Keeping myself busy by crossing off things on my shopping list

You know you’ve chosen a good pair of shoes when even your dad seems to like them.


For the longest time (I can’t even recall how long), I’ve been looking for oxfords that cost less than a thousand pesos, and I was adamant not to buy the ones from Topshop or Aldo. Not only do I have trouble saving that much money, but I doubt that my parents would sponsor my luho, as I have enough shoes to go around as it is.

About a week ago, I saw this pair in Ali Mall Shoe Center, and it was just my price range! I’m not familiar with the Carmelettes brand, but I’m guessing it’s Marikina made. The shoes are made of suede.

I guess my dad was in a pretty good mood, because when I asked him last Saturday if he would possibly be willing to buy me new shoes (fully believing that he would turn me down), HE AGREED! So off we went and bought it! I was having trouble choosing between these and a gray pair, but I finally decided on this one! I’m so happy, thank you!

The only trouble is, the rainy season is in full blast with Typhoon Juan in the Philippine vicinity, so I can’t exactly wear them out just yet, not unless I want them wet and mud-splattered. Ugh, patience has never been my strong suit.


I apologize for the depressing nature of the past couple of posts, but the family of someone I love dearly is going through a very rough time right now, and I have been feeling down and very affected by it. I’m a bit scared that friend might resent me for sharing stuff here, which is why I have purposely neglected to disclose identities.

Today, after passing our last requirement for this semester, I couldn’t help feeling happy and proud of myself. I decided to treat myself to a trip to the mall. It was nice to walk around and take in all the ideas that I got from visiting the different stores.


After several battles with conjunctivitis (?), my dad got finally me a new pair of contact lenses a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting big, fake glasses for so long, and now I will finally get to wear some! Hooray for small wonders. :)


It’s weird going around alone. Hindi ako sanay. And I have five more days of this. GAHHHH. I need stuff to do. Where’s schoolwork when you need it?


4 Responses to “Keeping myself busy by crossing off things on my shopping list”

  1. 1 lisamendy October 19, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    PRETTY SHOES! :) I love finding nice clothes for really good prices! Even more than buying expensive ones

  2. 3 Camille October 19, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Cute shoes! I can’t wait to see you wear them to school next sem!

    The only thing on my shopping list right now is the trench coat I saw at an ukay2x last October 1st and I haven’t gone back to own it yet :( It is killing me.

    • 4 alliekabok October 23, 2010 at 6:45 pm

      CAMILLE! >:D<

      Sana mabalikan mo and it's still there! Actually may stuff rin sa ukay-ukay near our boarding house that I want to buy, pero I doubt na mababalikan ko pa. ME HAS NO MONEEEYY.

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