Ohayo! Day 4: Taking It Nice and Easy

Konnichiwa! Haha, sorry. I’ve been trying to practice the little Japanese I’ve learned from watching all that anime. XD

We haven’t really recovered yet from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tokyo that we experienced the day before, so we decided to be a little bit more chill today and explore the a more relaxing part of the city.

It was decided that Tita Ruthsie would tour us around Fussa as well as go to Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa. Fussa Station is the nearest train station to the base, so we decided to walk all the way there. We passed by a lot of Japanese houses and small establishments, and for the first time I got to feel the part of Japan that wasn’t all tall buildings and corporately attired people.



_IGP4009 _IGP4013

I really like how Japanese houses look. I’ve always liked the minimalist aesthetic, but what I admire even more is how they manage to maximize such small lot sizes. Those lots couldn’t have been bigger than 6mx6m, and yet the house itself seemed to look perfectly adequate for an entire family. They must really be efficient in space programming, as like in Tita Ruthsie’s house, which is small but is actually very space efficient inside.

All that walking around got hungry enough to want to have lunch already. Unfortunately, we had a hard time looking for a place to eat, either because food was too inexpensive, or they were closed until the afternoon. So instead, we stopped at a nearby grocery and bought some stuff, pantawid gutom lang.

Sidebar time! :D


While at the grocery, Zoe and I came across this lovely dezaato (dessert) shop with the most delicious looking cakes I have ever seen! I couldn’t fight my sweet tooth any longer, so we pooled some money to be able to buy a slice of strawberry cake! Yum yum! I usually see this in anime, and it was so cool that I was going to get to eat one for real.

           _IGP4053 _IGP4055

And with that, I have three words for Lando:


Sorry, it’s sort of an inside joke. XD

End of sidebar Part 1!

We then boarded the train for Nishi-Tachikawa Station, where one of the entrances of Showa Kinen Park was. Basically, it was like my trip to Burnham Park all over again (there was boating, biking, and all your usual park activities), but in a more large-scale, more manicured, more walking, more tiring way. XD The entire park was huge! I’m not sure if it was bigger than UP Campus, but I think it was approaching that size.

 _IGP4068              _IGP4082_IGP4158   _IGP4198

Zoe and I had snow cones! Hahaha wala lang. Saraaaaap.

             _IGP4076 _IGP4075


We saw a lot of dogs as well, with their owners walking them around the park. And hindi lang paisa-isa, some people had three dogs or more in tow!

_IGP4085_IGP4093IMGP0041 _IGP4090

Say what, another sidebar? 


Lando and I have talked countless times about how we would want to have a brown haired dog (or monkey) and name it  Chewbacca/Chewie. Feeling ko itong aso ito so far sa lahat ng nakita ko ang pinakabagay na maging Chewie, because of the color. Although I guess a Chow-Chow would do also. But nevertheless, I was reminded of this conversation when I saw the dog. I wonder what breed this is?

Dogs aren’t the only cute sights to see at the park today. There were a ton of young couples as well, who had their adorable kids with them. I wonder what they give Japanese babies to eat or drink? I have yet to see a thin Japanese baby! Ang tataba nilang lahat, nakakagigil!

_IGP4092 _IGP4215_IGP4236

Another one of the must see places at the park was what they called the Cherry Blossom Garden, which was basically this really huge field of nothing but rows and rows of these quaint purple flowers. It reminded me of the part in Strawberry Fields in Baguio where I had my photo taken, pero mas bongga ang dami ng flowers dito.


IMGP0059             IMGP0055 _IGP4120

Because the park was so huge, we didn’t get to go to all the attractions, but one of the last places we got to go to was the Bonsai Garden. I’m sorry, pero nagmumukhang super kawawa ang mga UP Bansoy compared to these guys. But how could they not be superior? Some of these have been more than 100 years in the making. That’s how many generations of tending to it right there. I noticed that the Japanese are really dedicated in growing their plant life just the way they want them to, because I noticed that even their huge trees have stilts and posts that help them stand straight and tall. And look at those manicured hedges! Those are purely plants, no concrete to make them into that form. Amazing.

             _IGP4176_IGP4275 _IGP4163_IGP4183_IGP4143   

We hung out a bit while waiting for the train back to the Tochikawa Gate, and Max decided to have a little fun with flying effects. Ang galing! (Hover over the photos for a larger view.)

_IGP4222              _IGP4223_IGP4224

We planned to get a little shopping done after that stroll around the park, but everyone was already feeling a bit tired so we decided to go home a bit early instead. We bought our food and decided to eat in.

Ih forgot to check the kcal amount of the food I chose (Yes, can you believe that they put that on all take out meals at the grocery), and I ended up with a meal that contained 850 kcal. NOOOOOO. Oh well, at least it was yummy.

          _IGP4299 _IGP4301

And surprise, surprise! Abuela decided to treat us to another strawberry cake, yay! She also bought a chocolate one for herself. Dezaato! Itadakimasu! :D



Today has relatively been an easygoing day, but tomorrow promises to be hectic once more, because we go to Ginza for some hardcore shopping for pasalubong, and Harajuku to witness the most outrageous dressing up ever!

Anyway, off to sleep! I think I may need it for tomorrow. Oyasuminasai! :)


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