Ohayo! Day 5: A Day of Many Firsts

Today is what I would call our first serious shopping day here in Japan. Despite the gray skies and continuous drizzle, I was psyched to go out and spend some yen!

Our first stop was Ginza, which was supposedly a premiere shopping district in Tokyo. Because of the dreary weather, everyone was bringing out their umbrellas and were in their rainy day attires. Of course, we followed in suit.

IMGP0016 IMGP0002IMGP0004

IMGP0026I wish they had one of these back at home. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a dispenser of plastic baggies where you could put your wet umbrellas in, so that you wouldn’t bring all the water from your umbrella inside the building and make the floors all muddy. Some even have a contraption where you insert your umbrella into the opening and it puts on the plastic baggie for you! Then after, when you go out of the building, a trash bin is provided with the dispenser wherein you could throw your baggie. How cool and efficient is that? The only thing I’m worried about is that it might not be environment-friendly, with it using too much plastic, but then again, maybe they recycle it afterwards? Or it’s like SM’s plastic bags that are biodegradable? I hope so.

We had a relatively long train ride from the base to Ginza, so we were famished by the time we got there. This time though, we were lucky enough to come across a Yoshinoya branch, where the food was relatively cheap! Yay! First time to eat at an actual Japanese restaurant, and not just the takeout meals we’ve always had for the past few days. Japanese food is so yummy. :D

w 037w 040

We went to this really huge music store nearby afterwards. And when I say huge, I do mean HUUUUUGE! It was what, 8 floors? They had everything, from musical instruments, to sheet music, to cds. Max actually got to buy that harmonica that he’s been looking for for the longest time, as well as pasalubong for his friends.

Time for a sidebar!

w 055w 056
I was hit with a strong surge of nostalgia with this one because it reminded me of a time way back last year (September?) when me, Lando, and Patrick decided to join the French Club’s La Nuit Acoustique (Acoustic Night). Since we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to borrow a beatbox for the night, Lando all of a suddenly decided to buy his own! So the three of us, along with Pachi, trooped over to Sta. Mesa to buy one! Hahahaha. It was so random. This was still a time when Lando and I hadn’t really started going out yet, at ako ay patago lang na may gusto sa kanya. WAHAHAHA. Ang tagal narin pala nun. :>

Everything else was pretty much designer and expensive over there at Ginza, so we decided to head over to Harajuku for some real shopping! For anyone who is unfamiliar with Harajuku, it’s a place in Shibuya where the street stores and fashion is unlike anywhere else in the world! And for more, during Sundays, youth dressed up in the most outrageous fashions like the Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Ganguro, and Cosplay walked the streets. And guess what, it was a Sunday!

However, since it was rainy, no one of these eccentrically-dressed people were hanging around Yoyogi Park, where most of them usually hang around to have their photo taken. Since everyone was just walking around, they didn’t really want to have their photo taken. I was a tad bit disappointed, the first time I really felt that way ever since we came here. Booo bad weather.

IMGP0041_IGP4353_IGP4324              _IGP4355_IGP4359 IMGP0033 

Nevertheless, we decided to just walk around and enjoy the various sights around the area (and go stealth on taking photos XD). I would have wanted to buy a few clothes for myself, but I didn’t feel to comfortable with four other people with me. I wouldn’t want to cause too much of an inconvenience sifting through all the stalls and fitting them. It would have been nice to have something from Japan to wear back home. BOO DISAPPOINMENT NUMBER 2. But I still managed to buy a few things for myself, like a cute new umbrella and chopsticks! Here are some of the other cool stuff I saw around the stores.

_IGP4331 _IGP4335 _IGP4328 

Everything there was a tad too expensive for pasalubong though, since I have a lot of people to bring back gifts to back home. This is one of the times that I curse having multiple circles of friends. Luckily, there was a really huge Daiso in Harajuku, and I was able to buy a lot of stuff for everyone. I’m almost done with my shopping hooray! And there were a lot of funny stuff around the store as well. Only in Japan? XD

_IGP4347 Crayon Shinshan food!

_IGP4348    Inflatable boobs. Almost bought these for myself :))

_IGP4352      Hulaan niyo kung baket ako natawa dito. =))

By the time we had finished shopping, it was nearing nighttime; but the rain showed no signs of stopping (hey I rhymed!). We attempted to go to Meiji Park to experience a more historical side of Japan, but by then we were just too tired and the ground was too damp for us to push on. After a few minutes’ walk we decided to just go back home. Zoe and I managed to sneak in taking a few photos of ourselves though. XD

_IGP4381 _IGP4384            _IGP4392_IGP4394

We had to make a whole lot of train transfers to get back to Fussa Station, and we got a little lost along the way back. Everyone was feeling tired and a bit cranky, so after buying our dinner from the grocery, we decided to take a taxi home instead. Can you believe that such a short distance of travel –imagine the length of CP Garcia to Katipunan, or even lesser — already amounted to 710 yen (350+ pesos)?? Ang mahal lang grabe. Although I had to give them props, the taxi drivers here wear suits, and have their own GPS on their dashboards!

w 058 w 057 w 062

We had dinner at home for the nth time, and woe is me, this is also the first time that I didn’t quite like what I had to eat. But I think it was mostly we cooked the noodles wrong; I don’t think it’s supposed to have soup. Oh well. But I enjoyed the squid rings at least. And I finally got to taste some of Abuela’s cake! And if you see in the next photo, I got to use the chopsticks I bought, yay. :D


Can you believe that I was so exhausted from yesterday that I only posted this a day after? XD


5 Responses to “Ohayo! Day 5: A Day of Many Firsts”

  1. 1 DJ May 24, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    haha allie gets ko kung bakit ka natawa sa particular na bagay na yun.

    grabe bakit mukhang lrt2 yung train dyan? di kaya dahil sa japan nga galing (minus yung GPS).

    ang payat mo talaga!

  2. 3 steph May 25, 2010 at 9:06 am

    i hope to see u here.. i wont get a no for an answer.. my pasalubong!!! =p

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