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Whirlwind Weekend!

If I had to rate this weekend, this would definitely be Signal No. 4.


APRIL 23, 2010, FRIDAY

Went to SM North right after class to have my hair cut at Toni and Jackey, as well as to buy some  stuff for my ushering stint at the Arki Graduation on Sunday. I didn’t get to buy what I originally came for, but I ended up with something so much better. You’ll find out later. As for the haircut… MEH. I’m not really sure if it was worth the price. Must get a more drastic one next time if I pay that much.

I met with Lando afterwards and had dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. I risked the chance of getting allergies by eating Tempura. It was worth it though, and hey, I didn’t break out! Must have developed immunity. Or something like that.

Afterwards, we headed off to Tomas Morato to meet Camille and Nene for Earth Day Jam 2010! Good music, good company. We left at around 2am already. :D

Marc Abaya = <3

Aia De Leon of Imago

The organizer, Lou Bonnevie


Still tired and sleepy from the previous day’s festivities, I still had to wake up a bit early because we were going to head off to UPLB to attend Faye and my cousin, Ate Joy’s graduation. My dad and sister, Zoe, went to Manila especially for this. And Zoe got a new haircut! :D

Bench Fix haircut!

The graduation was really long and boring though, mainly because we weren’t allowed anywhere near the graduates so we ended up just sitting on the grass behind them the entire time. Good thing I got Lando to come with us and wash my boredom away!

He doesn't know I have a blog. HAHAHA.


Congratulations Ate Joy and Faye! But I still think it sucks that you wear a toga instead of the white dress + sablay that UP is famous for. BOOO.

Congratulations bis! (I don't have a photo with my cousin, my camera's battery died :|)

We had a late dinner at Max’s at around 9:30pm. After some chitchat, and some ribbing from my tita about my companion (haha), we made our way back to Manila by midnight.

APRIL 25, 2010, SUNDAY

Barely recovering from the jovial celebration of the night before, Lando and I had to attend yet another graduation, but this time it was a little bit closer to home. It was the UPCA’s 50th Commencement Excercises, and we volunteered as ushers, or in our case, the AV people. Mainly because of the free food they promised we were going to get after. :D

And being the vain and mapapel people that Lando and I are, we couldn’t resist dressing up for the occasion, even if we were supposed to blend in the background and let the graduates shine. What can I say, epal kami.

Yes, we match. :)

With the other ushers. Congrats Aya and Sean!

And keeping up with the latest trends in special occasions today, may photobooth din! Which of course, we wasted no time in exploiting.

The graduation had me thinking about two things:

1. THESIS. THESIS. THESIS. I really must get down on those proposals.

2. What kind of dress am I going to wear with my sablay??? I really liked Ma’am Araneta’s simple white dress. Too bad I can’t find a photo of her though. But on the other hand, I could always emulate Oble and go…


HAHAHA. Just kidding. ;)

P.S. Credits to Lloyd Fontilla for the Arki Grad photos!

ADDENDUM: We watched Shutter Island after the grad as well. Can you say mindfuck?


Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

There seems to have been too many goodbyes this summer, and it isn’t even halfway through yet. And this time, its casualty is a very dear friend who has been with me for more than two years.

Rest in peace (photo has been grayscaled to lessen the effect of carnage)

Yes, my pink Skechers Cali ballerina flats finally bite the dust. The gaping hole in its sole (hey, that rhymes!) is too unattractive and uncomfortable for me to ignore. But I will always remember my good times with it.

During or FIRManent impromptu shoot, back when it was still clean enough to have a close up.

My supertwins day with nene. Notice how pretty my shoes look here.

The shoes that kept me going through the ups and downs of my rockstar days. (HAHA FAT CHANCE. This is from my brother's graduation party.)

Farewell, oh mighty but oh-so-kikay pair of wonders. I shall always cherish the times I spent with you. You have served me well.

Hmm. Is it okay if I’m already thinking what kind of shoes to replace them with or is it too early and a dishonor to its memory? :P

Well, may the god of shoes smite me if she must,  I WANT SANUK SLIP-ONS or KEDS SNEAKERS! Yay!

Busy Bee Allie

The week hasn’t even started and already my schedule is about to overflow:

April 21 – PI 100 Report

April 22 – Hidalgo date with Lauren and Lando to get my prime lens fixed

April 23 – Earth Day Jam @ Tomas Morato

April 24 – Faye and Ate Joy’s Graduation @ UPLB

April 25 – UP Arki Graduation

Most of them are pretty exciting, except the report. I spent all day reading up for tomorrow and yet I still haven’t finished. Why is it that I can read so much faster when it isn’t non-academic (such as this great story on Fictionpress)? GRR ARGH.

Admittedly though, despite my snail’s pace of reading, I find the entire thing rather fascinating, and only now do I realize how many wrong facts have been given to us back in our history subject in High School. Like how Rizal never really approved of the Katipunan or the revolution. How Aguinaldo screwed over Bonifacio big time. How class oriented everything was during that time.  look forward to when we actually get to the bulk of the subject, which is to demystify our almost idol-like admiration for our national hero, Rizal, or as our professor fondly calls him, JR. As he said, we seem to be forgetting that JR, just like us, was merely human. He ate, shit, and did premarital sex (haha this made me laugh out loud in class, rather embarrassingly i might add) just like the rest of us.

OOPS. Need to cut this short. I have a visitor, yay! <3

Two Days of Geekiness


-someone’s shirt I saw a while back

This all started yesterday, after yet another mind numbing PI100 class (5/10 quiz WTH). Having quite a bit of time to kill on that Friday afternoon, I decided to have an internet hunt of one of my favorite stuff to search about ever, Star Wars. In particular, Star Wars shirts. Then I stumbled upon this particular gem:

ANG GAGANDA NG SHIRTS GRABE! I want one so badly! The only Star Wars shirt I have is this green one I got from AM BLVD a while back, and all it has is “I <3 Star Wars” on it. And even that shirt is missing right now, I have yet to get it back from where I left it. But I want cool, I want witty, I want funny!

