Ohayo! Day 10: Seasick

Landlubbers, I suggest you close this page now. You have been warned.

We had only one destination on our itinerary for today.


I had never heard of this DisneySea place until a few weeks before we left for Japan, and I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the place. Call me a kid at heart but I will always be excited over the world “Disneyland” and “DisneySea” didn’t really sound as appealing. But sometime during our stay here, I managed to look at DisneySea’s Wikipedia entry and here are some interesting things it had to say about the theme park:

  1. It is the fifth most visited theme park in the world.
  2. It was the fastest theme park in the world to reach the milestone of 10 million guests (307 days after its opening!)
  3. It is also the most expensive theme park ever built (costing over U.S. $4 billion).

Even I couldn’t argue with facts as amazing as that.

We left the base really early because we had a few really long train rides ahead of us. It took us more than two hours just to get to the JR Maihama Station where we could ride the Disney Resort Line to the theme park.

Yes folks, hindi kayo namalikmata. Disney has its own freakin’ train line! (Hong Kong has one too if I’m not mistaken.) It has a number of stops, including both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea as well as the other Disney hotels. And in typical Disney fashion, ang dami talagang not-so-hidden Mickeys, sa train palang.

IMGP0002 The windows were shaped like Mickey heads…

IMGP0006 Yung mga hawakan ganun din.

IMGP0008 Here I am, getting a bit sick from all the Mickeyness.

We arrived at the park no later than around 10AM, but there were already a lot of people there. Luckily, the ticket booth lines weren’t that long so we were able to get in almost instantly.



During our Hong Kong trip last 2006, I was the self-appointed timekeeper and navigator, and I ended up doing a really good job of it because we managed to watch every single show and ride every single ride we wanted in the span of one day. I decided to take on the job once again in DisneySea, although how successful I was going to be, I didn’t really know yet, because the park was way larger than Hong Kong Disneyland, as you can see from the map.

The plaza right after the entrance featured a HUUUUGE globe, not much unlike the one in Mall of Asia. We of course just had to take a photo with it showing the Philippines.

IMGP0018 Can you see where it is?

Once through the plaza, the first area, was the Mediterranean Harbor. It was basically the equivalent to the area where the Disneyland castles were, only here it was… err… a volcano. And tons of water. And so begins the weirdness that is DisneySea. (more coming up soon)

IMGP0026 IMGP0025

We decided to go clockwise around the park, which meant that the first area we got to explore was the American Waterfront, basically a recreation of the US in the early days.


We came across an attraction that had a really long line, and without even checking what it was, we fell in line immediately. Only then did we see its name: Tower of Terror. HAHAHAHA.

IMGP0050 IMGP0078

It was a free fall ride, supposedly everyone was inside an elevator being controlled by a ghost or something. I couldn’t really understand the backstory narrated before we got to ride because it was all in Japanese! Talk about selfish. What about the tourists? And sad to say, hindi rin ako mashadong natuwa sa ride. The scare and shock factor was really hyped up, but the ride didn’t last for more than a minute or so. Boo. But kudos to the part where the ride went all the way to the top to peek out at the park, ang scary.

There was this really big structure made to look like a ship, which was where we went to watch the noon show of Sea of Dreams. But not before we had lunch. Hotdogs yeah!

IMGP0085 IMGP0087

It was a bad choice to see the show. Not only was it in Japanese yet again, but it was so cheesy and corny that I was starting to think I shouldn’t have had that hotdog for lunch. Blech.

IMGP0206 IMGP0101 The one upside was that the women were really pretty.

IMGP0111 I guess they couldn’t find a Japanese guy with huge muscles who could work for Disney.


We had to rush back to the Harbor right after this to catch the Legend of Mythica. By then, I had just about given up on the possibility of understanding anything that was happening in the shows, so I just settled for enjoying the great spectacle of it all.

IMGP0141IMGP0146IMGP0186 IMGP0152

After that, Zoe, Max and I decided to wander off for a bit to ride some other rides, so we didn’t have a camera. But we managed to go to StormRider, which was actually just a cooler version of Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom. Moving seats + water.

My first failure as our timekeeper came when we missed the show at the Lost River Delta by mere minutes. On the bright side though, at least this gave us some time to relax a bit and just enjoy the place, which we hadn’t really been able to do since we got there. We also saw some Disney characters along the way!

IMGP0216 Look, it’s Mrs. Incredible! (Yes, that’s a real person right there.)

IMGP0222 Talk about adik. But I sooo want to do this with my bag as well. PROJECT!


Nagpabili kami ni Zoe ng Mickey-shaped orange pops. Zoe didn’t seem to happy about it though. She even bought a Tiramisu ice cream sandwich after.




I’m pretty sure Max isn’t the only one who’s into Japanese schoolgirls.

This was taken incognito (wish my mom posing for a decoy photo) so that Max could have some of these that he could ogle back home. But I’m preeeeetty sure Lando would like it too. Hell, even I like it, and I’m a girl. The both of us are way into anime and manga, so for me, this is like seeing them personified. ANG HOT LANG SHET.

