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Creature of the Night


I wish I could be out trick or treating, but instead I just stayed inside the house all day and finished Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl in one sitting.




Penny For My Thoughts





Yesterday was Thesis Day 2 for me and Note Making Day 2 for Faye. We opted to go to Kopi Roti this time, and I have to say, the atmosphere was way better than in Beanbag Coffee, since there were no loud, noisy people playing cards or unsightly canoodling couples to roll your eyes at.



I also love Tablea Hot Chocolate, so I think Kopi Roti’s is becoming a fast favorite of mine. I’ve only tried Tablea at one other place, Xocolat.


They also have really cool Halloween décor!



I printed out the plans that I made for our schematic submission and tried my best to work out the kinks. I really need to start Sketchup-ing them again, but I’m still deciding whether I do that here in Naga or just continue refining my designs in freehand then just do everything once I get back to Manila. Í’m not really comfortable using Sketchup 8 yet, which is the version installed on our PC here at home.



I’m also having a bit of trouble trying to integrate the whole aesthetic of my design with the existing Bahay ng Alumni. Its design is just so imposing and church-ish, that any element I’ve tried to extract from it so far and tried to incorporate in my design makes the entire thing look like a seminary.



On the brighter side of things, our friend Stephanie was there! We rarely get to hang out ever since college started, so it was nice to spend time with her. She also helped me in cooking up ideas for the whole aesthetic dilemma.



We also really love our gold shoes. :3


After a hard afternoon’s work, we went out with some of our other friends from high school. Good fun, and many new secrets revealed. I was all but hyperventilating from the multitude of stuff I found out.



Only four more days left to enjoy Naga! I must make the most of it. :)

An Apple A Day

…keeps the doctor away. But today, I’ve found out that some things can’t.






I had my trip to the gynecologist and dentist today. While I will spare you the gory details (and trust me, they are very, very gory), I will share with you some invaluable lessons that I picked up today.

1. An ob-gyne clinic is a very awkward place to be.

Especially if you’re a 21-year old who looks like a 12-year old. Plus points if you’re wearing a polka-dotted playsuit and boots, an outfit that is practically a clown costume here.


2. People will automatically assume that you’re there because you are pregnant.

When the assistant took my blood pressure, she asked me, “Buntis?”, to which I shockingly replied, “NO!”. JUDGER. BOO.


3. Close-Up Toothpaste is the devil.

Well no, not really, but it is responsible for the allergies on my face that I haven’t been able to get rid of since forever. I will be a loyal Hapee user from now on. Not only is it better, I’ll be supporting Philippine products too!




4. Doctors and dentists think that boyfriends (or in my case, a pseudoboyfriend/non-boyfriend) are bad for your health.

Can you believe that on both counts, the first thing both my gynecologist and my dentist asked me was, “DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND ALREADY?”

When I answer yes (I’ve gotten used to saying this to avoid complicated discussions about my relationship status), it’s like a lightbulb suddenly goes *ting!* in their heads. Suddenly, the boyfriend becomes one of the probable causes for my being in their clinic. The thought was a bit mortifying.

I don’t want to risk an overshare, so I shall leave things at that. But all I can say is I need to take better care of myself. Lando or no Lando in my life.



But thank goodness, aside from a few medications and stuff I need to take care off, I am fine. :)



A few  friendly reminder kids.

I strongly suggest girls (especially those my age) to visit their gynecologist. It is actually extremely enlightening.

And also, take time to brush your teeth well and floss regularly. Or else, you’ll regret it when your teeth are all falling off.


I wonder how many readers I’ll lose with this entry? XD

Stubby Dubbies


Hello, everyone! Meet my friend Faye.



Both of us have realized that we have a lot of work to do over the sembreak, so we decided to have a study session at Beanbag Coffee.



I absolutely detest coffee, but at least all coffee shops have hot chocolate! My saving grace.



I finally got to wear these again! People kept asking me to fan them. HAHAHA.



People were looking at me a bit weirdly the entire afternoon. Must have been the flower in my hair (which I got for 50php at SM Kids Accessories and have been wearing nonstop ever since!)



My oxfords also make their official debut. I borrowed my sister’s Alice in Wonderland bag because I neglected to bring any bag from Manila aside from my huge trolley bag.



