When online social networking rears its ugly head

I was in the middle of writing a supposedly happy blog entry about the fun events that transpired during my weekend, but I think that will have to wait. I’m finding trouble blogging about such happy times when I feel anything but.

I am no stranger to squabbles that have arisen through Friendster (yes, like it or not almost everyone of us had one once upon a time) and Facebook. I remember a time when a friend got mad at me because of something I posted, saying that it was hurtful and I was bringing up an issue that shouldn’t be discussed online. Of course, at the time, I steadfastly stood my ground, insisting that I was right and they were wrong. I was practicing my freedom of speech, what was wrong with that? But looking back, I wasn’t as cool and witty as I thought I was.

Social networking sites are supposed to be about connections and friendships – making new ones and rekindling severed or lost ones. I’m happy to say that I have successfully retained most of my friendships with people I don’t get to see very often because I at least get to see them on Facebook.

But like in most cases, mankind has a way of abusing most things that have initially been created for good purposes.

Now, I know what it feels like to open your page and what welcomes you is a barrage of parinig and innuendos. Sometimes, you’ll stop for a second and think if it’s about you, sometimes you’ll think about who it might be for. Sometimes, you just ignore it and move on with your browsing.

But sometimes, enough is enough.

Social networking sites were not created for backstabbing and malicious gossiping, nor was it created to secretly gang up on people you don’t like. This is the only time I  can possibly say that I sort of miss the times when people were just whispering behind another’s back. At least they have the decency not to share what they’re saying to the rest of the world. What happened to open forums, face-to-face confrontations, or even fistfights? Are we just going to keep typing and typing, waiting to see which side will crack first?

I’m not taking sides. I don’t care who’s right or wrong, because it doesn’t matter. I’m just sick of it. All this just made me realize how I myself have taken part in this malicious deed. No matter how right I may have actually been, I still ended up being wrong. The end does not justify the means, no cases excluded. Kahit pa gano sila kamali, at gaano kayo katama, it does not make you any more noble than you are dahil sobrang negative vibes lang ang dinadala niyo sa internet world.

Like I said somewhere (I forgot already), the internet is one of the few places I go to for relaxation, pero ngayon pati dito nalang nasstress pa ako. Lahat na nag-aaway, artista man o hindi. JUSKO LANG TALAGA HA.

After hearing all this hoo-ha regarding DepEd’s idea to get rid of homework during weekends, I have an idea for a subject that should be taught to everyone (adults included): PROPER NETIQUETTE 101.

Siguro maraming estudyante ang madedelay dahil dito.


2 Responses to “When online social networking rears its ugly head”

  1. 1 sashalimuy September 22, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Hello! Hahaha. I get what you mean! But what irks me more than negativity all over SNSs are… People who broadcast that they have a secret and when you ask them, they tell you “secret.” If you dont want to tell anyone, why bother posting? Papansin. Hahaha.

    Let me clarify that I’m not fighting anyone in my post hahahaha!

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