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Yummy Bodies

This entry is not as mahalay as it sounds.

This is just the really awesome name, of a group made up of five really awesome people, who do really, really awesome things when they’re together.

62386_436150096217_595636217_5754367_3206082_n 62090_436151286217_595636217_5754417_8028011_n May konting inuman…



62409_436151581217_595636217_5754433_4004752_n                             Maraming  wildness at kalokohan…


61359_436151816217_595636217_5754437_4629285_n61359_436151821217_595636217_5754438_1397904_n                                          Slight na landian…


62409_436151586217_595636217_5754434_7417626_n62090_436151261217_595636217_5754412_776498_n                                    At may special guests pa!





Last night was sheer epicness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENA!

Until the next basagan birthday! (OMG Diana/Lando double celebration!)


Photos by Lloyd Fontilla


Lando’s True Love



P.S. To see Lando’s kataksilan in full, please click on the photo to view the GIF in its entirety.

Really big chicken nugget in the house!

Meet the newest member of the family.


Guess how big he is.


1. He can fit Lando’s hard toy gift in his mouth.


2. He can wear my Domo pendant as his own necklace.


Yup. We saw the mother of all Domos a while ago in Trinoma. And because Lando is the sweetest (albeit a bit impulsive) boy in the whole entire universe, he bought it for me!

Well, no he didn’t exactly buy it for me, because I sort of insisted I would pay him back in installments, with my deadline being Christmas season. If I fail to pay him back when it rolls around, it automatically becomes his advanced Christmas present for me, therefore absolving him of all obligations to go holiday shopping for me.

I am going to try my hardest to pay him back ASAP because… I really want a Christmas present. But I was sincerely about to cry when he handed over to me the absurdly large canvas bag with Domo inside.

IMGP0016 Every other Domo of mine just pales in comparison, literally, because it’s a bit browner than them, except for that Domo I nicked at Asaphil’s tambayan. He just looks like a really overcooked chicken nugget.

This Domo is a bit arrogant though.


He still has his tag on and he’s already fighting me for use of the computer.


I’m excited to sleep tonight! I have something other than my pillow to hug! :3

P.S. Leonard Jeriano Cusi, if I were to choose someone to hug between you and giant Domo-kun, you will still win hands down. I <3 you! :D

Two Guys, A Girl, and One Thesis-free Weekend




willy wonka

Thank you guys! I love you both! (in very different ways HEHEHE)

When online social networking rears its ugly head

I was in the middle of writing a supposedly happy blog entry about the fun events that transpired during my weekend, but I think that will have to wait. I’m finding trouble blogging about such happy times when I feel anything but.

I am no stranger to squabbles that have arisen through Friendster (yes, like it or not almost everyone of us had one once upon a time) and Facebook. I remember a time when a friend got mad at me because of something I posted, saying that it was hurtful and I was bringing up an issue that shouldn’t be discussed online. Of course, at the time, I steadfastly stood my ground, insisting that I was right and they were wrong. I was practicing my freedom of speech, what was wrong with that? But looking back, I wasn’t as cool and witty as I thought I was.

Social networking sites are supposed to be about connections and friendships – making new ones and rekindling severed or lost ones. I’m happy to say that I have successfully retained most of my friendships with people I don’t get to see very often because I at least get to see them on Facebook.

But like in most cases, mankind has a way of abusing most things that have initially been created for good purposes.

Now, I know what it feels like to open your page and what welcomes you is a barrage of parinig and innuendos. Sometimes, you’ll stop for a second and think if it’s about you, sometimes you’ll think about who it might be for. Sometimes, you just ignore it and move on with your browsing.

But sometimes, enough is enough.

Social networking sites were not created for backstabbing and malicious gossiping, nor was it created to secretly gang up on people you don’t like. This is the only time I  can possibly say that I sort of miss the times when people were just whispering behind another’s back. At least they have the decency not to share what they’re saying to the rest of the world. What happened to open forums, face-to-face confrontations, or even fistfights? Are we just going to keep typing and typing, waiting to see which side will crack first?

I’m not taking sides. I don’t care who’s right or wrong, because it doesn’t matter. I’m just sick of it. All this just made me realize how I myself have taken part in this malicious deed. No matter how right I may have actually been, I still ended up being wrong. The end does not justify the means, no cases excluded. Kahit pa gano sila kamali, at gaano kayo katama, it does not make you any more noble than you are dahil sobrang negative vibes lang ang dinadala niyo sa internet world.

Like I said somewhere (I forgot already), the internet is one of the few places I go to for relaxation, pero ngayon pati dito nalang nasstress pa ako. Lahat na nag-aaway, artista man o hindi. JUSKO LANG TALAGA HA.

After hearing all this hoo-ha regarding DepEd’s idea to get rid of homework during weekends, I have an idea for a subject that should be taught to everyone (adults included): PROPER NETIQUETTE 101.

Siguro maraming estudyante ang madedelay dahil dito.

How I Manage to Look Human

Note: The title of this post holds the assumption that most of the people I come in contact with do somehow think I look human.

I don’t know about other people but I have a love-hate relationship with my daily rituals of “beauty” and hygiene. On one hand, I do like getting ready in the morning and doing all these little steps before I leave for the day’s activities.  However, there are a couple of things  things that make these little joys of mine a bit more difficult to pursue.

Time. I hate getting up early. Even if I plan to wake up two hours before a class so that I have enough time to get ready, I end up waking an hour later. Thi results in me scrambling all over the place and not being able to do what I originally planned.

