Ohayo! Day 8: The Storm Cometh

If you’ve read my previous post, then you probably know how the first few hours or so of my day went down. I will certainly not be reblogging that again,  but if you’re any reader with even half a brain, then you probably would have infered that I was not at all in that great a mood when we reached our first destination of the day, and I think it will be evident how foul my disposition was in the photos. First time in this entire trip that I haven’t found the urge to smile at any camera being pointed at my face.


We went to Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku to get a taste of the rich cultural heritage of the place, and that photo behind us it the really long elevator that took us to the main floor of the museum. I was feeling so down from the loss of my camera that I considered hurling myself from the top to a very bloody death. Yes, sad to say I do have the occasional suicidal tendencies, especially after experiencing something utterly traumatizing.

iphone photos 019 iphone photos 020 The exhibits featured a lot of miniature models of Edo during the different periods, and what was most impressive was that most of them had all these tiny people, which upon closer inspection with binoculars showed that each one of them was unique, as in walang kapareho. Talk about effort.

IMGP0029 We first attempted to view the museum on our own, but everything was in Japanese so we availed the services of the guide, which was offered for free at the museum. She was really nice and knew her stuff, but sadly I forgot her name. There she is on the left.

My dad ran out of batteries during halfway of our trip so he took photos with his phone instead. I was supposed to lend him my spare ones but they were in my bag as well. Talk about inconveniencing everyone. I was also still feeling down so I didn’t really retain much of what our guide was telling us, and even if I did, I think I’m feeling too lazy to recount everything, so I’ll just post some of the fun highlights.

iphone photos 049 iphone photos 048 Edo was said to have experienced a lot of fires due to frequent earthquakes, so a fire brigade was necessary during those times. What Max is carrying is supposedly a signal/symbol for the fire brigade, and it was usually carried by the most handsome man in the group. This is most probably to have more people look at him, and hence, see the signal as well. It seemed pretty heavy from Max’s reaction upon lifting it. Or maybe he just wasn’t gwapo enough, wahaha.

iphone photos 064We stopped by Ginza a few days ago (as recounted in this post), and this was supposedly how Mitsukoshi Department Store looked like back in the day.

IMGP0031Here’s Zoe in a carriage for the richer population of Edo, and this was how they got around, with people carrying her inside.

iphone photos 090This is a depiction of  festival that we supposedly missed by just a day upon arriving in Japan. Sayang, it looks like a lot of fun.

iphone photos 078 iphone photos 080 This on the other hand, is a depiction of a typical scene in a Kabuki Theater. Guess who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy?

After almost two hours of touring the entire museum, we were finally done and were feeling famished. We were determined to have something that was a bit more filling and heavy, and guess what we found? A Pepper Lunch branch! :D

There are actually a few branches of Pepper Lunch already in Manila, franchised and run by Chuvaness, but I had never been to one, so this was a first time for me, as well as for all of us. Steak is just yummy, yummy, yummy! I must remember to get to eat at Pepper Lunch again when I get back. Although I think it’s quite expensive.

IMGP0041 IMGP0047

A while back, my friend Abie suggested that if we wanted to see some Japanese temples, it would be best to head over to Asakusa where the biggest one can be found, so we decided to do just that. Along the way, we encountered rickshaws, and I was surprised to see the drivers (?) wearing nothing but short shorts as bottoms! Samantalang ako, patong patanong na ang suot pero lamig na lamig parin. But then again, I guess it makes it easier for them to run.

IMGP0049 IMGP0050

There were a ton of people at Sensoji Temple, and it was nearing its closing time so we really had to move fast to get some more time to walk around the place and take photos.


IMGP0061 IMGP0062

There were a lot of rituals that were being performed by the people there that I didn’t really get, but being the game people that we are, we jumped right in and did exactly what they were doing!

IMGP0064 This must have been their version of holy water.

IMGP0068Zoe inhaling some incense.


There were these large shelves with numerous drawers which we learned gave your fortune, so we gamely dropped our 100-yen coins into the boxes to get our piece of paper with our fortune.

IMGP0078 Here we are with our papers. Imagine my chagrin when one sentence in my fortune read, “Lost articles will rarely be found.” So much for hope right?

IMGP0074 IMGP0076 Max and I got the same fortune, but he was more concerned with the “Marriage will be good by half” line. We had no idea what that meant. Would he only be happy half of the time? Or would only half of the things about the marriage be happy? Malay ko. Labo. XD

The remainder of our time for the day was spent browsing thru the shops near the temple.

IMGP0082 IMGP0084

We got caught up in the train’s rush hour on the way back, but I still think that this is way better than the crowded MRT. At least people didn’t smell bad or push you.

iphone photos 133 iphone photos 134

The loss of my camera not taken into account, this day was pretty fun. The only thing I resented more than losing my camera was the fact that Max said I looked like a granny in my outfit. XD Bastusan na ito. Hahahaha.


Good night everyone! And if you didn’t get it yet, the storm = loss of camera.

BTW, wala akong malagay na sidebar for today sorry. :( Didn’t get the chance to take any photos for myself. LANDO I HAVE FAILED YOOOOU.


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  1. 1 muymuymuy June 13, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    hi al. hrhrhrhr. mukha kayong magkaedad ni zoe. napadaan lang. :P

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