I got to buy this pad from National Bookstore for only 39php! It is pretty nice, since the cover is sort of glittery and it has NO LINES. I absolutely avoid getting the larger notebooks with lines, all because they’re not much fun to doodle draw schematic plans on.



Of course, no day is complete without the necessary camwhoring together.

lb1 copy

And thus, I end this post with a doodle of me trying to use a dust bunny as a bowling ball. :3 (UGH SUCKY DRAWING, PANGIT NUNG PEN)

Thrifty Thieves

There may be a lot of things Naga City doesn’t have, but a bargain is definitely not one of them.

My mom, Zoe and I went shopping today. We had two destinations: (1) LCC, one of the malls here, and (2) thrift shops (read: ukay-ukay!)

Today must be our lucky day, because we got such amazing steals!




The left photo shows Zoe’s buys, and the ones on the right are mine. We both got these frilly polka-dotted skirts at an absurdly low price.



I’ve always seen Kelly of wear blouses like these, and I wanted to give the look a whirl also! It goes perfectly with this Forever 21 necklace, which sadly is my mom’s and not mine, . I have half a mind to wear the thing already tomorrow just so I can match the two on myself.



I also grabbed a pair of these harem pants, just because they wear really cheap (in the price sense). Though I never really try to follow trends, I figured it was a steal so what the hell. I canwear it with the blouse also!




Zoe found a long checkered skirt which fit her quite nicely, as well as a pink sweater and this really pretty navy blue number.



I think Zoe’s best buy for the day was this pair of candy red wedges. She has been mentioning on her blog (VISIT VISIT!) about wanting some, and I think this should satisfy her shoe lust. For the meantime.



Lacking anything in the formal department, my mom bought me these two dresses. While both are in black, which rarely does anything to my taste for the colorful and fun, they both have very pretty lace detailing which made up this (though the photos do not show this).



I also got to buy this very cool, retro sweater with a pattern that was to die for! If I were still active on Twitter, I would totally use this as my background. But I’m not. Hahaha.



One of the other shops had a 3-for-100 sale on belts, and I picked up a couple of floral ones. The third one was a brown leather belt for Zoe, but I wasn’t able to take a photo of it.


And now for the two most insane steals of all…


They look familiar I know. If I’m not mistaken, Reese has a same gold sequined pair. But I have been looking forever for a gold pair to replace the ratty ones I had to throw out two years ago, so I couldn’t resist. Reese, if ever you come across this post, please don’t get the urge to sing Copycats to me. :|



This. This. This is THE mother of all bargains. Does anyone have any idea how long I have wanted Doc Martens? I practically looked like an idiot squealing outside the store with these shoes in my grubby little hands.

AND THE BEST PART OF ALL: both pairs cost only 100php!


Lookbook 2010-10-25

I just had to wear the shoes again.



This is the nearest thing I have been to legal thievery. I love it.

Hooray for a successful shopping day!

Feeling Productive

totoro allie colored


Oo alam kong kita yung pencil lines. I was trying to go for the semi-grunge look but I failed. :(


EDIT: I’ve found out that HTML and CSS editing pre-set layout templates here in WordPress are quite limited, and since I’m too lazy to make an entirely new one out of scratch, this is the most layout revision it is going to get.

Almost makes me want to transfer to Blogger. Buti nalang I’m even more tamad to do that. XD

You know you’re a typography/font freak when…

  • Your first reaction to your professor’s thesis draft proposal format is, “Bakit Times New Roman? Ang panget.”


  • You have had at least one discussion with a friend how Optima looks good with practically everything, and how Arial… just doesn’t.


  • Your idea for a quick fix in powerpoint presentations is changing the font.



  • One of the first things you do after reformatting your PC is download fonts.


  • You try looking for fonts that would match your every report (i.e. looking for fonts that look like pipes when you’re reporting about plumbing)


  • One of the first things you notice about Boy Abunda’s show The Bottomline is that the logo sort of looks like Choco Mucho.


  • You still can’t help but find it funny that your professor uses Comic Sans for his powerpoint presentations.


  • One of your favorite things about Juno is that they use a really cool font. (still not sure which one it is, but this one is pretty close)


  • When bored, you doodle your name again and again, using different handwriting, different fonts, different configurations.


Okay, so maybe that last bullet’s more of love of self than love of typography, HAHAHA.

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