Ohayo! Day 1: Best flight and first few hours in a foreign country EVER

Today marks the first post of Ohayo!, a series of posts that will attempt to chronicle our family trip to Japan. We’ll be staying here for 12 days (including the flights to and fro), and this will be the first time I do this for any trip, ever. I’m hoping that I still have the strength and sanity to blog about our misadventures after the end of each day. So here goes!

We arrived at NAIA2 airport at around 11:30AM, and I was feeling great, with a throbbing headache and a feeling of dehydration to keep me company (I sincerely hope you detect my sarcasm). Our flight was scheduled at 2:45PM so we just hung around the terminal for a while. I forgot how expensive airport food is, 50php for a Coke, WTH.

I usually hate the travelling part of the travelling. I detest car rides going to Manila and I hate boat rides whenever we go to Caramoan. I had plans to sleep all throughout our entire 4-hour flight to avoid possible nausea, but I changed my mind entirely when I saw our seats, and the beautiful view of the clouds that came along with them.



This may not be a very new thing for most travellers, but I rarely get the chance to travel internationally, so I was bano of the fact that each passenger got a tv of their own. And guess what? They had a ton of movies! You could choose from the likes of Shutter Island (which my dad and mom watched) to the Spy Next Door (which no one in their right mind should watch). I settled for watching The Young Victoria, because I had watched most of the movies loaded into it already, and no way in hell was I going to watch I Love You Goodbye.

Airline food has never gotten the best reputation in the food service arena, but I really liked the food we got to eat as well!


There was the choice between chicken teriyaki with noodles or beef kare-kare with rice, and trying to keep up with my efforts to eat healthier, I chose the former. Although I’m not really sure if it helped because I ate bread with a huge dollop of butter afterwards. AND I ate the chocolate ice cream for dessert as well. And I had soda for my drink. So much for healthy eating. But at least I enjoyed my meal right?

Aside from movies, our personal tv also had a wide variety of music loaded into it, and I had fun creating my own playlist for the rest of the flight. I also learned that I am still not over Kesha’s Tik Tok.


I hate to admit it but I was having so much fun on the plane that I was almost sad to leave it when we landed at Narita Airport at around 8:00PM (Japan time, which is ahead of Philippine time by around 1hr).



According to the flight attendant on our plane, the ground temperature in Japan during the time we landes was 17 degrees! So Zoe and I, being the vain little kiddies that we are, had to adjust our outfits accordingly. Spot me trying desperately to fit in using the Japanese peace sign!



We’re staying at Yokota Air Base for our entire duration in Japan, where my Tita Ruthsie and Uncle Lonnie live. It was a 2-hour drive from Narita, but it was okay because we had this really huge van that fetched us from the airport. Yes, we travel, and we travel in style.


We had a little trouble entering the base because all of us had to get visitors’ passes, but even that was entertaining enough, because one of the guards there actually spoke a little Tagalog! Were we ever shocked when she called my tita as “ate, ate.” Parang mga nag-aalok lang ng DVD sa Greenhills. And he bade us farewell with “sige na.” HAHAHA.

They also had to take photos of each one of us for the visitor’s pass, and here is my fail of a photo. Aside from looking practically sleepy and just plain out of it, kita pa tatay ko sa likod. XD But they didn’t seem to mind.


Time check: 1:30AM Japanese Time. I should be getting some sleep now since we’ll still be waking up early to do God-knows-what tomorrow. But before that…


Because I’ll be missing a certain you-know-who for the entire duration of the trip, I decided to have a special section dedicated to him for each time I blog here in Japan. He’ll probably want to kill me for this, but he can’t, because I’m not with him. *cue evil laugh*

And so, today’s Thing-That-Reminded-Me-Of-Lando is… 

It’s probably weird that I am referring to a Christina Aguilera song whose video features her wearing a sort of bikini-and-pants hybrid and whose steps feature her constantly opening her legs to show her hoo-haa. But Lando and I were singing it randomly a few weeks back, and we both marveled at how hot Christina was in the video, and at how I still have the lyrics memorized even if it came out way back in high school. Ayun, yun lang naman. <3

Hahaha people who don’t want to get into all the cheesiness can just skip the sidebar each time. And with that, I bid you goodnight for now! Tune in tomorrow for a recap on our first real 24 hours on the loose here in the Land of the Rising Sun.


3 Responses to “Ohayo! Day 1: Best flight and first few hours in a foreign country EVER”

  1. 1 Jasper Jay Gomez May 21, 2010 at 12:54 am

    that entertainment system is badass! :D

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