The Lost River Delta’s main attraction was the India Jones and the Crystal Skull ride, so we had to endure yet another long line. Being a UP student has taught me so much, and that includes being patient with lines. Besides, it was fun to see the stuff around it. I can almost imagine working as an architect for an amusement park. It would be awesome to design worlds as intricate and far out as these!

IMGP0238 IMGP0243 IMGP0245

The ride was the first one that I found really great for the entire day! We were riding on these jeeps just like what Indiana Jones used. It was exciting, especially the end when there was a huge boulder chasing us! We even bought our photo from the ride.

30054_1438364753332_1059400517_1311115_4428663_n Hahahaha. We seem to be the only ones who actually reacted. T_T

Our next stop was the Arabian Coast.

IMGP0248 IMGP0280

There was this ride called Sinbad’s Story Voyage, which seemed to be DisneySea’s equivalent to Disneyland’s It’s A Small World. I’m all for being nationalistic and everything, but Arabs singing in Japanese? Come on.


After that, we also tried the Magic Lamp Theater, which was an attempt to combine live theater and 3D effects. A valiant but futile effort. By this time, I was getting a bit bored of everything. So bored that we actually rode the carousel after, and even that was a bit of a disappointment, because we didn’t get to ride on a genie. :( (photo is taken from the interweb)

IMGP0287 Caravan Carousel 02

The next stop was the Mermaid Lagoon, where all the kiddie stuff was located. No one was really that interested in any of the rides there (except maybe Zoe) so we just hung around there for a while to enjoy the sights.

IMGP0299 I had a really bad hair day.

IMGP0296 More pretty Japanese girls! Tee hee.

800px-Mermaid_lagoon_at_Tokyo_Disney_seaWe didn’t get to see this anymore, so I got this off Wikipedia. It’s supposedly how the lagoon looks at night. Pretty!

Our last area to visit was Mysterious Island, which was actually located inside the volcano shown in the earlier pictures. We lined up at the Journey to the Center of the Earth attraction, and was wondering why no else followed, since it looked interesting enough. Being know-nothings in the Japanese language, we had no idea that the ride itself was actually closed and all that was left was a tour! So we had to endure a good fifteen minutes or so of the tour guide yapping to us in Japanese, none of which we understand. Naawa naman ako sa kanya.

IMGP0302 IMGP0303

The last ride we got to go on for the day was the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. My dad didn’t get to take any photos, but it was actually pretty cool, simulating us going under the sea in this sort of submarine and seeing all the marine life. I got a photo off the internet again just so you could imagine what it looked like from outside.


By then, it was almost night time and all we had to do was wait for the final shows. We decided to grab some dinner and walk around the park until it was time to start. The park is beautiful at night time. The lights were just amazing, especially the ship!

IMGP0318 IMGP0319

It was almost time for the main show so we got ourselves a good spot over at the Harbor. It was time for BravisSEAmo!

IMGP0351 IMGP0365 BraviSEAmo! was thie extravagant over-the-water lights show that told of the love story between Bellisea the Goddess of Water (aka white thing) and Prometeo the God of Fire (aka firey thing). Everything was just spectacular and amazing, the Japanese really know how to use their technology to the fullest. I couldn’t say that I really enjoyed it however, I was just a little lost at its significance to Disney. But then again, DisneySea really isn’t owned by Disney at all, so I guess that’s where all the weirdness and randomness come from.

And as with every amusement park in the entire world (as far as I know), the park closed with fireworks. I had grown accustomed to seeing such amazing fireworks displays from MOA (when they hold the Fireworks Competition) and with the UP Lantern Parade’s fireworks that I was a little underwhelmed with DisneySea’s. Hahaha ako na ang jaded.


Zoe was intent at buying a souvenir so we went over to the biggest shop we saw, and everyone else seemed to be frenzied as she was. The place was packed! And everyone seemed to be really into one item in particular…

3358768791_4e1706b8ff Ladies and gentlemen, meet Duffy. Who is she? Until I stepped into DisneySea grounds, I had no idea. But apparently, he/she is a Disney Character. In Japan anyways. And everyone was just going crazy over him/her! Aside from having a wide range of sizes, you could also buy her clothes and items, like a Barbie or something. It was appaling how people were eating this  right up, some even buying two or three bears! Japanese consumerism is just crazy sometimes. But oh well, they have the money, so baket hindi?

We finally went on home after that, and arrived really late at the base, exhausted and just ready to get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow, we’re going to a place that Max and I have been raving about since we got here. Stay tuned.

In summary, DisneySea was interesting in a variety of ways. It was definitely not your typical Disney theme park, but this fact had both its pros and cons. To experience it was good enough, because where else could you find such rides and sights? But I’m not sure if I would want to go there again. Corny and redundant it may seem, I still prefer the traditional Disneyland, with the castle, princesses, and Space Mountain. I would choose going to Hong Kong Disneyland over going to DisneySea any day. But hey, that’s just me.


And with that, I bid all of you a good night! (:3 (imbento kong smiley na may mouse ears kunwari)


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