Whirlwind Weekend!

If I had to rate this weekend, this would definitely be Signal No. 4.


APRIL 23, 2010, FRIDAY

Went to SM North right after class to have my hair cut at Toni and Jackey, as well as to buy some  stuff for my ushering stint at the Arki Graduation on Sunday. I didn’t get to buy what I originally came for, but I ended up with something so much better. You’ll find out later. As for the haircut… MEH. I’m not really sure if it was worth the price. Must get a more drastic one next time if I pay that much.

I met with Lando afterwards and had dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. I risked the chance of getting allergies by eating Tempura. It was worth it though, and hey, I didn’t break out! Must have developed immunity. Or something like that.

Afterwards, we headed off to Tomas Morato to meet Camille and Nene for Earth Day Jam 2010! Good music, good company. We left at around 2am already. :D

Marc Abaya = <3

Aia De Leon of Imago

The organizer, Lou Bonnevie


Still tired and sleepy from the previous day’s festivities, I still had to wake up a bit early because we were going to head off to UPLB to attend Faye and my cousin, Ate Joy’s graduation. My dad and sister, Zoe, went to Manila especially for this. And Zoe got a new haircut! :D

Bench Fix haircut!

The graduation was really long and boring though, mainly because we weren’t allowed anywhere near the graduates so we ended up just sitting on the grass behind them the entire time. Good thing I got Lando to come with us and wash my boredom away!

He doesn't know I have a blog. HAHAHA.


Congratulations Ate Joy and Faye! But I still think it sucks that you wear a toga instead of the white dress + sablay that UP is famous for. BOOO.

Congratulations bis! (I don't have a photo with my cousin, my camera's battery died :|)

We had a late dinner at Max’s at around 9:30pm. After some chitchat, and some ribbing from my tita about my companion (haha), we made our way back to Manila by midnight.

APRIL 25, 2010, SUNDAY

Barely recovering from the jovial celebration of the night before, Lando and I had to attend yet another graduation, but this time it was a little bit closer to home. It was the UPCA’s 50th Commencement Excercises, and we volunteered as ushers, or in our case, the AV people. Mainly because of the free food they promised we were going to get after. :D

And being the vain and mapapel people that Lando and I are, we couldn’t resist dressing up for the occasion, even if we were supposed to blend in the background and let the graduates shine. What can I say, epal kami.

Yes, we match. :)

With the other ushers. Congrats Aya and Sean!

And keeping up with the latest trends in special occasions today, may photobooth din! Which of course, we wasted no time in exploiting.

The graduation had me thinking about two things:

1. THESIS. THESIS. THESIS. I really must get down on those proposals.

2. What kind of dress am I going to wear with my sablay??? I really liked Ma’am Araneta’s simple white dress. Too bad I can’t find a photo of her though. But on the other hand, I could always emulate Oble and go…


HAHAHA. Just kidding. ;)

P.S. Credits to Lloyd Fontilla for the Arki Grad photos!

ADDENDUM: We watched Shutter Island after the grad as well. Can you say mindfuck?


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