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People seem to really like stealing from me

I got my phone and my wallet stolen last Friday.

It was a fairly traumatizing experience that I can go rambling about for hours, but somehow I don’t want to. Maybe it’s still to painful, or maybe I just don’t want to acknowledge the fact that it happened mostly because of my spaceyness and carelessness. Either way, I am posting about a different kind of robbery that happened to me a while back but never had the chance to blog about.

A few months ago, I noticed some clothes missing from my closet. At first, I thought it simply got mixed up in the laundry, but after taking inventory of my clothes, i started realizing that I was losing too many items, and I was beginning to doubt if it was our laundrywoman’s fault at all. I think someone was raiding my closet and getting my clothes. my prime suspect was the new maid.

I texted my mom about it and told her of my suspicions. She of course texted our landlord to ask him about who had access to our room, but he flat out dismissed the idea of his staff stealing from me.  He said that the maid didn’t have keys to our room, while the housekeeper has been a trusted employee for over 20 years.

Having no proof that they were actually taking stuff from me, I decided to let go of the accusation. By then, I was missing around 5 pieces. But I was willing to get over it and move on to new articles of clothing in my life.


Earlier this evening, I was browsing through some of my old photos, when I suddenly saw myself wearing shirts that I haven’t seen in my closet for a while. I had forgotten for  a while that they existed but I realized that they were probably taken along with the rest of the missing stuff.

Because of this recently acquired information, my anger is burning anew and I need some way to bring this situation to the surface, which is why I decided to blog about the stuff I lost. For documentation purposes I suppose. Here are my clothes that are now MIA.

1. & 2. My stripey blouse and white shorts_IGP4394

3. My colorful hoodie 9331_1045488992814_1693321990_93392_2010444_n

4. My blue spaghetti strapped top allie lando 2

5.  My brown and white striped shorts IMGP3696

6. My patterned blue blouseIMGP0197

7. My Team Manila Jose Rizal shirt 25655_1100981580094_1693321990_200118_7924923_n

To try to monitor my clothes and prevent this from ever happening again, I now religiously list down the number of clothes me and Max have laundered, along with the breakdown of what kinds they are. I also bought padlocks for our closets. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

What irks and makes me suspicious the most is that this never happened last year with the last maid, and neither did this happen when I started having my clothes laundered during the summer. The new maid arrived around the first month of classes, and that’s when all my clothes started disappearing.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

But when it comes down to it, I don’t really care who took them, or how, or why. I just know that I wish I could have them back. :(


Getting Rid of Pesky Desktop Icons the Old School Way

For the longest time now, there have been a few files on my desktop that I haven’t been able to get rid of with the normal delete or send to Recycle Bin function.  No matter how hard I tried, Windows 7 kept on saying “This file cannot be found. Please try again.” Or something to that effect. I tried everything from renaming, cutting and pasting, to downloading programs that various forums said would help, but all to no avail.

Then my brother had what I would like to call a stroke of sheer genius. “ Why not try using MS-DOS command prompt?”

This was how my desktop looked like. Take note of the two files encircled. They were actually broken files left from incomplete downloads in the past.



I opened up command prompt. It opens up in the directory C:\Users\Allie\>. If you’re trying this now, it will probably be C:\Users\your username\>. Here’s what you do next.

command prompt

1. Type cd desktop to go to the Desktop subdirectory.

2. Type del *.* and you will be prompted with a message “Are you sure (Y/N)?

Note: Type Y only if you want to remove ALL the contents of your desktop (excluding the Recycle Bin). If you only have a file or two to remove, replace “*.*” with ‘”filename.extension”.


After that, close Command Prompt and those stubborn files should be gone from your life forever!

step 3


Who knew that an entire semester of studying nothing else but MS-DOS prompt would actually pay off? Now if this whole architecture thing doesn’t work out, alam ko na ang iraraket ko!

When a birthday turns into a birthweek

Celebrating birthdays, though always enjoyable, have also been a source of great stress for me. This stress usually leads to me having worries like, “What should I wear?”, “What should we do?” and more importantly “Who do I spend it with?” I’ve been both blessed and cursed with having numerous circles of friends, and this has always bred internal conflicts within me about which particular one I would share my birthday with.

