A little randomness never hurt anyone

Thesis is starting to consume me. Ever since we began doing our draft proposals, I have neglected to do writing of any other sort. It was draining to say the least, trying to come up with a lot of hokey just to show that what we plan to busy ourselves with for the rest of the year is actually worth doing. Now draft proposals are back in our hands, ready to be tweaked and refined according to our faculty’s comments (or in some cases, lack thereof).

I refuse to believe that thesis means potential death of my blog. Though still very young at barely four months old, I have a conviction that I will persist in my writing, as it really is the only output I have aside from drawing. Once upon a time, I’ve even had grand plans that I will maintain both my blog AND my Tumblr, AND my twitter, but I must be getting really old, because I’ve failed in that attempt so far.

Granted, who’s to say that I’m not having fun during my thesis year? Though the work is tough, it’s great to have friends that can help you make your work a little less difficult and a little more fun. 

Microsoft OneNote is one of them.

There are people who can get by with unorganized notes inserted randomly into notebooks, scraps of paper and whatnot, while some are hardcore and have the neatest notes broken up into the strictest of sections. I tend to be a hybrid of these two groups, as though I want everything organized to some degree, I still want room for drawing and doodles and whatnot. So it’s just so great that in OneNote, I can do both, AND MORE! :)

onenote1   I have an entire OneNote Notebook dedicated to thesis, and as you can see I’ve broken down the data I’ve collected so far into different sections. (Take note of the section “Random Shit”.)

onenote4  I get bored easily while I’m doing all that typing, so I doodle when I get stuck. And yes, it sometimes leads to kalandian like this when Lando and I are doing work together. Forgive us please.

onenote2  It also provides good entertainment for classes where we want to draw but also want to save paper. (READ: ARCH173).

onenote3  Weirdly enough, this is currently the only program I have that can detect pen pressure.

So far, I have currently endorsed both Windows Live Writer and Microsoft OneNote on this blog. They should really start paying me.


I’ve been having some trouble sleeping at night for the past few weeks. Sometimes, I would wake up at odd times like 3 or 4AM and cannot get back to sleep. At first, I would get really pissed off and then the rest of my day would just be a blur of bad moods and frowns, but I decided to just make good use of the time I stay awake. And because of that, I finally got to finish Lucky Star! :D

Lucky Star is the ultimate anime for the sabaw. With no distinct story arc, cute characters, and surprisingly witty dialogue, it provided me with just the kind of entertainment I needed whenever I felt stressed or soup-like.

12 This is still one of my favorite scenes. Konata-chan kawaii! :3

And for Dragonball fans, this will certainly be a hoot. One of my favorite endings ever. XD

This is about all the posting I can do for now. But before I forget, here’s one last photo (para sa isa dyang masama ang pakiramdam)




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