Allergies. In my 21 years of existence, I have had so many allergic reactions to so many things, hygiene products and cosmetics included. In addition, I have skin asthma which practically makes me itch on a daily basis.

Needless to say, these make it really hard for me to trust products in the market. There have been countless incidents of breakouts, dryness and occasional bleeding, all in the hopes that I may somehow find stuff that work for me. I also need stuff that I could use quickly and without much trouble.

Thankfully, I’m sort of getting there. Here are some of the things that I have stuck by with for quite a while and have so far never failed me.

Product: Dove Beauty Bar

Using Since: Elementary days


My skin basically dries up if I use anything else for a period of time, so even though I’ve occasionally bought a bar of Block and White or two  (for whitening purposes after summer), I always go back to buying Dove, because it knows what real beauty is. (CHOS)

Product: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Using Since: 1st Year High School

cetaphil I am thankful enough to have non-oily skin (bordering on dry sometimes) which never had any major breakouts throughout my years of puberty. This was prescribed to me by our dermatologist when my face got intensely dry and peeling when I tried using Neutrogena. I’ve been a loyal user ever since.

Product: Nivea Deodorant in Energy Fresh

Using Since: 2nd Year College


I’ve always hated the powdery scent of most women’s deodorants, and never liked the feeling of sticks and roll-ons, which was why it was a dream come true when Nivea released their spray line for women. Granted,  people sometimes mistake it for a men’s deodorant due to its manly color scheme, but I love its smell and how it lasts until the end of the day. (BTW, it has newer, girlier packaging! I just couldn’t find a photo of it.)

Product: Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 in Ivory 2

Using Since: 4th Year High School


Putting powder on my face has never really boded well for my skin and has caused quite a few breakouts over the years. My mom bought one of these when I was in high school, and because of my-semi dry skin, I tried it out. Countless tubes later, I’m still happy with it. It provides just enough moisture for my face while still giving the finish a powder does due to its tint.

Product: Mary Kay Signature Concealer in Beige

Using Since: 4th Year High School

mk For the occasional pimple or blemish that I need to hide, this does the trick quite well. It is of especially great use during days of plate submissions when I want to hide the bags under my eyes!

Product: Fanny Serrano Moisturiffic Lipstick in Pink Chic

Using Since: 5th Year College


I have pale lips that looks dull both in photos and in real life. I can’t really afford to buy everyday makeup from MaxFactor or Maybelline yet, who offer most of the “hey-i-look-like-i–have-really-great-natural-lips-but-i’m-really-wearing-lipstick” lipstick, but this actually works pretty well and stays within budget.

And there you have it! I still have a long way to go. I haven’t quite figured out what shampoos are good for me yet, or what heavier makeup I can use when the need arises. But for now, these do the job well enough for me to be able to stand going out everyday.

How about you? What do you guys use ? Leave me a message at the comments section! :D

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Everyone is going to hate me for this post

Ever since I can remember, people have always lumped me in the categories SLIM, THIN and even ANOREXIC-LOOKING. I would have the hardest time buying clothes for me, because most of the stuff in the ladies’ or teens’ wear would be too big. The clothes I did have, could survive for years, mainly because my size rarely changed.

But it seems that all those years are finally catching up to me.






IMGP0114 IMGP6965


31092_1120212980867_1693321990_236627_7960428_n Lantern-Parade-2009-D-32


29204_391610681217_595636217_4582014_5453667_n 39155_417430526217_595636217_5277186_2209576_n35943_416355391217_595636217_5245418_5964020_n 29704_1434578898688_1059400517_1298468_7205948_n41070_1169135523900_1693321990_334340_2241290_n


It’s funny really. It was always a happy day back then whenever i got on the weighing scale and saw that I had gained  a pound or two, and I would still wish to gain more. But now, I dread looking at where the spindle lands on.

Call me OA. Call me shallow. Call me a subscriber of today’s twisted perception of beauty. Most people call me thin even to this day. But who was ever happy whenever they found out that some of their clothes don’t fit them anymore? That you couldn’t wear your favorite shirt anymore because it was getting a little too tight around their arms? That you couldn’t wear those shorts you always looked so great in because you can’t close the button anymore?

I could always try blaming architecture for being such a sedentary course. Or maybe thesis work. Because what else am I going to do to not completely lose my energy while slaving away during those sleepless nights?

Thesis food stash. Unhealthy I know but our stove was broken and I couldn’t cook anything.

I could also blame Lando for always inviting me out to dine in such yummy places and letting me eat as much as I want.

IMG_0030 shakeys
One of the many things we ate during our Naga trip

But weirdly enough, I can’t blame any of them. Why? Because even if I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been, I think I’m also the happiest I’ve ever been. Why? Because of the exact same things that I’m trying to blame my weight gain on. My friend, Sasha said it best in her Facebook status. “A tell-tale sign of happiness: when you’re gaining pounds – and lots of it.”

Do I want to get thin? Not really. After posting all those photos of me during my years in college, I think I like the way I look now better.  Though I definitely won’t be going on  weight loss diet anytime soon, I think I do need to start eating healthier, and doing regular exercise. I don’t want to aim to get thin again; I just want to be healthy. And stay happy. <3

And hopefully buy pretty, new clothes that will fit me. Haha!


At the very least, at least my fingers don’t grow fat. Not yet anyway, which is why I decided to start a new project!

I have so much junk lying around at home (and I’m sure everyone else does too) so I thought, “Why not use them?” I got inspired by Reese’s rings, which is why I decided to make some of my own! I got some plain rings from my lola, and here are some of the finished works so far.

waw ring

I have a ton of more odds and ends collected, and I’m looking forward to making more, wee! :3

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