This time though, I didn’t have to think, because I simply decided to spend it with all of them, one group at a time.


August 18 – My Yummy Buddies Day


This will forever be ingrained in my memory as a night of a lot of panlalait and as the night that I first barfed because of drinking too much. Thank you to Lloyd, Jena and Diana for making sure the day did not end until I did. []


Lando also dropped by early morning here at home to give me my gifts. :> []


August 19 – My Impromptu Date with Lando Day

securedownload copy

Lando failed to join the AF field trip due to the previous night’s festivities, so I asked him to join me at Megamall instead. I was really excited because even if we get to spend a lot of time together in school because of our schedule, it had been a while since we last went out on a date. I tried my best to look pretty for him. :3 []


August 20 – The TKK and Girls’ Night Out Day


For a while now, I’ve been feeling guilty over the fact that I haven’t been spending enough time with Nene, Camille and Maethel (mostly due to conflicting class schedules) so I made it a point to go to Tula, Kanta, Kape with them just like we did last year. Too bad Maethel didn’t come (TAMAD BOO!), but being with them made me realize how much I missed hanging out with them. We stayed at Yellow Cab for dinner until almost 2am.

We also learned new meanings for the words thunderclap, earthquake, volcano, and tsunami. >:)                                         []


August 21 – The High School Friends + Others Weekend

IMGP0050 copy

I had been planning this for a month already, and I’m so glad it pushed through despite everyone’s busy schedules! The only thing I’m a bit sad about is that I didn’t get to invite more people, because of budget and spatial constraints (kulang pera at masyadong maliit ang condo).

Overall, it was the perfect way to cap off the weekend! :D





The week went by in a fast, happy blur, and I’m almost sad that the bliss is over. When birthdays are over and done with, there is no choice but to go back to reality. Now, my 21-year old self has to deal with thesis programming, report making, and a whole bunch of emotional turmoil to boot.

But the one thing that this week has made me realize and feel happy about despite that it’s over? That I have such great friends and family who care for me and whom I know will always be there for me. And somehow, that’s enough to keep me going.

Thank you everyone who made this year’s birthday fun and memorable. :)


When you’re too kilig not to repost

I rarely did blog reposts during the multitude of times that I took a swing at the blogsphere, but even I had to put off sleeping for another ten minutes just to share this with the few readers I have.

I reposted both the original and the follow up post.



By Cathy Babao-Guballa
Philippine Daily Inquirer


RELATIONSHIPS ARE always a difficult terrain to navigate.

As a woman, you spend hours pondering—alone or with your girl friends—the intricacies of the human heart. You always hope and pray that the next generation will get it better than you did.

Below is a letter I found in my daughter’s website (I have her permission to share this). She wrote it to “the man I will someday love.”

I was expecting to read a gushing, romantic, idealistic tome. I was humbled instead by her sentiments. It’s filled with sensible expectations.

I pray that this will make every girl believe that hope does spring eternal, and even if your heart has been broken a few times, you can always put the pieces back together, and make it right the next time around.

Take your time. Don’t rush and don’t just “settle.” If it’s part of His plan, God’s best awaits you out there.


Dear You,

I will admit that sometimes I really do wonder if you exist.

There is a part of every little girl’s heart that envisions her prince charming. At age three, it is usually of a man who can save her from the wrath of an evil stepmother, wake her from eternal slumber or give her that true love’s kiss.

In elementary school, he becomes the boy with the least cooties, the one who’s willing to cross the playground to share his Oreos even if it makes him a target for the week of all the other boys.

Come high school, it’s that boy you stand with at prom, who your father stared down at the door, who provided you with an experience complete with photos you will cringe at a decade later, a corsage that yellows in the refrigerator, and a faded memory of a night that seemed almost too magical to be real.

Nineteen years into this life, however, and still unwilling to give my heart away, I am still that same little girl who hopes for her prince charming. And although I wonder why it has taken you this long to sweep me off my feet and whisk me off to your palace on horseback, I know that it is probably because meeting you will be better than any fairytale I could’ve read as a kid.

