Ohayo! Day 7: Calm Before the Storm

It was sunny again today thankfully, and Tita Ruthsie decided to come with us! The destinations: Shinjuku and Asakusabashi.

It was an almost two-hour train ride to Shinjuku, and our first order of business was to find a Lawson convenience store where we could get vouchers for our planned trip to Ghibli Museum. We finally found one in this building.


We decided to have an early lunch there as well, so I split this chicken meal whose name I do not know with Zoe, and also some Coke with Zoe and Max. Ang cute ng bote. XD

_IGP4461 _IGP4459


I decided to channel a little bit of Japanese schoolgirl in my outfit today. Medyo fail though. But at least this gives me the opportunity to introduce my sidebar early! XD


100_0743 100_0724
I was a walking reminder of Lando today, because I was wearing his GoodBeer shirt that I practically forced him to give me, insisting that it was already too small for him even if he already showed me that it fit just fine. That was during the time that I kept on wearing large shirts because I was still making an effort to hide my belly that has grown from eating too much. Now, I just like that I have something of his to wear when I want to. XD

The jacket is his as well, I borrowed one of his many so that I would have an additional one to wear while in Japan, and so that I could wear it whenever I miss him. HAHA CHEESY.

There were a few interesting buildings that were really prominent around that area of Shinjuku, and the architecture student in me couldn’t resist taking a few photos of them.

_IGP4439 _IGP4421

We went up to the South Observatory of the Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Office to get a sky high view of the entirety of Tokyo. It was amazing! And you could see the little people down below walking around like ants. It was like Sim City or Tropico.

_IGP4523 _IGP4555 _IGP4548IMGP0035

We then went down to another park, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. As usual, everything was just impeccably manicured and flawless. I can’t even imagine how much time and effort is put into maintaining such large parks.

_IGP4628_IGP4713 _IGP4662

I have to admit though, even if everything’s really all so pretty and whatnot, I was getting a bit sick of parks. How many have we visited since we got here? 4? But oh well, leave it to us kids to always look for the hustle and bustle while for the old people (and I say that with the utmost affection) yearn for the quiet and calming. We dealt with boredom the best way we could: goof off.

_IGP4720 _IGP4716 _IGP4737

For a change, we indulged my mom’s wishes and went to Asakusabashi where she went hunting for new beads to add to her jewelry making collection. Boy, my mom’s eyes all but popped out of her head when we went inside the stores. Ang daming beads!


While my mom was nagwawala inside the bead stores, we decided to walk around the area to see what we would find.

100_0731 This I think was what was equivalent to our Pinoy beerhouse and hole in the wall inuman place. All of them were drinking beer and having a good time.

100_0740 It was not uncommon to see buildings as thin as this one, whose frontage must not have even exceeded 4 meters. Imagine how narrow each floor must be.

IMGP0100We discovered a really tasty treat from the many vending machines of Japan, this really yummy cold cocoa drink! See how happy I look. XD

We called it a day shortly after and went home. I was excited to get to talk to Lando and show him what I wore for the day, tee hee.

And with that, I bid you Oyasuminasai! Until tomorrow! :)


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