Ohayo! Day 11: Otaku Goodness!

I have been an anime fan since my intermediate elementary days. And though I wouldn’t say that I’m as a die hard fan of it as I was since then (I haven’t been able to keep up with anime as of late), I still love it. Which was why I was so excited about this day’s destination.

Akihabara_Dennou_Gumi Does anyone remember this anime? This was one of the first that I ever got to watch on AXN. It was on at 5:30 the afternoon everyday, and I would constantly rush home to catch it on TV (hindi pa ako binabawalan magTV nitong mga panahon na ito). It was Cyberteam in Akihabara. It was the first I ever heard of the place.


Max and I have been waiting for this day for the entire duration of our trip. We had even been researching the places that we wanted to go to, most especially him, so it was decided that he would be the one to guide us around the area for the day.

   IMGP0001IMGP0002 IMGP0007 

The scene when we got there was… intense to say the least. Signs everywhere, people rushing to go to wherever they needed to go, and stores selling electronics, anime goods, and a lot of other things, at every corner. Lucky enough for us, there was a sort of counter that handed out free English maps of the area.


One thing that Akihabara is famous for is their maid cafes. For those uneducated in Japanese pop culture, a maid cafe is a restaurant where instead of ordinary waitresses, the girls who wait on you are dressed up as maids, and they do more than just serve your food. They can give massages, grooming services, and entertainment, though none of the sexual kind. They are almost like the modern day geisha of the otaku, bringing their fantasies to life. (For more info on maid cafes, read the Wikipedia article on them

IMGP0003 A maid cafe girl inviting people to go to their cafe.

IMGP0017            A multi-story maid cafe


Aside from maid cafes, we saw a different variety of cafe there as well. A Gundam Cafe! There was a very long line to enter the store, and I wasn’t able to see inside, but Max said that instead of maid outfits, the girls wore the jumpsuits that Gundam engineers and technicians wore. If that’s true, then that is just so… hot.

IMGP0023 IMGP0024


Me and my siblings literally went crazy over the stores. Imagine, buildings of seven or so stories dedicated solely to manga and anime merchandise. It was bliss, I tell you. We spent hours inside stores.

IMGP0009 IMGP0027

It was too bad that my dad didn’t get to take much photos inside the stores themselves, although I guess that would be a bit embarrassing, as they were commercial establishments. But just imagine, racks and racks of anime goodies. And floors and floors of manga! And a whole section for hentai manga, hehehe. >:)

We were reserving most of our money for this particular day, so we really went wild. Max disappeared for most of the day, going to a music store then getting lost inside Kotobukiya during the latter part of the day. He managed to buy a posable figurine of Konata from Lucky Star, as well a couple of hentai manga. HAHA.

Zoe went crazy as well and bought herself loads of manga! I kept reminding her that they were all in Japanese but she didn’t seem to mind. And when I went home, she had already started putting English translations in them. Matiyagang bata.

I, on the other hand, had three particular goals in mind:

1. Buy Dale his Doraemon item.

Doraemon-Ambulance Dale gave me a strict budget of 400 yen for his item, so even if I did see a lot of Doraemon stuff for the past days that I’ve been in Japan, I couldn’t really buy them because they were way over the price range. I was really banking on Akihabara, and it didn’t fail me. I found this at Tokyo Anime Center, and though it was a little over the budget (it cost 500 yen), I think sulit naman. BTW, photo from Dale’s multiply site.

2. Buy any Domo item for myself.

AAAADIu5HxQAAAAAAKXh2g I managed to get myself this exact one from Kotobukiya. It’s originally a magnet, but I made it into a pendant instead. Since I lack a decent camera, I couldn’t really take a photo of it.

3. Buy Lando’s awesome pasalubong.

I think that this will more than suffice for the sidebar.

I’m embarrassed to admit that when this day came, Lando was the only one I didn’t have pasalubong for. I couldn’t really think of what to get him, not because I didn’t see anything he would like, but rather the contrary: everything I saw I thought he would like. And I couldn’t decide what to get him.

When I asked him about what he could possibly want, Lando told me that he wanted something “geeky and anime-related.” So I decided to leave it until we went to Akihabara. And by then, I was sort of panicking.

As I said, we spent hours in the stores. And most of those hours, I spent looking for pasalubong. What was I supposed to get him? Something from Bleach? One Piece? Naruto? I was actually feeling a bit dizzy from going around the store so much, until I finally decided on these:

chopsticks_vader_rei2-899x600Lando practically worships the entire Star Wars franchise, so I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with some lightsaber chopsticks. I got him the exact ones because I remember him telling me that he liked the red ones the best.

water-body-bottles-evangeli (1) He is also a really huge fan of Evangelion (as well as the female body WAHAHAHA) so I bought him one of these sexy water bottles. And I can’t resist throwing in a quote from the website I got this photo from: “…they simultaneously satisfy your thirst for water, anime and sex. It’s like a water jug…with jugs.”

And in relation to anime girls, look at this!

IMGP0036 IMGP0038

We managed to catch this cosplayer promoting the new manga Broken Sword. She’s portraying Shigyun Erusuteru. Ang ganda ganda niya!


By the time we were finished, it was already early nighttime and everyone was exhausted, including the parentals, who seemed a little overwhelmed with everything that was happening. But I still managed to get a photo of myself in the busy district. Yes, I am vain when I want to be.


We went home tired and happy, ready to call it a night. We had to sleep really early this time around because we have to get up at the crack of dawn for the last leg of our trip, Mt. Fuji! :)



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