A couple of heartbreaks and a few years wiser though, I will admit that there are times when I question your existence. Because I have yet to meet the guy who makes me hear songs like “All My Life” or “A Whole New World” in my head when I see him does not mean I don’t hope that it’ll ever happen.

I may already know you or may still meet you someday—something I leave completely up to God because I’m pretty sure our story will be epic.

However, I can’t promise you that I’d make the world’s most perfect princess. In fact I’ll probably keep you on your toes and amuse you with my eccentricities—there are a lot of them. I’ll probably steal a bunch of your T-shirts and turn them into shirt dresses, or drive you slightly mad with my obsessive compulsivity and my need to fix your collar constantly.

I can promise to be your best friend however—that person you can rant to after a rough day, the hand you can hold when you get sad, or the person you can text when situations get awkward.

I’ll probably mess up your hair sometimes and hug you for too long, but that’ll only be because I absolutely adore you. I’ll bury my head in your shoulder during scary movies and make you feel like superman when you kill those flying cockroaches that really shouldn’t exist. I’ll cook your favorite food on your birthday and try my best to make friends with your mom.

I’ll respect your nights-out with the boys and make you seem like the perfect guy to my barkada. I’ll watch basketball or soccer games with you, and not complain when you cheer too loudly at the TV set.

I’ll know the difference between giving you space and being constantly there for you—even if it means sitting and playing video games with you or taking hot chocolate runs when it rains.

I’ll listen to your music and we’ll go on epic adventures together—seeing the world, taking awesome pictures, eating awesome food, and never running out of things to tell each other along the way.

I won’t be waiting for you to sweep me off my feet and take me on a magic carpet ride, because I know I won’t need anything like that to fall for you—I will love you for you.

You will be that someone to make goofy faces with in pictures, to lace fingers with when I’m lonely, and to take long walks under the stars with on the beach.

You’ll be the guy who takes me the way I am—and will laugh as I burst into Disney song or pick out pink wallpaper.

You’ll be that someone I envision a future with—us filling out visa forms as we travel the universe, picking out our first dog together and arguing about what to name it, or being snap-happy stage parents in our preschooler’s annual mini-plays. And I keep hoping that maybe someday when we find each other, you will become that someone whose smile I wake up to in the morning and the last one I speak to every night.

So to the man I know does exist, and who will help me maybe make sense of the world someday, this man I can’t wait to love. Please know that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. But for now, I wait. Fingers crossed and palms held together, I hope that you’re out there somewhere, waiting for me, too.

With the hope I will be yours for always,




By Cathy Babao-Guballa

Philippine Daily Inquirer


Those three words best describe the feelings my daughter and I have had last week as we received letters and comments on last week’s column that contained her letter to the man she will love someday.

Apparently, the letter struck a chord among the young and old.

One letter stood out—from an equally hopeful young man. I told my daughter the whole experience was starting to feel like a scene from “Letters to Juliet” and my eternally romantic 45-year-old heart just felt really blessed to be in the middle of it all.

I will let my daughter express our gratitude in her response below. We have been blessed in more ways than you will ever know. May you all find God’s best in His time.

My daughter’s letter

Dear readers,

I never expected that so many of you would find yourselves in a simple letter I wrote one night when I was most vulnerable, where in retrospect I realize now were just echoes of the little dreams my heart carried.

While I study to become a doctor someday, I know my focus should be on the literal intricacies of the human heart as opposed to what it feels. However, I find nothing wrong in hoping to meet that someone who’ll make it skip a beat.

To hope for love isn’t a bad thing, as long as you continue to live your life to the full while waiting for God’s best. As one wise reader wrote—it could be that “God is still preparing you both for that right moment.”

Meanwhile, we can learn, experience, and become happy with the things we do have in our lives today before that time comes, because after all, happiness never does depend on a single person.

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories of waiting and finding true love and to all the young people who appreciate the concept of not settling for just anyone but waiting for that someone. It is nice to know that there are others out there who still hope and pray for the right kind of love.