Here are some of them:



Mike Walkers

Feeling ko ipapagawa namin ito.

It was also the opening of Kick Ass last night, so we decided to catch the last full show at Eastwood. (Haha if my mom is reading this, I will stress that I am not overbudget with my baon so you have nothing to worry about). Having not heard of the Marvel comic book or the movie itself until we saw posters of it in theaters last week, we came into the movie with low/no expectations whatsoever, and were pleasantly surprised because of it. It is actually one of the better movies I have watched recently, and dare I say, I enjoyed it better than Clash of the Titans, which I now conclude as a so-so movie. It was funny but not slapstick, dramatic but not overly so, and action-packed enough to keep me entertained for the two and a half hour duration of the film. But what can I say, I always enjoy a good superhero movie. SULIT NA SULIT. (You can decide for yourself if you think this is worth your time and money by reading its synopsis here.)

Movie poster

Red Mist aka yung kabuhok ni Lando

Clearly not satisfied yet, we also headed over to Komikon Summer Fiesta 2010, held today  at The Bahay ng Alumni. This is my third time to attend a comic convention, and the 2nd time to attend Komikon. It bugged me a little that I didn’t get to buy the stuff I really wanted because I couldn’t afford, like the latest Kikomachine from Manix, the long-wanted Martial Law Babies by Arre, or this really cool compilation from different komik artists entitled Renaissance. I must remember to save up for events like these because they only happen a couple of times a year. Gladly, I was still able to drop by Michael David’s booth and grab myself a copy of the 2nd issue of the compilation! Head on over to the site to check them out, although I warn you, they aren’t exactly G-rated Oo, ako na ang natatawa sa bastos.

Lando, on the other hand, bought Gatekeepers 1 and 2 DVDs which I am really excited for since I haven’t been able to watch that series since high school and they don’t have any manga either. And he scored Apol Sta. Maria’s Ang Alamat ng Panget, which had us in stitches seconds into reading the first page.

It sucked that I had no camera this time to document the day, we didn’t get to take photos of the many, many cool stuff we saw. I must charge my batteries soon.

My haul: Kubori Kikiam Vol. 1 and 2, Apoy and Apoy 2 by Oko Francisco

Lando's haul: Gatekeepers 1 & 2 DVDs and Alamat ng Panget and Many Other by Apol Sta. Maria. (Note: These aren't the actual stuff, hindi ko nakunan ng photos yung kanya haha)

And to top it all off, the pièce de résistance to affirming my geek lifestyle, here I am at home on a Saturday night, with only my sleeping brother, my laptop, and wireless internet to keep me company. Oh well. I can’t have everything can I.

I Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Due to my dwindling monetary supply and expanding belly (because of too much food I mean, not the other reason), I have decided to bid a temporary farewell to one of my nearest and dearest.

Goodbye sweet Sola Iced Tea. Until we meet again.

However, not even one day into this hiatus from expensive iced tea, I said hello to the yummy pasta at TOSH. So much for today’s savings.. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Doodling on the placemat

Sundried tomato pesto with grilled chicken

Ham and Cheese Crepe and Angelhair Pomodoro


I  miss using my real camera. My phone camera is fine and all but I need to get back on the photography train. I should really drop by Hidalgo soon and get my prime lens fixed. It was always so much more convenient bringing the camera around with that compact lens.

Anyway, back to drowning in my PI100 readings. 6 chapters in one night WTH.
P.S. This entry’s title is not in anyway inspired by the newest episode of Glee. Although yes, I did watch it. Meh, wasn’t really that blown away.

Three’s the charm.

I’ve been back in Manila since Thursday, and things have been hectic ever since.

NOT. I barely left the house the entire weekend, save for buying meals and getting water from the nearby water dispenser in our boarding house’s common kitchen area. However, three very important events did happen in the span of 5 days:

1. I had an actual movie marathon.

This is the very first time in my entire life (or at least, as far as I can recall) that I’ve actually watched two movies consecutively in a movie theater. Good food (WENDY’S BACON MUSHROOM MELT OMG!), good movies, (How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans) and good company (Leonard Jeriano P. Cusi <3)

2. We cleaned our room.

Yes, this is a momentous occasion for me and my brother, because we haven’t “cleaned” cleaned our room since.. forever. And I daresay, this is the cleanest our room has ever been since the start of 2010. No kidding.

3. I had a date with a celebrity.

Well. Almost. He’s a celebrity to me. <3

And that has been your daily dose of Allie cheesiness. She has to go barf now.

Not again.

Yes folks, I’m blogging again.

“Why oh why Allie? Why can you not spare us from the pointless rambling that you call writing?” cry out the people who actually had the endurance to read my previous blogs (meaning.. around 5 people maybe?)

Well, I’m sorry, but I actually miss pointless rambling. It was only recently that I realized that I haven’t written a decent entry in my journal since 2010 started, and I’m scared that my writing skills – not that i had any in the first place – are rusty at best. So what better way to sharpen them again than by blogging?

Yes, I do realize that this rekindled passion for the typewritten word may stem from the fact that I am bored to my shorts (get it? BORED (board) shorts?) and have nothing to do for the remainder of my break until summer classes start. So for all I know, this blog may die out before the week even ends.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t try, can I? Maybe 6th time’s the charm.

P.S. I am reviving my Tumblr and Twitter as well. How long THESE will last, I have no idea.

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