Ohayo! Day 6: Something Closer to Home

Talk about a slow day.

We were all so tired from yesterday’s events that all of us got up late this morning. And even then everyone was feeling groggy and sore from all the walking we did, that we just decided not to go out very far and just see what was there to offer near the base.

Malling was really not on our itinerary, but I welcomed the suggestion with open arms because I was craving the familiar and comfortable for once. Though I was hesitant of “wasting” a day inside some mall, I realized that it really wasn’t possible for us to be fully booked and on the go every single day. Unless we want to die here in Japan from utter exhaustion. We decided to go to the nearby Aeon Mall located just a few minutes outside Yokoto Air Base.


I have by now realized that shopping for clothes in Japan is not a feasible option for me, especially in malls, because everything is so darn expensive! I would be much better off shopping in the Philippines. The choices may be different, but I could make do, especially since I don’t exactly have any room left in my suitcase for any more clothes to take home. It’s spring here, and all of the stores were showing off their spring and summer collections. Everything’s just so pretty. :) I wish we could do more layering in the Philippines, but I don’t think it would be very practical. But I can dream, can’t I?

IMG_0150 IMG_0132IMG_0140

There is a particular thing I noticed about Japanese fashion and trends, based on the past few days that I have been observing the many girls and women that I come across during our daily outings. They seem very fond of fake eyelashes and mascara. Almost every girl (who isn’t still in high school) I see on the train is wearing them. Again, this isn’t very practical in the Philippines, because the hot and humid weather would only cause the mascara to run. BOO.

IMG_0139 IMG_0135

Apparently, Mister Donut is quite popular here in Japan as well! We decided  to have our afternoon snack at one of their branches there at the mall, and ang laki at sosyal ng branch na ito! But even donuts are expensive here, they cost a little over a hundred yen. That’s equivalent to 50php. Ugh.


_IGP4414_IGP4401I had the strawberry donut and a grape Fanta!

_IGP4405 I think I like their strawberry donuts here, they have real strawberry bits!



I saw these at one of the Japanese souvenir shops, and they reminded me of Lando’s bilin for wooden sandals. Well, these are women’s, but you get what I mean I’m sure. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to fulfill said bilin, because they’re all too expensive! They easily cost around 4000 yen, and I don’t think I can afford to spend that much. The thought makes me sad. :(

I’ll just have to work extra hard to find him a good substitute pasalubong!

BTW Lando, if you’re reading this, and if you have any plans of ever proposing to me in the distant future, I have an idea of how big of a rock you should get me.

IMG_0149 I think something like this would do. :))

I just realized that I haven’t ever posted here how a typical Japanese public restroom stall for women looks like, so I took a few photos when I went inside one. If you notice, these are similar to the toilet bowls still prevalent in some areas, like Burnham Park, but the most important difference is, these actually flush on their own, and have a really hi-tec way of doing so, a way that DOES NOT involve you being given a plastic bottle with water for you to pour into the bowl to wash away your pee. Instead, you just place your hand over the sensor (photo below) and the bowl automatically flushes by itself. Technology is amazing.

IMG_0152 IMG_0153

We also stopped by this cool interiors store where we found some really cool stuff!

IMG_0146 IMG_0147 The alarm clock (left) would only stop ringing if you drop a coin inside, so it saves you money, AND gets you to wake up on time! The other photo (right) is an iPOD speakers set and dock which can be used in the bathroom, thus the protective enclosure.

IMG_0142IMG_0145 The monkey is actually a speakers set also, and it dances along with the music. The bunny on the other hand.. well, doesn’t actually do anything special. I just found it cute and it reminded me of Untalkative Bunny. XD

I think the highlight of our trip to Aeon Mall was the huge pet store that we found on the ground floor! It was almost a mini mall itself for a dog, with all the things you could find in it. I almost couldn’t believe some of the stuff I was seeing! Clothes, jewelry, shoes, you name it, they had it for dogs!

IMGP0027 IMG_0159 IMG_0162These are even more fashionable than the clothes I wear.

IMG_0160 I would wear these collars as bracelets if I could get away with it!

IMGP0023IMG_0176 They even have gourmet dog food!

The store was also a grooming parlor and sort of daycare for the dogs, and we saw some of the cutest toy dogs I have ever seen! I want one!


IMG_0170This little guy even has a mohawk cut! Saan ka pa?

Even though we didn’t get to do much today, it was fun nevertheless to see what kinds of new things you can see in malls here, and we were able to regain our strength for our plans tomorrow. And I think we may need it, because we plan to invade Shinjuku and Akihabara tomorrow. I’m excited for the electronics and anime stuff! Wohoo! :)


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