Two nights after the letter was published, I received this in my personal mail—an anonymous response to my letter. I want to share it with you all—a letter written by a man any girl would love to fall in love with someday.

Dear You,

I will admit that it came as a surprise to me when you decided to write a letter such as this. I always thought you were the type to keep things to yourself—one of the many things that keep us apart until now.

There is a part of every boy’s heart that dreams of his princess. However, no matter what the age, this princess does not change.

Nineteen years into this life, and although your unwillingness to give your heart away is what troubles you, what troubles me is how willing I am each and every time to give my complete heart and yet there is no one to receive anything of me.

Try as I might to give my heart to someone I had imagined was perfect, and I end up putting the pieces back together, mustering the courage to make it seems like nothing is wrong and nothing has been lost, when in fact, everything in my life at that point feels otherwise.

Although I have only known you for a few years, I am as confident as a man in love can be, that you are the perfect girl I have been thinking of ever since. Nineteen years into this life, and we are both still apparently waiting… for someone to be swept off her feet, and for someone to sweep you off yours. And yet, here we are closer to each other than you would expect.

I am sorry I took this long. But, I hope you know, it has not been entirely easy, trying to whisk you off to my palace on horseback. I am not alone in this pursuit of your love and I have no palace to show you in comparison to the many other men who will try to win your heart. You have not been entirely cooperative as well, but I do not blame you for this. In fact, it’s just one of the many quirks that sets you apart from other girls out there.

You will be disappointed to know that it has not been such a fairytale – meeting me, and for this I will be eternally sorry. I hope you know guys spend more than enough time trying to come up with the perfect introduction, what with sweaty palms and a shaky voice. As to the extreme disappointment I may cause you, I also hope you know that you are still as perfect in my eyes as always. I may not have begun it as a fairytale for us, but I will go through leaps and bounds to make you feel like the princess that you are.

Your eccentricities are what I love about you. Even during your occasional mood swings, it is the most endearing thing to see you shift gears. Although I must admit, sometimes it can be quite confusing; keeping me on my toes, it just makes me want to be with you even more. I want to be the man you stand beside at your best and your worst—because either way, you are still too beautiful, and I would be nothing less than the luckiest guy in town if you were just as happy as I was, standing beside you.

You are and will always be my best friend, even if one day I end up finding no more shirts because you have borrowed them all. And when you return them I end up not wearing them, still, because the scent is there to remind me of you even when you are not around. You are my best friend because you look out for me, after a stressful day, or after we lose a game of basketball. Even during times when you refuse to speak to anyone, me included—you are still my best friend.

You will be the girl I try so hard to cook for, and despite my best efforts I know I will fail, but I will love how you will try to taste my concoctions, even when the taste might make you cringe. You will be the girl whose mom I will try so hard to impress, and then you will fix my collar in hopes that I am ready to meet your parents. Adventure after adventure, you will be the girl I will see the world with, complete with the local cuisine taste and souvenir shots.

You are the girl I will smile to even in the worst of times. Even when the day feels like s__t, I know that when I see you that my world cannot be so bad if you are beside me. You are the girl whose smile I will wake up to, even when some mornings might find me with a slight case of morning breath. I cannot wait to love you.

Fingers crossed and palms held together, I hope one day you will find me worthy of your heart. In the meantime, know that I am out here somewhere, waiting for you, hoping that you will be mine.

Loving you forever and a day,


I was completely overwhelmed by this and went to sleep that night with a smile on my face, knowing that there are many people out there who continue to hold steadfastly to the hope of finding not the perfect, but the right person for them. So to every heart out there that continues to hope to someday know what that feels like- here’s to allowing God to write our love stories.

With much love and gratitude,



Love is a many splendored thing. :)

The Prodigal Tumblelog

I’ve never been one for consistency, and this particular quirk of mine seems to have manifested through my inability to maintain any of my online accounts for long periods of time.  If anyone has read my short bio on upper right side of this blog, I mentioned that it is the 6th time or such that I’ve tried to start a weblog, and I consider it an awesome feat in itself that I have been able to keep it up this far.

