the condo, because we were headed to what I personally think is a must-go-to food destination of Metro Manila.


IMGP0002 IMGP0004

We met up with Diana and Lloyd at Ortigas to go to the famous food extravaganza, Banchetto. For those who don’t know, it is a weekly event that occurs from 12 midnight onwards every Friday, with an amazing array of food stalls and vendors. (See their site for more details.) There is jus so much yummy food that I get dizzy each and every time I get to go there. I just have a hard time deciding what to buy!

Last Friday was a particularly crowded night, with the density of people rivaling the crowds on the MRT during rush hours. I guess it’s becoming pretty popular.



Huge servings of delectable food



I just had to LOL at this particular stall’s name.



Being the matakaw pigs that we are, here’s a photo of food haul. We had a hard time finding a place to sit because of the large amount of people around the stalls area, so we ended up walking to a nearby Seven Eleven to eat our food there.



Lando and me eating a Juicy Lucy burger



See how huge that burger Lloyd is holding! Diana is eating some Takoyaki balls.


Much to my chagrin, most of my food photos were just so blurred, because I couldn’t use my flash. It has been bothering me for a while, because no matter how much adjustments I make, all my shots come out as nothing but dazzling white. What is up with that? :((((

Nevertheless, I did manage to take a photo of one of the yummiest desserts I have ever had, a slice of a cake called Chocolate Surprise.



In the end, we were all too stuffed to finish all of our food, so we took the leftovers home instead.



I’m scared to find out how many pounds I gained from that night, but oh well.

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