10 Things I Learned From My Baguio Trip

I spent the recently concluded long weekend (brought about by the convenient rescheduling of Labor Day) with Lando in the cold, wonderful city of Baguio. Being the overly lazy person that I am, I don’t think I want to attempt writing another almost-blow-by-blow account of events like my last entry, so I instead want to share with the few readers I have some things I have observed, concluded, or had an epiphany about, during our trip.

1. We really, really, really love clothes.
Our trip to Baguio would be the perfect case in point. I spent almost the entirety of my packing time choosing which parts of my wardrobe would go together, and I’m pretty sure Lando’s clothes weren’t exactly just picked out randomly from the closet. But I think planning pays off, because we look pretty decent, even if I do say so myself. :)

2. We also really, really love eating.
It’s a miracle that we aren’t obese yet. But the keyword is YET. *shudder*

3. I have a really small face. (Or conversely, Lando has a really huge hand.)

4.  St. Bernard’s apparently have some connection to Baguio City.
What that connection is, I’m not really sure. But in all fairness to the dogs, even celebrities have taken photos with them, celebrities the likes of John Prats and Michelle Madrigal. The dogs don’t look very happy though.

5. Horses can get their hair dyed too.
Somehow, I am a tad bit envious of this horse’s hair. I have never been allowed to have my entire head of hair colored (although God knows I want to). And this horse is just rocking the pink.

6. Those pototoy keychains ARE pototoys.
I thought they were just eerily shaped like them. I will never be caught dead having a mini-penis dangling from my bag’s zipper. And I just laughed myself silly when I saw what was written on one of them (see photo).

7. It’s hard to camwhore when it’s just the two of you, much less when the camera’s an SLR.
This is but one of the very few photos we actually have together. And it looks absolutely ridiculous.

8.  I still seem too young looking for my age.
While we were walking around Botanical Garden, several men who were all the way up the road were talking loudly and shamelessly about us. I didn’t get to hear their exact statements but they were something along the lines of “… ang bata naman nun..” I am twenty years old. I’m not even a teen anymore. And yet I look like a kid.

9. There are certain things that you never really forget how to do.
I now wholeheartedly believe the saying, “It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.” I haven’t rollerbladed or biked for the longest time, yet I didn’t have trouble at all. Well okay, I DID have some trouble with the rollerblades, but only because I put them on too loose the first time.

10. It’s so much fun to be a kid again.
I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves. :)


2 Responses to “10 Things I Learned From My Baguio Trip”

  1. 1 bea May 6, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    i like this. :)

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