I have officially moved to Blogspot, and I won’t be posting here anymore. GOODBYE WORDPRESS! It’s been fun! Smile

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Heads Up

I just want to let you guys know that I’ll be moving this blog to Blogspot soon, most probably when I am done with thesis shiznit. I recently found a way to import all of my content from WordPress to Blogspot keeping everything intact, and the lure of more HTML customization was just too attractive to ignore. I probably won’t post another entry either until then, so consider this a hiatus as of the meantime.

Yes, last stretch of thesis. GO GO GO.

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As of the moment, a copy of my files are sitting in a To Print Folder in Freeform. Am I excited to see the fruit of what I have been cramming slaving on for the entire year printed on huge ass boards whose combined cost is more expensive than my tuition for an entire semester? You bet I am.

Now it’s model-making time! I am in need of Allie’s little lepers helpers to measure, cut, and glue pieces of cardboard and other nifty materials and make a tangible replica of my design. Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

If anyone’s interested, please let me know! Drop me a line here, on Facebook, on Formspring, or in whatever other way you can contact me.I promise to have food as much as I can provide (although depende pa sa budget) and a steady supply of movies hahaha! I am severely desperate and need all the pairs of hands I can get!

P.S. Yes, I know my logo/title block is totally being screwed up by my theme. Which is why I need to pass thesis so I can work on changing my layout! XD
P.P.S. I would have liked to upload some of my rendered work but have I mentioned this thing I have with jinxes? Yeah.

Boy Talk

What if some of my most used computer programs for thesis were boys?

AutoCAD. He would be the typical, vanilla boy next door. Almost everybody knows him, and he easily gets boring. Not very interesting to look at, even if he has layers (like Shrek).

Google Earth. He is the stalker type. HE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE.

Google Sketchup. Definitely a more interesting one out of the bunch, and has a lot to offer. He isn’t flat at all. The problem? Paasa. If you think you’ve closed everything, think again. (Labo).

Google Layout. He takes some getting to know of, but he surprisingly has good time management skills. He is your boy next door upgraded into a sleeker, cleaner, more attractive package.

Podium. Nasa loob ang kulo. (Because it’s good for interiors, hahahaha, GETIT?)

V-Ray. The hardest to get to know out of the whole lot. He is very high-maintenance, and will demand a lot of your time. But what you get out of him in return, if you put in the hours, is totally worth it.

Adobe Photoshop. If everyone if the previously mentioned were architects, then this guy is the artist. Ganda-gandahan.


Sorry, this is me being sabaw at 1am.

Massive Attack


I am officially panicking. Not only am I still not done, but I haven’t even decided if I ‘m going to wear yellow or gray socks/tights on my deliberations day.

Yup, my priorities in life are definitely all screwed up.

{Edit}: A new layout and blog title is in the works! I should have waited but I couldn’t stand the site of the previous layout any longer, so this will have to do until I’m thesis-free.

Female Dog

 thesis bitch 2

A gayer version of my Tumblr post.

I’m extremely sorry for the profanity (I vowed to never utter any on my blog) but I don’t think I could have put it more eloquently. Let’s put it this way, my arm is about to fall off from being being glued to my computer mouse all day, and I am still nowhere near done.

On the other hand, this is the first time I’ve attempted to use cutouts for graphic designing, and I’m quite happy with the results of my 10-minute experiment. I got the PSD cutout of the dog from Viva La Manika, thank you! :)

I should probably rest this arm of mine now.


All work and no play… just isn’t in  my vocabulary.

Last night, I took a break from thesis work to attend Vertigo, a benefit party organized by  the Medical Alliance Rendering Service to Fellowmen of the PLM College of Medicine. It was at Palacio de Maynila, and it became sort of a joint celebration of Faye’s and Jaja’s 21st birthdays. Darn these kids for being younger than me. I’ve only just realized that I’m turning 22 this year! Fark.



Sadly, none of us managed to bring a camera to capture the night’s moments. Blame it on laziness and on wishful thinking that someone else would bring one along. The best we could do was have our photos taken at the photo booth.



I tried channeling a twenties girl vibe by wearing a lacy black thigh length dress and pearls, but wore fishnets in an attempt to look more trendy and edgy. To fulfill my incessant need to stick out like a sore thumb in every possible occasion, I wore this huge flower on my head for effect (bought at the Forever 21 sale at a buy 1 take 1 promo!).



I have the bestest friends in the entire world.  <3

Allie has seen many a dust bunny in her lifetime, most of them in her dorm room. She is often mistaken as a 13-year old, further intensified by her weird fashion choices that mostly involve cutesy patootsie rings, colorful knee high socks, and ribbons and bows in her hair. She dreams of waking up one day and finding herself as a character in Star Wars. Preferably a jedi. With a purple lightsaber.

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