Lando and Allie: future National Artists

Every so often, students get bored while listening to a lecture in class or studying for an exam, usually resulting to them doing something else to bide their time. Sometimes we daydream, sometimes we sleep, sometimes we even open our laptops to play games or check Facebook.

Most of the time however, we prefer to draw.

Lando is my absolute schedule mate for the sem (we have ALL the same classes, one of the rare kind moments that CRS had), so we get to do a whole lot of stuff together. And yes,that includes being bored together. Which usually results in masterpieces like this.

IMGP0020IMGP0025Lando is the better drawer between the two of us, he beats me by a mile when it comes to cartoons and doodles. Siya nagdrawing nito. We’re Allie the Aggressive Astronaut and Lando the Lucky Leprechaun! :

As for me, I have a lot of bobo moments while drawing, like this epic fail of a venn diagram during our Arch159 class.IMGP0003

Although I do have my strokes of creativity at times. These were on my Arch176 notes on molds. (Note my really pretty handwriting HAHAHA)IMGP0023

The fencing reflex in babies, in cartoon form. Drawn during Psych101 by me. IMGP0004

I became a favorite subject of Lando’s to draw for a week or two, and this was one of his early attempts prior to the astronaut drawing. I think I look malibog in this particular one. :| IMGP0017

On the other hand, my favorite subject to draw is… also myself, mainly because I’m one of the few things/people I can actually draw decently. Here I am in robot (robutt) form.IMGP0024

Another favorite of ours to draw for a time was Domokun! Ang cute niya kasiiiii. This is from Lando’s notebook.IMGP0015

As I said earlier, there are thresholds to students’ attention spans during lecture classes, and this was what Lando drew when we reached ours one Arch163 class. Pigil na pigil ako sa pagtawa.IMGP0016

Although sometimes, we draw even during times when we are listening to class, like this one time during Psych101. We’re great multitaskers that way. (If you’re wondering, that’s me picking a fat Lando’s brain.)

IMGP0014 IMGP0021

To avoid monotony, sometimes we like to go out to study (when we have a little extra money to spare for coffee shops and the like). But somewhere in between, we get a little bit burned out, so we like to draw to take the edge off. And when I say we draw, I mean on anything.

IMGP0002 Like receipts. ALLIECAT <3 LANDORAT!

IMG_0282 IMG_0284 And napkins. (Ghoullie and Lando Manyakis)

At this rate, I’m looking forward to looking through our notebooks once napuno na sila. Who knows, maybe we can sell them when we become famous architects. Tipong compilation of sketches or fillers in our biographies.

TO LANDO: Here’s to hoping I fill a whole lot more pages of my notebook with you. Heehee. :>


2 Responses to “Lando and Allie: future National Artists”

  1. 1 Tita Col July 16, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    lando manyakis.. says a lot hehehe

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