Ohayo! Day 3: The REAL Lost in Translation

Today has been a really tiring day and I can barely keep awake as I type. But I’ll try my best to recount today’s misadventures. Sorry in advance if there are any typos or incorrigible sentences.

This was the day we finally got to go outside the base and get around Tokyo! We caught the morning bus to Hiro-o, and though we got stuck in traffic for aroung two hours, I welcomed the slow trip with open arms and closed eyes, because I was still feeling sleepy from the night before. Hahaha, ako na ang laging inaantok.

Our first stop was the busy, busy, busy Tokyo Metro Station, which was like the Grand Central Station of Japan. It was a harrowing first stop in our trip to say the least, ang daming tao! Everyone seemed to be hurrying somewhere, and we began to feel a little lost in the hectic atmosphere of it all. I even started to get a headache, which I haven’t had since we left Manila a few days ago. But I still got to take a few photos inside; check out the cute schoolgirl uniforms (and the cute Japanese school boys HEHEHE).

_IGP3677_IGP3679 _IGP3688

I just realized that people really like their dezaato (dessert) here, because most of the stalls inside Tokyo station were sweets! And there were also the cutest bento boxes I have seen. Everything looked so yummy, and if only they weren’t expensive I would have bought myself some as well.


We got to experience the trains firsthand as well, it was how we got to most of the places on today’s itinerary. It was interesting to be experiencing what we were discussing back in Arch 161, and it seemed like everyone prefers mass transport here, because everyone seemed to be taking the train. And who wouldn’t? Even us foreigners out on their first day didn’t find much problem navigating the train lines and stations.tokyo-subway-map

People from all walks of life seemed to be using the train, but the one thing that seemed common among most of them was that they all looked so darn fashionable! Be it from people our age to lolos and lolas, they all seemed so dressed up. Even if Zoe and I tried our best to keep up with them, I think we pretty much failed. I guess people really know how to shop here, and if I had choices like some of the stores here had, I think I would dress more decently as well!



We had to walk to most of our destinations, which I guess was okay because I got used to walking to most of my classes in UP, but I was still pretty envious of the people who had bikes. Biking seems to be a pretty popular way of getting around the city as well, everyone from men in business suits to women in heels (WOW) seemed to be using the two-wheeled wonders. These bikes are allowed on the pedestrian sidewalks, so they really have to weave their way around people who are walking. Each pedestrian lane also had a corresponding bike lane for crossing roads. Wish ko lang ganito rin sa Manila.

_IGP3709 _IGP3663 _IGP3713

Our next stop was the Japan International Forum, and silly us, we entered the wrong entrance by mistake! So that’s why there weren’t any people there. XD People here seem to have no problem in hanging out outdoors as well, probably because there is so much shade provided by the abundance of trees, as well as benches provided at almost every park or street corner.

            _IGP3777 _IGP3726


Chuvaness said that Coke was supposedly the yummiest here in Japan, but I didn’t really find much difference. Maybe she was really thirsty when she drank some?


There was also this really interesting museum in that area, the Gohan Museum. It was all about the rice culture in Japan and about Japanese food as well! It was all very interesting, and there was even a training station on how to use chopsticks! If you see that one photo below, they also have training chopsticks, with holes into which your fingers would go into to teach you how to properly hold them. And their mascot, Gohankanyan is so cute! :)


Our next stop was supposedly the Imperial Palace Garden, pero dahil malas lang talaga kami, it was closed on Mondays and Fridays, and today happened to be a Friday. We plan to go back some time next week, but until then we just took photos from the outside.


Now, I think it’s time for a sidebar!


 We saw a snapping turtle swimming around the moat of the Imperial Palace, which reminded me how Lando would fuss over turtles all the time (like Sophie, Camille’s turtle). I think he actually wants one for a pet. We had one back home when I was in elementary I think, and although we never got to name him, he liked for around five years.

Kung pwede lang, yung turtle na yung pasalubong ko kay Lando, I’m sure it would make him happy. And it would be great for me, because I wouldn’t have to spend as well! Hahaha.

And that’s it for today’s sidebar! I miss you! :)

Our last stop for the day was the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo or MOMAT (I find this funny for some reason). And wouldn’t you know it, there was actually an architecture exhibit there! I was equal parts fascinated, equal parts mortified, because it reminded me again of the looming  cloud over my life that is thesis.

The exhibit was entitled Where is Architecture? Seven Installations by Japanese Architects, and it featured the works of Ito Toyo, Suzuki Ryoji, Naito Hiroshi, Atelier Bow-Wow (Tsukamato Yoshiharu and Kajima Momoyo), Kikuchi Hiroshi, Nakamura Ryuji, and Nakayama Hideyuki, none of whom I know (waaaa). By then I was wishing I had some of my Arki friends with me so that we could interpret the works together. This section of my blog probably deserves a whole post altogether, but I’m too tired, so feel free to interpret the works themselves from the photos.


We were dead tired by the time that finished touring the rest of the museum, but the bus back to the base wasn’t arriving until 9:30PM so we decided to have dinner in Hibiya Park. Being on a tight budget, we just bought ready to eat meals from 7/11. But who would have thought that they would be so yummy? Granted, the shopkeepers was all but outright laughing at us (well, them, because I distanced myself from embarrassment) when we took such a long time preparing the food, but I think it was worth it in the end. I ended up eating ramen with some sort of spicy chicken, a strawberry yoghurt drink (with real strawberries!), and mandarin orange jelly. Itadakimasu! :D

_IGP3978         _IGP3981_IGP3984

We finally got home at around 11PM, mainly because of some difficulty with our visitors’ passes YET AGAIN. Hassle. But then, it can’t be helped I guess.

YEHEY TAPOS NA ANG POST KO! Me off to sleep now. Until tomorrow! Konbanwa! XD


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