But because of the curse blessing that is the variety of sites that exist today, I have no less than 10 present varied accounts all across the internet, ranging from the social (Facebook), to the chismosa (Twitter) to the academic (Scribd), to the downright jologs (I still haven’t deleted my Friendster account). This has made keeping up with the Joneses and hardcore internet junkies  a real challenge, if not an impossible feat.

A site that I have alternately been leaving in the dust and picking up is Tumblr, which is what I consider to be a snappier, artsier version of a weblog.  It makes posting online content such as photos, music and videos a virtual breeze. I was pretty hooked on it during the first few months of my 4th year, and tried to resume posting during the recent summer. But alas, these endeavors were short-lived.

This time however, I want to test the age-old saying of three’s the charm.

Aside from a brand-spankin’ new layout, I have resolved that I would spend some of my computer time to post, but limit it to not more than five posts a day. However, that resolution doesn’t seem to be working so far, because I’ve already made a 6th post. Gah. But as they say, tomorrow’s another day.

I also decided to give Twitter another try. A special shoutout to sashalimuy/scott stuart for the speedy reply! It made me feel welcome. XD

I wonder how long it will be until I say “to hell with this!” and give up on everything all over again.

Close Encounter of the Stupid Kind

Just to reiterate my Facebook status. Sa mga hindi pa gets and are curious enough to find out more, read on.

It all started with a game called Surviving High School.


I had recently downloaded the trial version of the game for my iPhone, and Lando and I were having fun playing it during our dinner at Sweet Inspirations last Friday. I kept putting my phone on the table so that both of us could see the screen. The trial was finished by the time we finished our food, so both of us went home and I immediately slept upon arriving, not giving anything another thought.

The next day, upon instinct, the first thing I did upon waking up was to look for my phone. So imagine my shock when I couldn’t find it in my bag that I had brought the night before.

Of course, I panicked. Did I leave it at the restaurant? Or did it somehow fall out of my bag on the way home? I honestly couldn’t remember. I called Sweet Inspirations immediately, but the receptionist said to call back in the afternoon because they still had to check. I call my mom soon after to tell her what happened, and she said they were going to have my sim blocked just in case.


Truth be told, I wasn’t devastated that much at the thought of losing my phone. Granted, it was an expensive one, but I was much more fixated at the fact that I had lost yet another possession of mine due to carelessness and stupidity. As if the happenings during our Japan trip wasn’t enough. And I was even more embarrassed to let my parents know that I had another mishap. As if I haven’t given them enough reasons not to trust me.

It just made me think: When will I ever learn? Ano pa bang dapat mawala sakin just to make me learn my lesson?

I honestly didn’t know what else to do. Needless to say, I got depressed the entire day yesterday.


Around 4pm yesterday, I found my phone. It had fallen to the floor underneath clothes and sheets. It was drained of battery, but otherwise okay. I didn’t lose it after all.

But somehow, this did little to appease me. Yes, I didn’t leave it this time, but the fact that I was so unsure of how I lost it, and how I became so sure that I had lost it one way or another, just proves how lax I am with my belongings. It has been a problem of mine for as long as I can remember.

If anyone knows of any way that I could somehow battle this problem, I would really appreciate it if you share it with me.

Birthday Plans

I will be 21 in 11 days. And yet people are still saying that I look 12. Sadly, these people aren’t just dyslexic. It seems like my body got stuck to be this way since 6th grade. :|

All that aside, I was just thinking of how I’m going to celebrate turning a year older this year. 

I really want me and a few of my high school friends to head over to Shangri-la and eat at Pepper Lunch! I didn’t get enough of it in Japan, and I seem to like it even more here because you can add cheese! And of course, understanding what they are actually serving doesn’t hurt.


I also want to buy myself a birthday dress. Being 21, where else will I buy but at Forever 21! I have been lusting over their clothes ever since my mom and I went there a few weeks ago, and I decided to hold off buying myself anything to reserve money for my birthday. Some people are saying that it’s becoming overrated and there are a lot of people at the store all the time, but I just really love their clothes. :D

forever 21 megamall12

And now, I am officially excited for my birthday week! But before that comes, Arki week muna! :)


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