Ohayo! Day 9: From Ghibli, With Love

When I first mentioned to some of my friends that we were planning to go to Japan, Camille immediately urged me to go to Ghibli Museum, from the people of Studio Ghibli who brought us the likes of Howl’s Moving Castle, My Friend Totoro, and Spirited Away. Being a fan of their movies myself, I enthusiastically agreed and researched weeks before on how we could get there and how we could get tickets.

Two days before, we had already managed to secure vouchers from Lawson, and we were reserved for the 12NN entrance. The museum was located in Mitaka, so we headed over there directly from Fussa. I was really excited; this was my day, my special request that was included in the itinerary.

Studio Ghibli is like the Disney Studios of Japan, and Hayao Miyazaki is like their Walt Disney. So it was no wonder that there was already a significant amount of people lined up at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to the museum.

IMG_0292 IMG_0297 IMGP0008 The bus is just too cute!IMGP0007 Just like these two adorable children!


This particular shot reminds me of a time way, way, way back when Lando and I were still just starting to hang out. Everytime we got to take a taxi to Katipunan, he would always say to look out for the building which he dubbed “gubat na tinubuan ng building”, and it looked very similar to this. Haha wala lang. :D

IMGP0012 The vouchers we had were still going to be exchanged for tickets inside the museum. Here I am hardly able to contain my excitement with what we were about to witness.

Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the museum, so I can’t show you how cool the stuff we saw inside were. I don’t think I can do them justice by simply recounting them thru words, so.. punta nalang kayo to see for yourselves? XD

We also saw a short featuring the Bus Neko (Cat Bus) and May, the kid sister in My Neighbor Totoro. It was just so cute! You couldn’t not like it because of its utter cuteness, despite the fact that it was totally in Japanese.

On the brighter side, we were at the very least allowed to take photos outside the museum, which we tried to take full advantage of.

IMGP0019 Look at what I saw in one of the windows! My dust bunnies! :D

IMGP0026I forgot which movie this was from.

IMGP0036Giant Totoro!

The trip to Ghibli Museum was more than enough to make my day (truth be told, I was aching to go home), but the grownups decided to go to Ome to check out another park. I was a little lazy by that time, but i perked up when Zoe bought…

IMGP0055 …this really yummy strawberry cream puff! YUUUUM! She shared it with me, thank you. <3

I can definitely say that Ome is the rural part of Japan. The station was almost deserted when we got off the train, and everything was just really quiet and peaceful.

IMGP0047 IMGP0049This movie poster is so old school!

Unfortunately, isang malaking fail ang aming pagpunta ng Ome. Instead of a park, all we really managed to see aside from this crazy old lady who was talking to a stuffed animal, was this.

IMGP0053 So much for parks. The park was really high up and no one was in the mood to hike all the way there.

We just decided to go back to Fussa and go back home. But not before we dropped by another Daiso store for some shopping! Zoe and I finished early and found these photo booths that the Japanese are famous for, and we couldn’t resist not trying them!

IMG_0335 IMGP0061 IMG_0342 IMG_0340

Overall, happy happy happy day. :D Tomorrow promises to be another one because we’re going to Disney Sea! Good night! Oyasuminasai! :D


3 Responses to “Ohayo! Day 9: From Ghibli, With Love”

  1. 1 Zoe June 18, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    Ate, its my neighbor totoro and i bought the cream puff!!!!!! With my own money!!!!

  2. 3 Zoe June 18, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    hahahahaha, jowk lang naman. ayy soru dun sa totoro :(

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